Combining rich textures and soft pastels in such a way that feels luxe but livable is a super power we long for and one that designer Anne Hepfer has perfected. She worked her magic on this Toronto home, making sure each and every room was gorgeous but usable. The kind of place where you won’t find a living room that no one ever uses but instead a collection of truly gorgeous, family friendly rooms. 

​Clients with very active lives working and traveling wanted their Toronto Home to feel like a retreat – classic, comfortable and tranquil. After living abroad for over ten years, they hired the designer Anne Hepfer to make their 6,000 square foot house a perfect place for them and their four year old daughter. Anne Hepfer, a designer known for her love of color, was hired to create a space that would fit their needs’ using loud color and patterns in some spaces but providing on overall serene ambiance – they wanted color throughout the house but needed it done in a way that was soft. Anne lives by the Billy Baldwin quote “You should be able to live in your living room” and applies that to all her spaces – while details like tailored dining chairs and trim would appear to create a formal space, organic​ ​textures such as linens, seagrass and sisal with rich wood tones convey a relaxed tone.

Photography: Virginia Macdonald | Dining Room Chairs: Anne Hepfer Designs | Dining Room Chandelier: Niermann Weeks | Dining Room Table: Anne Hepfer Designs | Dining Room Wallpaper: Phillip Jeffries | Eating Banquette: Anne Hepfer Designs | Family Room Fabrics: Y&Co | Family Room Ottoman: Anne Hepfer Designs | Family Room Side Table: Anne Hepfer Designs | Guest Bathroom Blind Linen: Kravet | Guest Bathroom Ribbon: Mokuba New York | Interior Design: Anne Hepfer Designs | Kitchen Cabinets: Cameo Kitchens And Fine Cabinetry | Kitchen Pendants: Elte | Kitchen Stools: Anne Hepfer Designs | Living Room Chair: Anne Hepfer Designs | Living Room Coffee Table: Anne Hepfer Designs | Living Room Curtains Fabric: Calvin Fabrics | Living Room Curtains Trim: Samuel & Sons | Living Room Lamp: Michael S Smith | Living Room Pillows: Anne Hepfer Designs | Living Room Rug: Y&Co | Living Room Sofa: Anne Hepfer Designs | Master Bedroom Blue-Grey Linen: Osborne & Little | Master Bedroom Rug: The Red Carpet & Rug Company | Outdoor Seating Area Furniture: McKinnon And Harris | Outdoor Seating Area Pillow Fabric: Y&Co | Outdoor Seating Area Rug: Magdalena York Collection