For me, a serene bedroom is one that has been stripped down to its bare essentials. A space in which you walk into, and all of the days woes and qualms simply melt away. It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Give me crisp white sheets, a lightly scented candle, and someone sweet to snuggle up next to and I am seriously good to go. We thought we’d pretend like Monday wasn’t really here with this round up of some of our very favourite, picture perfect, simply serene bedrooms. See the whole lot of them right here! Don’t you feel calmer already?

And just in case you’re after a serene bedroom for yourself, here are a few pretty pieces that will help get you started:

1. Chandelier from Eva Menz | 2. Pillow from West Elm | 3. Pillow from Cococozy | 4. Nightstand from Redford House | 5. Orchid from Home Depot | 6. Headboard from West Elm | 7. Lamp from Structube | 8. Duvet from Crane & Canopy | 9. Poof from Imports from Marrakesh