Animal Themed Birthday party
January 31, 2014
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My mom threw the best birthdays. Even when I had chicken pox and had to cancel my party, she found the 3 kids that had already had them and invited them over for a little cake and ice cream. Well as it so happens, the mom of the cutest little boy ever also knows how to throw one heck of a party with this animal themed, crafting party. With photos by Chung Li, just look at the pure glee on the kid's faces!
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There was no mistaking Jovian loved his animal themed Birthday party. Along with a thematic cake, desserts, and costumes, Jovian's mom, Joey had picked a perfect spot for this little party for his 5 year son's birthday, Mints & Honey, an event design house in San Mateo, CA.

La Vie Douce Design, created several dessert tables that included bunny, piggy, puppy, and chicken French macaroon cookies and assorted other kid sized desserts. The rustic cabinets and dessert log platforms surrounded by lichen created a woodland ambiance that complemented Jovian's adorable animal themed cake made by the Beautiful Kitchen. At the end of the event, each child receive a very special and thoughtful favor bag to take home as well which is prepared by Jovian's mom. The event is beautifully captured by Chung Li Photography.