As style editor and fashion guru on the TODAY Show, we obviously had a list of fashion related questions a mile long for Bobbie Thomas. Luckily for all of us, she was more than happy to oblige! But before we dig in, I urge you to head on over here to take a peek at her recent nuptials. Having planned her entire weeding in 4 short weeks, I have to admit I’m blown away. Beautiful, right? Okay, now let’s talk fashion…

SMP: So first and foremost, I’m sure we’re all dying to know what you’ll be wearing this holiday season!
Bobbie: Pajamas! And if I have to go outside, I’m excited to finally wear a few Olivia Pope-worthy coats I scored on sale this summer. (Ps – Zara actually has a ton of great jackets right now, many under $200).

SMP: Thanks Bobbie! So with a packed social schedule this December, I’m sure we’re all going to be slightly sleep deprived. Do you have any beauty tips to beat those under eye bags?
Bobbie: Hydrate 24/7. The best beauty secret on the planet. Drink a lot of water (a 1:1 ratio for every cup of coffee or cocktail), and if you don’t already use an under eye moisturizer, start now! GloMinerals Under Eye Concealer duo is my personal favorite, but Eve Pearl’s Dual Salmon Concealer also has many fans.

SMP: Is there one beauty product you’d never be caught dead without?
Bobbie: Urban Decay’s Twice Baked Eyeshadow is a favorite.  Most people don’t realize it, but brown is a great color to do a smoky eye, and it’s flattering on a lot of different skintones.  I just did a beauty tutorial about it on YouTube.

SMP: What are five must-haves that every style savvy woman should have in her closet?
Bobbie:  1. A go-anywhere, do-anything dress that can be casual or fancy (Think beyond the LBD, and fall in love with something special that says “this is me” regardless of the setting. Whether you opt for a flowy long sleeve maxi, a fun vintage frock, or a more modern draped asymmetrical style  – your shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, and attitude will accessorize you appropriately.)

2. A cardi-wrap or cozy. AKA a wearable blanket that’s surprisingly chic and genius – just watch this!

3. The perfect blouse… one that makes you feel pretty and powerful at the same time. FYI, Cooper & Ella is a collection of tops only that offers up everyday elegance with modern staples such as the Kara Blouse.

4. Good black leggings. Girls, this is where quality, not quantity really counts. Invest in a pair with great stretch/support (David Lerner’s basics are a cult fave), and if you can splurge, opt for a second pair with faux leather- like BCBG’s Stephen Moto leggings.

5. And Boots! A classic pair of riding boots will add instant polish and pull your look together, while a lace-up or moto-inspired style will add some edge to your wardrobe. (Two pairs I’ve worn for the past four years, these Nicole boots – a score from DSW that they still sell, and my beloved 50/50 over-the-knee Stuart Weitzman Napa Stretch boots.)

SMP: Do you have any predictions for upcoming fashion trends?
Bobbie: Style mavens will lighten up … the current wave of clean white this winter is refreshing, and a softer wash of colors are on their way. For those tired or bored of miss-matched, clashing prints, and contrived over-styling, you’ll be happy to know that simple and special are coming back. Keep an eye out for effortless ensembles, and chic, smart, menswear-for-her staples (things like collared shirts, trousers), as well as new textiles with unique takes on texture (metallics, new knits, fringe).

SMP: I’m ready for that! Are there any trends you refuse to get on board with?
Bobbie: Lol, I can not pull off the white chunky aerobic high-tops some girls are rocking.

SMP: Oh, you and me both! I’m sorry to have to do this to you, but if you had to wear one outfit every day for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
Bobbie: Eesh, tough question… I honestly vacillate from Helmut Lang to Free People depending on my mood! I guess one of my go-to’s: a soft tee, jeggings, boots, and a draped front/asymmetrical cardigan (or a long vintage maxi dress with a cropped jacket!)

SMP: Okay, so we have to ask, can you spill one little thing we all need to know before we get dressed tomorrow?
Bobbie: Promise to be nicer… to yourself. Sounds simple, but I’ve yet to meet someone that bought a mirror with good intentions. No, instead, we march up to mirrors on a mission to find our flaws… pimples, wrinkles, cellulite, gray hair, or [fill in the blank]. It’s time to stop and shift our focus. Value what you see, and others will see it too.

I stripped down to my Spanx, and poured myself into the pages of The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow to help inspire women to not only love what’s under the dress, but to highlight how your style impacts others, and in turn YOU. You could be worthy of a best-dressed list, or dread shopping and your closet, but the law of attraction is always at work.

SMP: I love it. You are such an inspiration! And before we let you go, what’s on your Christmas wish list this season?
Bobbie: It’s a pretty short list… Health and happiness for friends/family, and lots of love for those in need … End of list!

I somehow love her even more than I ever did. Seriously! And it gets better because she has sweetly agreed to give away a signed copy of her new book: The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow. Enter away!

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Interview/Advice: Bobbie Thomas | Book: The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow