Bar Cart 101 from the Queen of Bar Carts
November 3, 2015
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Cheers to a sensational social, a merry mixer, a boozy beguilement. Not only is a bar cart an entertaining essential, it immediately invites your guests to enjoy themselves while at your home! Here are a few tips to add some flair to your cocktailing revelries straight from our Socials' home to yours! Plus a peek into the real bar carts of the Society Socials to which I've had the ultimate pleasure of paying a visit. xo Roxy

Tip #1: Trust the Tray!

Organization is key to having a perfectly curated and visually balanced bar cart. When styling, treat your bar cart as if it is a room in your home, dedicating each tray or separation to a specific boozy essential.

Tip #2: Infuse Your Personal Style

As functional as a bar cart may be, it should also be a reflection of your personality. Don’t hesitate to include those quirky elements or feminine finds that make your design aesthetic unique.


Tip #3: Pretty Packaging

You may need to forget the adage, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” When styling a bar cart, color, texture and pattern all come into play! Selecting bottles with a consistent color palette can lend to a more cohesive look. If your favorite liquor clashes with your theme, pour the contents into a darling decanter!


Tip #4: Accessorize!

The details do matter! Bar accessories such as ice buckets, chillers, straws and stirrers pair nicely with your best looking liquors. To maintain organization, style your smaller accessories in decorative bowls or catch all accessories!

Tip #5: Make it Pop!

Use the space surrounding the bar cart to your advantage! Don’t be afraid to add personality and flair to the wall behind it. You’ll be surprised how nicely a piece of art or oversized vase can compliment your cocktail corner!

Below you'll find 7 homes, each one bursting with its own personality and colorful style. And each with the ultimate beverage station front and center. Click through to see these party ready tips put to the test.
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