Behind the Scenes with Oeuf
Have you had the privilege of visiting Oeuf  before? An american based children's furniture boutique with great morals and an incredible back story, their stuff is absolutely beautiful. We recently ...
Have you had the privilege of visiting Oeuf before? An american based children's furniture boutique with great morals and an incredible back story, their stuff is absolutely beautiful. We recently had the pleasure to catch up with Sophie and her sweet family, the brains behind the fantastic company, to take a peek at their own fun-filled home and ask a few of our burning questions. Oh, and just in case you're looking for more, it's all right here.
SMP: Who designed your home?
We live in an old brownstone from 1900. Our home is like us, a work in progress! We like to do it ourselves and let the kids choose what they want in their own rooms.

SMP: If you could change anything in your home, what would it be and why?
Less storeys but larger footprint. I like horizontal more than vertical living.
SMP: Your favourite room in your home?
I love the living/cooking/eating/doing homework/reading/playing room. The entire parlor floor is open. We removed all the walls so that we can be together as a family every day, doing our own thing.

SMP: Your favourite piece in your home?
There is lots of pieces I like. Many have stories, they remind me of people, places, periods in my life.
SMP: One item you just can’t live without?
Music! I couldn't live without music.

SMP: What does “home” mean to you?
It's where I feel anchored, safe and with the ones I love
SMP: What design trend do you think will stand the test of time?
Craftsmanship, sincerity and function.

SMP: You run a very successful furniture company with your husband, how did you get started in the industry?
We had another company before Oeuf called R&D design. We were making furniture and ceramics in our Greenpoint factory. When we found out we were expecting a child 11 years ago, we looked everywhere for nice, simple, modern, well made furniture and couldn't find anything so we made it ourselves. It was very exciting for us to design, make and prepare a whole environment for our daughter. We showed a few pieces at the ICFF and had so much press and great feedback we realized that a lot of young parents were looking too.
SMP: Your favourite piece at Oeuf?
Like the pieces in my home, the Oeuf pieces all have a story to us so we don't really have favorites. The classic crib was designed when I was pregnant with Mae, the Sparrow for Marius as well as the Perch bunk bed. We are working on a desk for the kids even though I have a feeling they will still do their work on the kitchen table.

SMP: What’s it like working so closely with your husband?
Great. Michael is my rock and my best friend. We do drive each other CRAZY from time to time though.

SMP: How do you maintain that much sought-after work-life balance?
I don't! Balance is elusive. My motto is bless the mess. I'm trying however to stay focus in what matters to me and I really do enjoy the little things tremendously.

SMP: The hardest lesson in business you ever learnt?
To take a hard look at myself and accept my limitations, flaws and my weaknesses. That's hard but essential.

SMP: Any advice for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Just start and stop taking about it. Work hard. Don't follow anyone footsteps, make your own if that makes any sense!

Interview/Home: Sophie of Oeuf | Photography: Julie Ansiau