I’m so excited to introduce you to two girls and 8 hairstyles that you are going to love. SMP-ers, meet Molly and Joanna, the co-geniuses behind the blog Irrelephant. They dabble in all things beauty, all things home and all things flat out lovely. And while their first feature for SMP is just a couple of weeks off, we wanted to kick things off with 8 of their must-have hairstyles that EVERY girl should know.

Eight Hairstyles Every Girl Should Know
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Now you tell us? What is your must-have do? The one staple that you can do blindfolded. For me it’s a giant bun at the very top of my head. Very Audrey-esque.

PS…We’re so excited to share more from Irrelephant in the coming months!

Images have also appeared on: Martha Stewart | Top Inspired | The Birmingham Bride | Once Wed