You’d think wrapping the perfect gift would be a no brainer; but come Christmas morning you can always tell those who’ve done their research vs. those who have not (hello father and your tape abuse!) With a few easy steps, you can transform your Christmas gift into an absolute masterpiece; and we’ve teamed up with Paper Source & Jenny Moloney Photography to show you how…

MaterialsWrapping paper (we used Paper Source’s watercolor mistletoe & metallic gold gift wrap)
Super tacky tape
Ribbon (we used Paper Source’s red satin ribbon & white satin ribbon)


step-1Measure wrapping paper to fit your box. Roll the box over the backside of the wrapping paper until there is room for all four sides, then add a couple inches to the length. For the remaining sides of the box, bring the paper up on either side of the box and mark it at slightly more than half the length of the side. This will be the width of the wrapping paper. Use a yardstick to draw straight lines at the marks.

step-2Cut the wrapping paper at the lines. Fold in an inch on each side of the length so the edges will look crisp & professional.

step-3Center the box on the wrapping paper, face down. Use double-stick tape to secure one folded edge of the wrapping paper to the box, then fold the other side over and secure with tape. Pro tip: Pull the paper tightly around the box and use your fingers to gently crease it at the edges for a crisp, finished look.

step-4Fold in a bottom edge of one of the open sides of the box to form a diagonal line. You’ll know you’ve got the right angle when the paper is pressed flush against the box. Repeat with the other bottom corner to make a triangle, then repeat with the top corners. Press each triangle towards the center and secure with double stick tape. Repeat on the other side of the box.

step-5Pull out a long length of ribbon and wrap it around the box, starting on the top face of the package. Flip the package over and cross & twist the ribbon so they are in the perpendicular direction. Flip the package over again, and cross & twist the ribbon. Tie a tight bow in the center of the package. Fold the ends of the ribbon lengthwise and trip at a diagonal to make an elegant finish.

Photography: Jenny Moloney Photography | Design & Styling: SMP Living| Metallic Gold Wrapping Paper: Paper Source | Red Glitter Wrapping Paper: Paper Source | Red Satin Ribbon: Paper Source | Super Tacky Tape: Paper Source | Watercolor Mistletoe Wrapping Paper: Paper Source | White Satin Ribbon: Paper Source


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