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6 Items to Snag from this Modern Boy’s Nursery

Interior designer and mama bear are a good combo as it turns out because you just know that nursery is going to be on point. And guess what? This modern take on a little boy’s nursery by Kiera Kushlan is the proof. Removable zebra wallpaper and the yummiest green ceiling are but a few of the fun details tucked inside. Check out the VAULT of pretty images captured by Bonnie Sen for more + six get the look pieces we’re snagging for our grownup spaces below.

As a designer one of my favorite spaces to work on are nurseries. For me it’s one of the most personal and special spaces in someone’s home – we always feel honored when someone asks us to create that room for them. For many of our clients the nursery is something they’ve dreamed about most of their lives so we work incredibly hard to give them exactly what they’ve always envisioned.

When it was time to design a nursery of my very own I found it just as difficult if not more so to design a space that would live up to my own expectations and dreams. I spent months planning and re-planning every detail (let’s just say the ceiling was painted more than a few times in an attempt to find the perfect color). I wanted a space that felt modern but not cold, youthful but a space that could grow with our little boy, and masculine without being covered in trucks and dinosaurs.

By keeping the color scheme relatively simple and mostly black and white the room reads pretty modern overall. But by layering in multiple patterns it helps to keep things fun and fresh. The pop of green lends itself towards a more “masculine” feeling space without making the room an overtly “boy” room.

 Six Pieces from this Nursery We Want Now


Black Table Lamp | Round Rope Mirror | Black Plaid Rug
Fiddle Leaf Fig | Zebra Removable Wallpaper | Upholstered Daybed

Photography: Bonnie Sen | Interior Design : Kiera Kushlan

What to Wear to a Dinner Party: 10 Gorgeous Outfit Ideas

My week-wear consists of yoga pants, jeans and white tees—a work-at-home blogger perk that’s undeniably awesome. That said, I have to admit that I miss dressing up! So, I count on dinner parties and weekend gatherings to satisfy my fashion play. And if you’re a 9-5er wanting to break free of your workwear? Dinner parties are your time to shine too, lovelies. Be inspired by the 10 outfit ideas below!

What to Wear to a Dinner Party
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What to Wear to a Dinner Party
View Slideshow

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Master the Art of a Large Dinner Party

Sometimes bigger is better. Usually that applies to candy stashes and shoe collections and once in awhile… dinner parties. Whether you have 4 guests or 40, there are a certain tricks of the trade that will have you entertaining with ease. Lauren Kelp promise it’s doable and if her pop up dinner party hosted with Ashley Cooper in Nashville is any indication, her tips will have you mastering the art of a large dinner party. See even more captured by Josh Ulmer in the VAULT.

Whether you are hosting a party for 2 of 200, setting the table and creating a space that allows your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable is key. Today we are going to show you how to set the perfect table for a big dinner party. What makes me an expert on this? Well, every few months the fabulous fashion illustrator & graphic designer Ashley Cooper and I pick a new city and host about 40 people – creatives, local influencers, photographers, designers, you name it – who are doing something interesting in their city for a big, fantastic, heartwarming dinner party.

We call these dinner parties Tablemakers ( where we are creating an event where everyone can eat great food, drink delicious wine, make new friends, and celebrate community.

Sounds fun, right? It is! Big dinner parties are my favorite & they are much easier than many people think. So call up your favorite caterer (or, heck, try it yourself!), invite 40 of your favorite people over, and let’s have a party!

STEP ONE: Picking the Perfect Place

I am a huge proponent of throwing dinner parties that feel intimate no matter the head count. Backyards, porches, dining rooms that spill into living rooms, front yards – whatever allows your guests to relax, feel comfortable, and stay awhile is the perfect place to throw a party in my book!

Entertaining rules are mostly there as guidelines, in my opinion, so it’s okay to tweak them depending on the situation. Is your living room larger than your dining room? Flip them! Push the sofas against the wall and move the harvest tables in so you can seat more people. Don’t worry, your friends will help you move the sofas back!

Don’t be afraid to play with different seating options. Once you’ve got the place picked out, now it’s time for a little logistics. Determine how many guests you want at your fabulous get-together so you can accurately configure seating. Maybe you have multiple long tables with benches instead of chairs or perhaps you’ve got several open seating options so people and eat and mingle as they see fit.

For our latest gathering, we hosted our guests in a historic home turned flower shop in the heart of East Nashville. We sat 40 new friends at harvest tables encircled around fresh flowers in the shops store front. It was intimate, but it allowed our guests to stay awhile & celebrate that community ambiance we hold dear.

STEP TWO: Setting the Table

Unless you are hosting a formal gathering, there is no need to set a full place setting. I say ditch the bread plates and think family style!

Whenever I host a large dinner party, I try to keep the place settings as minimal as possible so I have a ton of space in the middle of the table. This allows me to place the family style dishes, carafes of water, wine decanters, and bread baskets down the table so guests can serve themselves, grab seconds, and get to know their neighbors by serving them. Plus, it creates a relaxed ambiance & saves time on cleanup (and who doesn’t love that?)

Grab your favorite plates, mix and match your stemware, and have some fun with it!

STEP THREE: It’s All in the Details!

With the amount of large dinner parties we have thrown the best ones are always the gatherings that have a few extra little details. Set your dinner party apart by going a little bit above and showing your guests how thrilled you are they spent the evening at your party.

Set the tone to your dinner by placing the evening’s menu on top of the dinner plate – this makes for a lovely table decor as well. Go for something extra personal and write a fun fact about each guest on a small note card, place a note card in front of each place setting, & use them as ice-breakers. This is especially fun for parties where guests don’t know each other.

Send your guests off with a piece of the decor – like a mini potted plant or a small bouquet of flowers. Each little detail helps impact the dinner as a whole and creates a night your guests will not forget.

Above all else, remember to have fun! This is your night to celebrate with your friends & your community, so relax, have an extra glass of wine, and give yourself a pat on the back – you did it!

We’ve got another entertaining secret and we’re spilling the beans right here…

Photographer: Josh Ulmer | Stationary : Hester & Cook | Candles: Paddywax Candles | Chef: Tony Galzin | Chef: Dan Forberg | Co-Host & Graphics Designer: Ashley Cooper | Co-Host & Wine: Kendall-Jackson | Dessert: Tea-rriffic! | Flower Shop: FLWR Shop | Furniture & Table Decor: 12th Table | Host & Founder: Lauren Kelp | Venue & Florals: FLWR Shop