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We’re Stealing Every Last Detail of this Kids’ Tropical Birthday Bash

Is it normal to be jealous of a 4 year old’s birthday bash? Probably not, but this is no regular kid’s party. Instead it’s a chic tropical celebration filled with crazy beautiful florals, popsicles and the most killer tablescapes. We’re stealing every last bit of it including those flamingo pink tapers. See the full party crafted by Pina Cate Design for her lucky little girl in the VAULT.

12 Ways to Infuse a Tropical Vibe into Your Home
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12 Ways to Infuse a Tropical Vibe into Your Home
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Floral Design: Pina Cate Design | Catering : Paris France | Venue : Pina Cate Design | Popsicles : Citlalmina | candle holders , vases, cups plates and : Pina Cate Design

12 of the Prettiest Daybeds for Sitting, Sleeping and Lounging in Style

I had the best daybed growing up complete with white metal hearts and a trundle for sleepovers. Let me just say, day beds are not what they use to be. Gone are the babyish 80’s versions and in their place are a new crop of chic loungers. It’s something that can go from sofa to guest bed to kid-friendly sleeping situations and we’ve rounded up some of the prettiest of the bunch.

Lounge-worthy Daybeds
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Lounge-worthy Daybeds
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Designing a Chic NYC Apartment with Room for Baby in under 9 months

Designing the ultimate dream space is hard enough but when you find out you’re expecting during that process, things can get a little interesting. Emily and Aaron found out a baby was joining the party soon after starting their NYC apartment design with Homepolish’s Colleen Siddig (who was also pregnant!). Plans quickly changed and a sweet nursery was added to the grand finale. See how this apartment got he chicest of makeovers in a mere 9 months with even more in the VAULT.

Initially, Colleen was helping the couple hone in on their aesthetic to make a sophisticated space, awash in white and reminiscent of an airy California aesthetic. Just a few weeks into the process, however, the couple found out they were pregnant. Emily confides, “In fact, Colleen was one of the first people to know I was pregnant.” And when she shared the news with Colleen, she had news of her own. Colleen was expecting as well!

Emily and Aaron moved into a larger apartment in TriBeCa in preparation for the baby. Then, it was a race against the 9-month clock to get everything set.

Emily and Aaron are ardent collectors of art and art books. As Colleen says, “Emily and Aaron have traveled quite a bit, so they already had a nice collection of pieces that had personal meaning.”

“I tried to blend in other new pieces that felt natural with their existing collection. This extended into the nursery where we opted for art that wasn’t too ‘baby’ and can stay with Scarlett as she grows.”

Neutrals were key in the bedrooms, according to Colleen. “Emily loves white and in the bedrooms we used a lot of it… On furniture, upholstery, bedding, rugs, and walls.”

“We balanced it by layering in plenty of different neutral textures and shades of off-white, and a limited amount of color, so it didn’t fall too flat.”

The nursery was the final piece, and they had to pull it together rather quickly. A cute wall hanging decorates the area above the crib. We imagine it gives baby Scarlett good dreams. And for mommy Emily, a comfortable daybed is the perfect place to rest with the baby. And that giant headdress art piece is a great touch too.

Photography: Homepolish | Design: Homepolish