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DIY Halloween Costume: Donut

We like donuts… like, really like donuts. So much so that we have about a million variations in our archives, and might even go so far as to consider donuts their own food group. Well the next obvious step is a mini donut halloween costume and we rose to the challenge. This gem is cozy enough for even the littlest toddlers, while giving them plenty of mobility. Grab even more costume ideas here!


Donut cushion
Light tan craft paint
Tan spray paint
Foam paintbrush
Paper straws in fun colors
9×12 sheet of pale pink felt
1 yard elastic
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Plastic knife
Safety pins
bottles white puffy paint
bottle pink puffy paint
Solid color sweatshirt or long sleeve tee
Solid color sweatpants or leggings


step-1 Inflate the donut cushion. Spray paint the cushion tan in 2-3 coats- you can focus mostly on the sides of the cushion as the top will be covered in “frosting” and you won’t see the back. Let dry 1 hour.

step-1 Draw on a wavy shape outline in white puffy paint for the frosting. Fill in the top of the donut with a thick layer of white puffy paint. You can use a plastic knife to smooth out the frosting. Let dry 1 hour.

step-2 Place the donut on a trash bag or scrap cardboard, then drizzle with pink puffy paint. Cut out a small, roughly 3”, oval of felt and drizzle with pink puffy paint.

step-3 Cut the paper straws into 4 pieces each, until you have a handful of straw pieces in each color. Press the straws gently into the puffy paint until the donut has been “sprinkled”. Hot glue a pile of “sprinkles” onto the felt headband piece.

step-4 Let the donut and headband dry overnight. Hot glue the headband piece to the center of the piece of elastic. Cut out (2) 3”x1.5” pieces of felt. Hot glue one end of each felt tab to the backside of the donut (one on each side).

step-4 Dress your child in sweatshirt and leggings. Tie the elastic headband around their head and knot it, then trim the extra elastic. Safety pin the felt tabs on the back of the donut to the sweatshirt, and voila!

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Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: SMP Living

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Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Twinkle and Toast

On my list of things I want to do, attending a calligraphy workshop has been near the top for years. I’m fascinated by the art. And now after spending some quality time with these gorgeous images from Shane And Lauren Photography from Twinkle And Toast‘s workshop at Isari Flower Studio + Event Design, I’m making it a priority to sign up for one of these pretty events in the oh-so-near future. I mean, learning something in a beautiful space with delicious eats – does it get any better? I think not.


Taryn Sutherland, of Twinkle and Toast, loves to share her passion for all things hand-lettered and recently, she began hosting intimate and hands on workshops in order to teach others about the history, tools and technique of modern calligraphy.

Each workshop is geared towards complete beginners and requires no experience. Tayrn walks her students through practicing the movement, shapes and technique used in the art. The sessions are always a beautiful evening filled with one-on-one instruction, treats and laughter in some of San Diego’s most unique spaces.

In June, Taryn hosted her DIY Modern Calligraphy workshop at Isari Flower Studio in Solana Beach, California. The students gathered around a huge and crisply white worktable, swathed in the freshness of the mint centerpieces. Water’s Fine Foods & Catering supplied the most delicious snacks for the students to enjoy while learning to use their new tools and practice their new skill.

Photography: Shane And Lauren Photography | Flowers : Isari Flower Studio + Event Design | Calligraphy: Twinkle And Toast | Flower Studio: Isari Flower Studio + Event Design

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A Stylish, Baby-Friendly San Francisco Victorian

Taking a three bedroom victorian home in San Francisco and whipping it into baby friendly gorgeousness is not a task for the faint of heart. Meaning: it’s flippin hard to meld a grown-up aesthetic with wee little messy/ decidedly unbalanced humans. But Homepolish designer, Felice Press managed all of that and the result is a mix of good bones, touches of gold and lots of soft corners. See more shot by Lauren Edith Andersen right here in the VAULT.

From Homepolish… Kaella, her husband and their 1.5 year old had a brand new home and some great design ideas. With their designer Felice, the 3BR full floor Victorian home was brought to life in a practical, beautiful way.

