Truth: whiskey tends to get a bad rap amongst the females in a group. It’s strong, it’s bitter, and it’s just not all that pleasant. I hear you. I was there. BUT, having recently sipped on a whiskey cocktail done right, I can attest to the fact that it can be delicious. Swear! And after being introduced to Brian Samuels & The Urban Grape & DomestiKated‘s most recent party, I’m tempted to throw my own version – and soon.

From DomestiKatedLife… Everyone thinks that whiskey is a man’s drink. Our hope at The Urban Grape is to help women realize that whiskey is a versatile base for drinks through every season. The Sex and the City ladies made the Cosmo famous, but today’s women should know that drinking a Manhattan at the bar is even more beguiling! Our Ladies Winter Whiskey party was the perfect opportunity to teach a group of wonderful women about how to stir, shake or concoct the perfect whiskey cocktail.

The cocktails were the main focus of our party: a Manhattan, a Whiskey Smash, and a whiskey punch. And while each drink is a classic, we made some slight variations to give them a new spin.

We carried the whiskey theme over into the food with BLTs that were made with maple-bourbon glazed bacon, a light seasonal crudité to balance the hearty sandwiches, and for dessert a chocolate bundt cake with a caramel bourbon sauce drizzled over the layers. We plated the cake slices with a few of the bourbon-soaked cherries leftover from our drinks.

To keep the whiskey-love going long after the party stops, we sent guests home with hand-written menu cards with each of the drink recipes so they could recreate them at home, and small corked jars of the bourbon-soaked cherries we’d used in some of the drinks.

Whether its whiskey, bourbon, rye or scotch, these versatile spirits will keep your toes warm this winter!

Photography: Brian Samuels | Styling: DomestiKatedLife | Cocktail Recipes, Ingredients, And Event Space: Urban Grape | Shoot Coordination: All Heart PR | Vintage Glassware: Farm & Fable