One Cabinet, Two Ways with Avenue Lifestyle
There isn't much I adore more than versatility. I happen to be frugal by nature so when I do drop the dough on something, you'd better believe I want my moneys worth. This is applicable to life in gen...
There isn't much I adore more than versatility. I happen to be frugal by nature so when I do drop the dough on something, you'd better believe I want my moneys worth. This is applicable to life in general: food, fashion and, specifically, decor. So when Miss Holly from Avenue Lifestyle came up with the idea of styling one cabinet two entirely different ways (for the living room and kitchen no less!) it immediately piqued my interest. Being able to reuse a relatively expensive piece in a multitude of different ways is kind of the best thing ever. Captured by Anouschka Rokebrand, I'm completely enamored with the results (and seriously need that cabinet in my life).
From Holly: I love a piece of furniture that can serve more than one purpose and look great in multiple parts of the home. Fresh from Ikea’s latest Stockholm collection, this glass cabinet is not only versatile but also happens to be an extremely budget friendly option for those looking to add style to their home without the buyer’s remorse. For this shoot, we chose the cream version of the cabinet (there’s also a yellow one) and customized it ever so slightly with cognac leather handles by Nu interieur | ontwerp. We wanted to demonstrate how this piece could work in both the kitchen and living room. It might be storage space, but it might as well look pretty, too!

Five Steps for Styling Your Living Room Cabinet:

1. Start with the basics. The most obvious starting point would be the books. Place various piles of books and magazines in various ways {some lined up, some stacked} interspersed throughout the shelves. Use stacked books against a row of standing books as a bookend.

2. Add personality. Add a couple of items to the back wall of the cabinet such as art to give the piece depth and draw the eye to the back of the cabinet. Layer in items that you love that will look great together, such as pretty ceramics, candle holders and trinkets from travels. It helps to think about a unifying color scheme here. Place the objects on top of books or in empty spaces, keeping scale in mind.

3. Add texture. I personally love the look of blankets neatly folded on shelves or even small pillows displayed. This adds both warmth and texture.

4. Finish the look with greenery. A little bit of green goes a long way. Add small potted plants to your ensemble, or place a few single stems of your favorite blooms into vases displayed on the shelves.

5. Step back and admire your handiwork! Does everything look visually in balance? Then I’d say you’ve got yourself a pretty neat looking, styled display cabinet!

Next, Holly shows us the same cabinet, beautifully re-styled for the kitchen:

Five Steps for Styling a Kitchen Cabinet:

1. Start with the basics. The kitchen is the busiest part of most homes so practicality ranks high in the priority stakes for this look. Items that you will always be reaching for should be first to hit the shelves, so begin by placing your favorite dinnerware, plates, bowls, mugs and glasses on the shelves that seem most logical to you. I personally like simple white dinnerware because it enables you to add other pieces without looking untidy. Find an open area and stack a couple of chopping boards against the back wall of the cabinet. Be sure not to place too many obstacles in front of them or it’ll be a struggle to get them out again!

2. Add the essentials. Some of the essentials that most of us will be reaching for on a daily basis might include cereals, rice, pasta, nuts, tea and coffee. These happen to look great when stored in glass jars, so get a collection together and add those to your shelves. Oils and vinegars in attractive glass decanters also look great displayed so be sure to add them in too. Don’t forget the real estate on top of the cabinet. You can easily group larger items up there too!

3. Add personality. Pops of color and texture are a great next step, so add your favorite crockery, salad bowls and espresso mugs to the mix. Be careful not to overcrowd the shelves. As the items you choose will be on display, pick the very best and store any left-overs in a cupboard. This will keep the look clean, as well as prevent it from becoming cluttered.

4. Finish the look with greenery. Add a potted herb or two to finish off a practical but pretty kitchen storage unit.

5. Take a step back, and if you’re satisfied that the cabinet has been styled in a practical way that also happens to be pretty, it’s a success!

Design & Styling: Holly of Avenue Lifestyle | Photography: Anouschka Rokebrand
Living Room Products: Pillows: Hellopillow & Tas-ka | Dala horse: Serholt | Colourful blanket: Mae Engelgeer via Femkeido | Glass vases / cardboard letters: Femkeido | Leaf platter: Lee Wolfe Pottery | White bowl / candle holder: Edwin Pelser | Grey blanket: By Mölle via Edwin Pelser | Chair: Maisons du Monde | Stool / leather handles: Nu Interieur|Ontwerp | Rug: The go ‘round | Blue tray: HAY via Femkeido | Wooden bookend: Pilat & Pilat | Kitchen Products: Wine glasses and tumblers: Ikea | Bread boards: Femkeido | Blue mugs and white dishes: Edwin Pelser | Leather handles: Nu Interieur|Ontwerp | Tea-towel: Mae Engelgeer via Femkeido

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