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The No-Sew DIY Tassel Blanket You’ll Want To Keep Out All Year Round

I’m the kind of person who’s cold all the time. Hence, why summer is the season of pure happiness for me. So naturally, this DIY Abby crafted for her recent TODAY Show segment is right up my alley—and bonus, it’s the cutest throw I’ve ever seen. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with this cutie on a chilly spring day? Get the details below!

From Abby, a TODAY Show Tastemaker… In New England, Spring still means a little bit of chill in the air so it’s nice to have throw blankets around the house. We updated a plain white blanket with some bright pink tassels using something called Stitch Witchery, which is basically just an iron on adhesive. So simple, so perfect for the season.


Striped or solid blanket (we got ours from Ikea)
Embroidery thread or yarn
A piece of cardboard
3/4″ – 1″ ribbon
1/2″ stitch witchery (no-sew hemming tape)


Make your tassels. Choosing thread or yarn: yarn is more casual and poufy, embroidery thread is more elegant and light. Cut a piece of cardboard to the size you want your tassel to be and wrap yarn several times around the cardboard as thick as you want your tassel to be. Loop a smaller piece of yarn into the wrapped cardboard section and tie it off at the top. Cut the yarn at the bottom section of the cardboard. Finish off each tassel by wrapping and tying a small piece of yarn around the top of your tassel. Trim the ends of your tassels if they are uneven.

Find a trim or ribbon that will serve as the edging and conceal where the tassel is attached to the blanket.

Use hot glue to reinforce the tassel to the blanket, then lay the stitch witchery on top of the tassels lining the edge of the blanket.

Then add the trim on top of the stitch witchery and with iron on med/high press down for about 20 seconds to bond the trim and tassels to the blanket.

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DIY + Styling: SMP Living

6 Items to Snag from this Modern Boy’s Nursery

Interior designer and mama bear are a good combo as it turns out because you just know that nursery is going to be on point. And guess what? This modern take on a little boy’s nursery by Kiera Kushlan is the proof. Removable zebra wallpaper and the yummiest green ceiling are but a few of the fun details tucked inside. Check out the VAULT of pretty images captured by Bonnie Sen for more + six get the look pieces we’re snagging for our grownup spaces below.

As a designer one of my favorite spaces to work on are nurseries. For me it’s one of the most personal and special spaces in someone’s home – we always feel honored when someone asks us to create that room for them. For many of our clients the nursery is something they’ve dreamed about most of their lives so we work incredibly hard to give them exactly what they’ve always envisioned.

When it was time to design a nursery of my very own I found it just as difficult if not more so to design a space that would live up to my own expectations and dreams. I spent months planning and re-planning every detail (let’s just say the ceiling was painted more than a few times in an attempt to find the perfect color). I wanted a space that felt modern but not cold, youthful but a space that could grow with our little boy, and masculine without being covered in trucks and dinosaurs.

By keeping the color scheme relatively simple and mostly black and white the room reads pretty modern overall. But by layering in multiple patterns it helps to keep things fun and fresh. The pop of green lends itself towards a more “masculine” feeling space without making the room an overtly “boy” room.

 Six Pieces from this Nursery We Want Now


Black Table Lamp | Round Rope Mirror | Black Plaid Rug
Fiddle Leaf Fig | Zebra Removable Wallpaper | Upholstered Daybed

Photography: Bonnie Sen | Interior Design : Kiera Kushlan

What to Wear to a Dinner Party: 10 Gorgeous Outfit Ideas

My week-wear consists of yoga pants, jeans and white tees—a work-at-home blogger perk that’s undeniably awesome. That said, I have to admit that I miss dressing up! So, I count on dinner parties and weekend gatherings to satisfy my fashion play. And if you’re a 9-5er wanting to break free of your workwear? Dinner parties are your time to shine too, lovelies. Be inspired by the 10 outfit ideas below!

What to Wear to a Dinner Party
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What to Wear to a Dinner Party
View Slideshow

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