I am so excited that the incredibly talented trio behind some of my ALL TIME favorite DIY projects on SMP is back with another perfect little lovely. Remember these ridiculously darling pinwheels that were actually debuted in the loveliest of photoshoots ever? Um, yeah. Explains the excitement. Karrie and Elizabeth of Posh Paperie, along with photographer Jackie Wonders, have done it again with a new project that I have fallen for hook, line and sinker. Perfect Dupioni Silk Yo-Yos.

silk flowers

DIY projects

diy project

diy project

How perfect are these? I am obsessed. Totally obsessed. And am definitely heading to the fabric store this weekend to start crafting. Okay, you want to start by pick out dupioni silk fabric in your color of choice. You will need matching thread and a pair of scissors. You’ll need to cut out various sizes of circles. Each circle will be a different flower.

DIY project

diy project

diy project

Step One: Sew around the edges of the circle.This creates a pull or a “rouche” on the edges.

Step Two: Continue to sew around the edges.. making the flower start to take shape by allowing a half circle to form.

Step Three: Continue sewing to finish the radius of the circle.

Step Four: Knot the thread and cut the excess thread.

Step Five: Create various different sizes.

There are so many fun applications for these little gems. Sew them on to table runners, decorate your favors, add them to a plain clutch for your bridesmaids. Transform them into a hairpiece, glue them to your vases, turn them into boutonnieres. Love, love, love. So much so that I am definitely going to convince my friend Libby, whose wedding we are helping to style with Sarah True, to do about a million of them. Thank you Karrie, Elizabeth and Jackie!

Oh and make sure to check out each of their blogs for even more goodness! Click here for Jackie’s and here for Posh Paperie’s!

Design by Karrie and Elizabeth of posh paperie / Photography by jackie wonders photography

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