DIY Gold Dipped X-Bench
August 26, 2013

Before we get to the most fun bit of Erin's home makeover (the full tour, of course!) we thought we'd share a quick little tutorial on how we spruced up a few X-Benches in Erin's space. Now, there was nothing seriously wrong with them to begin with, but they did lack a little sparkle. And Erin is the kind of girl that seriously sparkles. So luckily, with a quick coat of white paint and a little dipping action, we brought these babies from drab to fab in minutes.

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X benches

Liquid gold leaf

Painter's tape

Foam paintbrush

White Spraypaint




step-1Remove the legs of the X benches with the drill. Set the seats aside.

step-2Spraypaint the legs white in 2-3 light coats, being careful not to leave any drips. Let dry completely, 1- 2 hours.

step-3Mark off 2 inches from the feet of the legs with painter's tape. Wrap the painter's tape completely around the leg, parallel to the edge of the feet.

step-4Paint the feet with the liquid gilding. Let dry about ½ hour, and remove the tape.

step-5Drill the legs back on the seats. Step back and admire your new benches!

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