So we can’t really take credit for this next little number. We originally spotted it over on Idle Wife and fell so in love with it that we sort of just stole it and plopped it right into our neon celebration, putting our own little striped spin on some of them. And if you’re anything like us, you’re going to do the exact same thing…

MaterialsMarshmallows (extra large)
Paint Brush
4-5 Small Bowls
Neon Food Coloring
Cooling Rack

 instructions1. Mix 1-2 drops of neon food coloring into a small bowl of water.

2. Dip your marshmallows at an angle, varying the color for each one.

3. You can also paint stripes, polka dots, etc on using your paintbrush.

4. Let dry completely & Voila!

Design, Styling & Photography by: Style Me Pretty Living