When hosting a party, especially a holiday party, you want to make sure that the ambiance is warm and inviting. This is exactly what these DIY hanging wreaths were made for. Yes, candles on their own are fantastic. But when guests see a few of these beauties hanging around your home, it’ll be as if you’re casually saying, “Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m an amazing hostess? Sorry about that!” When you’re inevitably complimented, of course, you’ll act as if it was just something you threw together. Inside, we know you’ll be glowing – it’ll be our secret.


Mixed winter greens
Thin white taper candles
Silver Tree Clips
Rebar Wire
Tacky wax

Step 1: Use the rebar wire to form a large oval hoop, about 2′ tall.  Twist the rebar with the pliers at the top to close the hoop.  Tip: wear gloves, or wipe off the wire with a paper towel before beginning, as the wire is greasy.

Step 2: Lay hoop on a flat surface.  Arrange pine greens to cover the bottom of the oval.  Secure greens by wrapping with green floral wire.
Step 3: Add a few sprigs of boxwood at the center of the of the bottom of the hoop.  Tuck the branch ends into each other, so that only the greenery shows.  Wrap with floral wire.
Step 4: Hang the wreath in safe spot (against window glass, or on a hook several inches away from a wall- look around for any potential fire hazards).  Put a bit of tacky wax in the base of the candle clip and insert the taper candle, make sure it is secure.  Clip the candle onto the wreath, & light.

Photography: White Loft Studio / Design and Styling: Style Me Pretty

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