I will be the first to admit that I have a strange obsession with throw pillows. I find that switching them around every once in a while keeps a room feeling fresh and new. And calms the inner designer in me who is forever looking to redecorate. So when I find a few that are gorgeous AND don’t break the bank? Well, I consider that a really great day.

1. Braided Pillow: West Elm | 2. Embroidered Pillow: Nordstrom | 3. Gilded Mums Pillow: Pier 1| 4. White Textured Pillow: West Elm | 5. Blue Pillow: Bed Bath & Beyond | 6. Dip Dyed Pillow: Urban Outfitters | 7. Floral Pillow: Kirklands | 8. Gold Pillow: West Elm | 9. Dot Pillow: Nordstrom | 10. Fur Pillow: Bed Bath & Beyond | 11. Paisley Pillow: Nordstrom | 12. Metallic Faux Print Pillow: West Elm