On-Trend DIY Dipped Stools for half the Price!
Make these trendy dipped stools using a $19 Ikea stool and paint for a home decor item on a serious budget and perfect for a Spring refresh.
These inexpensive stools are such a great steal, perfect for a little paint "dip" that we've been seeing everywhere. Seriously, a mere $19 at IKEA and these can be yours. Plunk them down in the kitchen or as a table for your littlest loves; they even work as a pretty potted plant holder. By painting the legs in pastel hues perfect for the season, these DIY Dipped Stools will add a splash of Spring to your home.

Painters Tape
Paint Brush
Measuring tape or ruler (optional)


Tape off the area you'd like to paint using your painters tape. Take care to keep each leg consistent - marking where your tape goes with a tape measure may be helpful.

Paint a single, light coat on each leg. Dry completely.

Add a second coat and remove the paint while the tape is still wet. Let dry completely.

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