Autumn Apple Punch
November 1, 2013
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The sweet girls who shared this adorable Apple Porch Party -- DomestiKated LifeLittle Flower CottageBring to Light Photography -- were gracious enough to send a few recipes our way, the first of which is a cocktail that I am pretty sure will bring you to your knees. Autumn Apple Punch. I'm thinking mine might have a swirl of caramel on the top too. Or maybe a cinnamon sugar rim? Oh the options are endless!
Autumn Apple Punch
Prep Time
5 Minutes
Cook Time
Total Time
5 Minutes
Apple cider Bourbon or Rye
Royal Rose's cardamom clove simple syrup Fresh lemon juice
Ice Apple for garnishing
Combine 3/4 cup of apple cider, 1/3 cup of bourbon or rye and 1 tsp of cardamom clove simple syrup over ice.
Squeeze a slice of fresh lemon juice into the mixture and divide into glasses.
Garnish with a fresh apple slice
Photography: Bring to Light Photography | Styling & Design: Domestikated Life | Flowers: Little Flower Cottage