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Lowe’s Patio Inspiration

Ever since my husband and I bought our house last year, the back entrance has essentially been a dirt patch. Muddy in the rain, dusty when dry, and all-around drab- it was in desperate need of a makeover! We also lacked a space to entertain friends outdoors. I knew what we needed was a patio that could serve as both a welcoming entrance and a relaxing dining area for lazy summer meals. Where to begin? By gathering photos of inspiring patios, of course!

Patio Inspiration
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Patio Inspiration
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My house is an 1890s New England classic, so I didn’t want the patio to be too modern or sleek- more like the patio you’d find at a small countryside cottage. Once I had a vision for how I wanted the space to feel, it was time to come up with a plan. I measured the area we wanted to turn into a patio, and did a little window shopping at Lowe’s for all the necessary ingredients: classic teak furniture, gray cobblestone pavers, and plants to create a miniature English border garden.

Umbrella: Lowe’s | Dining Set: Lowe’s | Grill: Lowe’s | Outdoor Light: Lowe’s | Door Mat: Lowe’s | Hanging Basket: Lowe’s | Garden Images: Terrain | Planters: Ikea

Don’t miss my watercolor sketch of the plan for my patio- follow Lowe’s Instagram to check it out! Later this week I’ll be showing you exactly how we built our patio, landscaping tips I learned along the way, and of course, the finished product!