Though they may often be perceived as frivolous, it’s always the little touches that bring an event to life. Co-ordinating napkins, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or, in this case, some adorable starry stir sticks can completely transform a party. Captured by Hello Love Photography, and designed by our resident DIYer, plunking these little guys into your drinks will undoubtedly be the icing on this proverbial cake.

Photography: Hello Love Photography / Design & Styling: Style Me Pretty


Black coffee stirrer straws
Black wired star garland (we got ours here!)
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks


Step 1: Cut two 2.5″ pieces of the star garland.
Step 2: Form the pieces into “U” shapes.
Step 3: Put a dab of hot glue onto the ends of the “U” shapes and insert into one end of the stirrer straw.
Step 4: Repeat for as many as you’d like to make, and pop into your cocktails!
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