Kaella had design ideas that leaned towards the feminine end of the spectrum but was worried about the home feeling too girly. With Felice, she was able to add masculine details (in furniture shapes and shades).

We worked within the traditional style of the victorian house but updated it to be a modern version of it with decor and color.

Photography: Lauren Edith Andersen | Floral Design: Huckleberry Karen Designs | Hair + Makeup: The Glamourist | Interior Design: Homepolish Interior Designer Felice Press | Tassel Garland: Glamfete

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Classic Manhattan with Bourbon Soaked Cherries

It is officially Fall on the calendar and that means we’re overhauling our beloved bar carts. Out with the fruity and light and in with the toasty warm sips. This Classic Manhattan with Borbon Soaked Cherries is exactly what i’m talking about. Whipped up by Jessica Camerata with photography by Jessica Smith, have a look at your new favorite Fall drink.

There’s nothing quite like a classic manhattan cocktail especially in the fall. With the warm flavors of whiskey paired with sweet vermouth, it’s really the best cocktail to curl up on a cool night. Your typical manhattan may usually be served up with a maraschino cherry, but this adult beverage deserves an adult garnish, bourbon soaked cherries of course! You can buy these already made, or choose to whip up your own at home.

Classic Manhattan with Bourbon Soaked Cherries
prep time
5 Minute/s
cook time
total time
5 Minute/s
Serves 0Ingredients
  • 3 dashes of bitters
  • 2 oz Makers Mark Whiskey
  • 1 oz of sweet vermouth
  1. Serve over an ice sphere
  2. Garnish with 3 skewered bourbon cherries

Photography: Jessica Smith | Recipe & Styling: Jessica Camerata

Backyard Baby Shower

There is no sweeter party than the baby shower. They are just so darn adorable, and the gifts? Don’t even get me started. So when a party planner is in charge of bringing such a day to life, that level of darling goes up about ten notches. Which is precisely what happened when Little Miss Party Planner planned her sister’s shower. With the help of Simply Beautiful EatingSweet Woodruff and Sandra Brzezinski, she hosted a backyard soiree that was just as sweet as they come.

From Little Miss Party PlannerWhen my sister Mandy told me she was pregnant I was over the moon with joy for her, our family and my two children would now have a new baby cousin. When Mandy told me she was having a baby girl I was even more excited. With two boys in the family, it was finally time to add some PINK into the mix.

I immediately started dreaming up her baby shower…and this time…I think I may have gone a bit overboard.
I have always wanted to throw a party in my Aunt Debi’s backyard. She has a perfectly flat piece of grass that screams PUT A TENT ON ME! I’m ready to party! She agreed to co-host the event with me so we could use her home for the venue and we began the planning. I wanted the shower to be different from the typical daytime brunch where you play games and open gifts. So we called the shower for a Thursday evening and the plan was to serve a family style dinner under soft bistro lighting.

To keep it light – I played off of my sister’s new married last name: Dick. That’s right, she’s having a baby dick. Luckily my sis has a great sense of humor and was more then happy to let me run with this as a theme. I used it subtly on the invite, menus and cupcake toppers. Everyone had a good chuckle from the moment they opened the envelope with their invitation.

The shower turned out exactly how I had dreamed it would and Mandy had tears of joy streaming down her face when she walked in. The guests were in awe and enjoyed the delicious food, company and beautiful weather.

Photography: Sandra Brzezinski | Flowers: Sweet Woodruff | Catering: L'Eat Catering | Aunt Debi's Backyard: Toronto, Ontario | Candles And Pink Glasses: CB2 | Chairs, Tableware & Tent: Exclusive Affairs | Custom Cupcake Toppers: All That Glitters | Invitations And Menus: Minted | Mini Cupcakes And Custom Cookies: Baked By Joy | Mini Donuts: Minilicious By Rachelle | Party Stylist: Little Miss Party Planner | Party Stylist: Simply Beautiful Eating | Wood Tables: Woodstock Rentals