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Peek Inside a Home that has that Cozy, Lived In Look down to a Science

It may be the plethora of plants or the abundance of lounge-worthy nooks and reading spots but this home is the poster child for cozy cottage. Take a cue from its many pretty vignettes for giving your home that perfectly easy, never fussy yet totally gorgeous lived in look. Plus pore through the full space captured by Nancy Ray Photography right here.

Moving in together after we got married was really fun. When we got married, we were in the middle of renovating our little home. Believe it or not, when we got back from our honeymoon, my parents picked us up from the airport and we moved right in with them!

 It wasn’t ideal, but it was a major blessing. Our house still had two months until it was going to be complete, and with both of our parents living in Raleigh, it felt silly to try and find a place to rent for only two months.

When we finally moved into our renovated house, it immediately felt like home. After two years of decorating, finalizing projects, and making it ours, it still feels like home. What we have learned most through this project is that stuff doesn’t make a house a home.

Blending our two styles was really fun and easy because knowing what we know, we didn’t take it so seriously. After planning a wedding together, we had a good understanding of each other’s style and what we wanted our house to look and feel like.

We wanted to fill our home with things that we love, or that remind us of what we love. We both love the ocean, which is why our home is filled with images and a color palette that reminds of us it–neutrals mixed with bold textures and cool colors.

We also both love to be outside, which is why we tried to bring outside in as much as we could–yes, I’ve become an indoor plant lady and I love it! I believe that there are no rules when it comes to designing or decorating your home.

 Fill it with what both of you love! Mix patterns and textures and play around with a color palette until you make it work! The effort is worth it for both of you to come home to place that feels like a place of rest and comfort.

Warm + Cozy Home Accents for Fall
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Warm + Cozy Home Accents for Fall
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Photography : Nancy Ray Photography | Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

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The Best Design Instagrammers to Follow for Gorgeous Home Inspo

We spend a lot of time on instagram and I know we’re not alone! From work-related tasks to inspiration craving adventures, we’re constantly double tapping our favorites.  And this group of designers and creatives is just a small sampling of our go-to’s. They craft spaces that inspire, have homes that will light a fire under your house designing booty and work that truly makes their insta feeds sparkle. Have a look at who we follow when we need a good dose of gorgeous interior inspo.

Interior Designers of Instagram
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Interior Designers of Instagram
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Peek Inside the Home of this Celeb Fashion Blogger and Mama of Two!

We’ve been obsessed with fashion blogger, Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde for years now, following along with her crazy good hairstyles, chic fashion sense and of course, her journey as a mama to two sweet babes. But today? Our obsession has turned to her gorg NYC apartment—made pretty with the help of Joss & Main. From the pink couch in Rosie’s nursery to gilded details like this, have a peek at the full tour in The Vault!

From Joss & MainWe recently helped Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde revamp her NYC Upper West Side apartment, including her master bedroom and nursery for her 10-month-old, Rosie. We chatted with Amber about the new spaces and her latest happenings. You can also shop the look at Joss and Main now through November 1.

1. It’s clear you have a knack for fashion. How does your personal style translate into the design of your home? Are the two similar?

Amber: Definitely!!! I have very different styles depending on what I am feeling that day and I definitely think it’s that way for my home. Sometimes I want clean and bright whites and other days I want a pink couch and mint walls!

2. Pulling together a room—easier or more challenging than pulling together a wardrobe?

Amber: Much harder! So many more components and harder to “try on”.

3. You’re now a mother to two children under the age of three—how has that impacted your design style?

Amber: Well, I try to stay away from white. Asking for orange fingerprints! But it has stayed mostly the same – I am okay with things getting a little messy and have accepted that pieces might get a little worn in because of the kiddos. I don’t ever want our home to feel “off limits” to the kids.

4. New York apartments are notoriously tiny. What are your tips for making the most of limited square footage?

Amber: It is really great to find nooks and crannies for storage! We have a shower we don’t use and so we put bookshelves in there and store stuff. We try to get dressers with a lot of drawers. But most just two words – THROW AWAY. Can’t have too much junk in NYC!

5. Walk us through your daughter’s nursery. What do you love most about the space?

Amber: Oh, I love the light! And shag rug. And of course the pink couch. I just love how girly and feminine it feels. Rosie has such a sweet personality and I feel like her room really suits her. She loves to just sit on her furry rug and play with her toys.

6. And your master bedroom? Was there anything the room had to have?

Amber: I loved the white dresser. It was like a breath of fresh air when we got it! We previously had a wooden dresser (we still have it but just in a different room) but this white one just made the whole room feel airy.

7. Do you have any favorite pieces? Items that really make the room?

Amber: I love lighting, so again I really loved Rosie’s light fixture as well as the lamps! I think light fixtures pull the whole room together and put the cherry on top. It is always the most exciting part to me!

8. Tell us about your morning routine. When you’re not taping a tutorial, where do you get ready?

Amber: I get ready wherever the kids are playing. I go in my bathroom and put all the makeup I want to use that day in a bag and I go into the nursery or main room – wherever they are! I usually am sitting on the couch doing my makeup and Atticus loves to “help”. I let him put on my powder and blush, haha.

9. Before we go, we have to ask—what style of braid are you loving for fall?

Amber: I am still loving boxer braids! But have also loved a simple side braid with lots of volume on top!

Photography: Nicole Gerulat | Furniture & Decor: Joss & Main | Style Director, Joss & Main: Donna Garlough