So now that you’ve stepped inside our home and have done awkward but oh so necessary jump for joys with me over the fact that OMG we are in Domino magazine, we thought we’d share a few of the goodies from behind the scenes that sort of shows how a home goes from nearly there to totally print worthy in a matter of hours!

And for those of you that have stalked Domino for years, here are a few little fun behind the scenes tidbits that make the magazine and the people behind it so so much more real…

Michelle Adams and Robert Leleux are nice. Like really, really nice. And smart. And know a lot about design – from architecture to silhouettes and everything in between. They couldn’t have been more gracious, laidback and generally lovely.

A few of the pieces that you see in the pics never made it into our home. Because to make a photo WOW worthy and to live in a home that is child friendly is a bit of an oxymoron. The books on the coffee table have been paired down, we ended up not purchasing some of the art because of cost and two of the rugs (the entry hall rug and the yellow rug in our family room) didn’t make it into our final design – and I’m good with that.

There are so many pieces that we haven’t shown you yet! But I chatted with Domino photographer Brittany Ambridge and she’s going to send me a few of the ones I’m desperate for so that you can see the little nooks and crannies that didn’t make it in.

We didn’t have time to shoot our kitchen eating area because it literally took 8 hours to shoot the house. Every shot was scrutinized, every shadow accounted for, every frame made perfect.

Michelle, Brittany and Robert wanted the home to feel like a home…they had my daughter running up and down the stairs, they sprinkled the dining table with glasses of wine and cake, they added a bowl of popcorn and two glasses of coke to the family room table. These were props but really made the home feel less fussy and more lived in.

William’s room was literally pieced together in the moments before the crew got here. Jess painted the art and DIYed the boats on his dresser, we ran out and bought the west elm rug and voila, little boys room completed. It’s sort have fallen apart since then but for one amazing day, he had a super cute room.

We actually spent a lot of time with Suzanne and Lauren on things that you didn’t see – giving our kitchen a facelift with new backsplash, paint and hardware. We also stained our floors much darker, laid hardwood in hallways that had carpet, changed out all of our doorknobs and painted the entire house. I wanted to spend money on the foundation of what I think a good design should be based up.

Again, a huge thank you to everyone involved in this project – our SMP team, Good Bones Great Pieces, Foret, my amazing cousin Kristine who dolled me right up, the entire Domino team and Matt McGrath who helped me shoot most of the video above (the parts that aren’t all wobbly are definitely Matt’s). You guys are AWESOME and I feel lucky to have worked with you!