DIY Lined Envelopes
July 9, 2013
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Okay so now that we're equipped with our well-stocked stationery bar, it's time to personalize those notes just a touch. Because receiving a letter in the mail is great, but receiving a letter with a fancy DIY'ed lined envelope is just that much better. And, honestly, it's so simple to do  - and the results are well worth the additional effort.


Piece of fun paper to use as liner



Double-Sided Tape.

instructionsstep-1Open your envelope and lay it on top of the back side (the side you do not want to show) of your liner paper.step-2Trace your envelope.

step-3Cut out the traced envelope from your liner paper, cutting approximately 1/4" inside the line on all sides. This is important because it allows the liner to slide into the envelope without any issues.

step-4Cut 1/2" off the bottom of your liner so that it sits low into the envelope when you are ready to place it, and doesn't cover any of the adhesive.

step-5Slide your liner into your envelope so that the pretty side faces up.

step-6Bend back your liner and place two pieces of double-side table along the back edge of either your liner or on your envelope where the liner will lay.

step-7Adhere your liner to your envelope and enjoy!

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