It’s been an eye candy kind of day on SMP…the variety of pretty that can fit right into a four year old’s perfectly pink birthday party, just as it could a wedding, a shower or any other festivity where fun is the main event. So you’ve seen Audrey’s 4th birthday party. You’ve seen the cute balloon party invitations complete with a free template and 2 color ways. And now, here’s the easiest of DIY’s ever that actually went from party to dining room table decor pretty instantaneously. Painted gold milk jars turn vases that took me all of about 20 minutes to craft. Materials Glass milk bottles (found here) or any other glass vase variety Foam Paintbrush Liquid Leaf Gold Paint Newspaper or Paper Towels Instructions *the key to gorgeousness is getting full gold coverage and varying the heights of the gold paint on each vase to make it feel more artisan. 1. Pour liquid leaf into a bowl that you don’t mind losing. I used a small white sauce bowl and when I was done with my vases, I painted the complete inside of the bowl where the paint had been which resulted in the worlds cutest little creation. 2. Dip your foam brush in the paint and carefully apply the paint to the jar allowing yourself inconsistencies in the strokes. Aim for full gold coverage in the areas that you do paint. 3. Let dry for 2 hours or so.