As a mommy of two little ones, I can tell you one thing; finding cute maternity clothes – the beauties that are both chic, comfortable, and magically don’t make you look like you’re wearing a potato sack – is sort of like finding a teeny tiny needle in an enormous haystack. I, for one, loved the way my bump looked and refused to purchase clothes that made it look anything but adorable. Enter Fourth Love. The cutest maternity wear ever. The leather maternity pants, pocket dress, perfect v-neck, all out fabulous kind of maternity wear that cranks maternity style up a notch (or ten!)

If you’re anything like me, you’re swooning right about now. The best part? I mean, besides all of the adorable, cozy maternity fashion of course… Is that each Fourth Love item can easily carry you from mama-to be, to baby on the hip. And as an added bonus, each piece is made right here on our own soil, helping to support our local economy, and save the planet while doing so. Great maternity fashion with a conscience? I’m in.

Oh, and it gets better! The sweet folks at Fourth Love are offering us all a 15% discount on our entire purchase! Simply enter: FOURTHLOVESMP at checkout!