Ok so since we’re on a bit of a health kick today, we thought it’d be fun to round-up some of our favourite inexpensive workout gear. To be completely honest, my choice in workout attire is abysmol at best. You know those t-shirts they hand out at basketball games and other such events? Yeah. It’s not a pretty sight. But what I didn’t realize was that CUTE activewear can be found at a variety of price points. And when you can get your hand on an $8 tank and $10 tights, there’s really no reason to not look chic while sweating it out.

1. Colorblocked Tank from Forever 21 | 2. Shorts from Target | 3. Hair Ties from Emj | 4. Sports Bra from Forever 21 | 5. Water Bottle from Target | 6. Sports Bra from Forever 21 | 7. Tee from Joe Fresh | 8. Leggings from Joe Fresh | 9. Shoes from Target | 10. Shorts from Joe Fresh | 11. Shorts from Joe Fresh | 12. Pullover from Target | 13. Yoga Cami from Joe Fresh | 14. Perforated Pullover from Forever 21 | 15. Socks from Target | 16. Gym Bag from Target