I’ve admittedly seen the skateboard shelf done before, and haven’t exactly been it’s biggest fan. But then 100 Layer Cakelet came into my life. As it turns out, bronze pulls and nautical rope are enough to make me do a 180 because their DIY skateboard shelf is adorable. Beyond adorable, really. Perfect for a nursery, kids room or heck, front and centre in the living room while we’re at it!

MaterialsSkateboard deck
Jute rope
Nautical looking hooks
Decorative succulent planters

step-1Once you’ve purchased all your materials, you’ll need to drill some larger holes into your skateboard deck. It should be just large enough to place your rope through the holes.

step-2 This is where you’ll need to start eyeballing where you want to place your shelf, and how long you want the rope to be. Our shelf measures 17″ from the hook to the board.

step-3Now that you’ve marked where your hooks will be placed, it’s time to drill and secure them into the wall. Use a level and make sure they’re evenly spaced above the holes on your board.

step-4Once secure, add the rope. Tie a secure knot, and insert rope through hole closest to the wall. Pull up through the hole, and make sure the knot is super tight and secure. Loop rope around hook twice. Repeat this step on the other side. Place rope through front hole and tie a knot making sure the board stays level. Once you have the last knot in place, cute off any access rope.

step-5 Secure the board with a few screws. We placed one screw on top of the board right smack dab in the center. The screw sticks should stick out about a quarter of an inch from the wall. We then placed two screws, evenly spaced, on the bottom of the board. These screws stick out about half an inch.

step-6Decorate your new skate shelf with some pretty succulents, a pretty picture, and Viola!

DIY: 100 Layer Cakelet | Photography: Scott Clark Photo