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Landscaping Tips & Tricks with Lowe’s

If you’re a new homeowner like me, you might find the idea of trying to beautify your yard a little daunting. Not to worry! After tackling the landscaping around the patio I created in my backyard, I can guarantee there’s nothing to be scared of – even a little greenery goes a long way in making your yard look finished. I teamed up with Lowe’s to round up some of the best tips to help you breeze through your plans!

#1 – Choose plants that are appropriate for your climate and the amount of sun available in your yard. Not sure where to start? The garden center at your local Lowe’s can help you sort through all the options.

#2 – The easiest way to keep your landscaping plans streamlined is to choose a palette of 2 or 3 colors for all your plants, then add interest by choosing plants with a variety of heights, shapes, and textures.

#3 – Consider your lifestyle! If you have kids, pets, or love sports, you’ll want room to run around a grassy yard. If your weekends are jam-packed with social plans, you’ll want a yard full of low-maintenance plants and little-to-no grass to mow.

#4 – Keep a year-round view while planning- start with a base of evergreens, then add in perennials that shine in each season so your yard never looks barren. If your perennials are neutral, you can plant different annuals each season to change the look of the landscape.

#5 – Container gardens are a great way to add greenery to an area where you don’t have room to plant a bed. Bonus: If you’re a renter, you can take this portable garden with you to your next place!

#6 – Time your purchases. If you’re watching your budget, you can work on your landscaping in phases, grabbing supplies when they’re at their lowest prices at the end of each season.

#7 – Be neighborly and pool your tool resources with the neighborhood. No need to own every piece of gardening equipment personally if you all share together!

#8 – Patience is key. It’s important to live with your landscape for a bit to see if it’s working- you may discover that one corner is too windy to enjoy, or that your dinner area is too sunny at that time of day. Start small and add to it as you go, this will ensure your happiness in the long run.

#9 – Decide where you want your focal points to be, and design around them. Whether it’s the entrance to your home, a patio, water fountain, or beautiful tree, let the standout features of your yard guide your design.

#10 – Symmetry is your friend. Overwhelmed by all the options? Classic, symmetrical groupings lend a stately air to your garden and couldn’t be easier to plan.

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography

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