I’ve yet to venture into motherhood territory, but if this DIY stationery kit is what kids may be handing out for Mother’s Day, I need to get on it and stat! The best part? It’s one of those gifts that looks like it’s a whole lot of work, but it can secretly be whipped together fairly quickly, provided you have the right materials on hand (not to worry, we’re sharing ALL our resources below!)

Paper mache box 
Green moroccan printed paper (1 sheet)
Coral blooms print paper (1 sheet)
4×6 envelopes (in blush and mint)
4×6 vellum envelopes
4×6 notecards (in blush and mint)
4×6 cards (in blush and mint)
White twine
White embroidery thread
Washi tape
Flower stamp
Ink pad
Spray adhesive
Glue stick
Exacto knife


step-1Place the paper mache box on the floral print paper and wrap around the outside the box like you would a present. Cut out the paper needed to cover the box, leaving 2” extra on each side.

step-2Cover the box with the paper (floral side up), using the glue stick. When you reach corners, use the exacto knife or scissors to cut out extra paper so the corners lie flat. Wrap the excess paper around the interior of the box.

step-3Cut a piece of the moroccan print paper to cover the inside of the box with an extra inch on each side. Glue the paper to the interior and use the exacto knife to trim the excess paper around the borders.

step-4Cut a strip of floral paper to the length of the pencils (tip to metal cap). Lightly spray the backside of the paper with spray adhesive, then roll the pencil in the paper, smoothing out any air bubbles as you go. Once the paper overlaps slightly, cut the excess paper with an exacto knife. Repeat with remaining pencils, alternating papers as you go.

step-5 Create liners for the envelopes out of the printed paper. Here’s our tutorial on making easy envelope liners. Secure with double stick tape or glue stick. Tuck folded cards into each envelope.

step-6Cut a strip of printed paper to the height of the blank notecards. Lightly spray the backside of the printed paper and lay the notecards on the paper, side by side. Gently press to seal and let dry for 5 minutes. Use the exacto knife to cut along the edge of each notecard to remove excess printed paper. Repeat with the other printed paper. Tuck each notecard into a vellum envelope, and tie the stack of envelopes together with twine.

step-7Assemble all the components of the stationery set in the box, including fun extras like a pretty stamp and washi tape, and tie with twine to give to your mother!

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography 

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