When we posted this adorable polka dot inspired nursery the other day, we were flooded with requests for tips on how to make the fabulous Tassel Baby Mobile. Well, as luck would have it, the mommy of the cutest little girl in the world, Ivy, was around to give us the 411. And I’m pretty sure we’re all going to have tassel baby mobiles decorating our houses in the next few weeks. With or without babies!

Photo by: Katie Joyner Photography


Needle nose pliers
1 wire coat hanger – Any 12 gauge wire will do.
1 spool of 3mm hemp twine
1 spool of ¾” double faced, white satin ribbon
Double sided tape
7/8” white cup hook
1 spool of 1mm hemp twine
11 tassels (purchased via paperchainpress on Etsy).
*It’s nice to use somewhat of a ombre color scheme to give the mobile some aesthetic balance.


Grab your needle nose pliers and unravel the hook of the hanger. After you unraveled the hanger, smooth the wire out, and shape it into a circle. Use the pliers to twist the ends of the wire around each other.


Tape one end of your 3mm hemp twine to the wire – wrap tightly until the wire is totally covered.


On top of the hemp, tape one end of your ¾” white satin ribbon and wrap until completely covered.


Based on how long your tassels are / how low you want your mobile to hang, measure three pieces of 1 mm hemp twine, and attach them equidistance on the wire form, then tie them into a knot onto your 7/8” white cup hook.


Grab a tassel, tie a knot of the 1mm hemp twine to the loop of the tassel and start about 2” from the wire form – continue to add half of the tassels at even numbered descending lengths, and add the second half at ascending lengths, working your way back up, placing them equidistance on the wire form.

It’s quite dreamy when the sunlight catches the gold tassels in the afternoon. Miss Ivy loves it.