Confession: I’ve actually partaken in an apple picking double date. And before you judge, I can honestly say that it was SO much fun. Admittedly, the boys were a little skeptical at first. But once we arrived I swear they enjoyed it more than my girlfriend and I. We’ve since vowed to make double date apple picking a yearly activity and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Styled by Sarah The Architect and captured by Pictilio, there’s a festive  and fun gallery just waiting for you to peek through.

From Pictilio… Fall has officially arrived in all it’s beautiful glory. The temperatures are dropping and the leaves are beginning to turn all kinds of lovely shades. Though we all long for our fall staples such as hot soup and cozy sweaters, I think one of the things that often goes unnoticed is how this time of year brings people together.

We decided to usher in fall with a fun trip to pick apples with dear friends. It was a perfect double date! We did our apple picking at Eckert’s farm in Illinois, but there are farms all over the country for you to enjoy. I often miss my window for apple picking so don’t delay. Grab a few friends and get outdoors before it’s too cold to set foot outside!

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be wondering what exactly it is that you should be doing with all of your apple-y bounty. Captain obvious would tell you that apple pie is always a good idea (life lesson right there), but how about we take it a step further with a full blown apple-picking party? I truly can’t think of a more worthwhile idea. You can see the full gallery right here, and grab the full how-to right here!

Photographers: Pictilio | Stylist: Sarah The Architect