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15 Fall Recipes

As the leaves begin to fall and the air becomes crisp, I find I religiously crave my kitchen. To me, there’s nothing more comforting that a cool autumn day and a loaf of pumpkin bread baking in the oven. So it only made sense for my to round up 15 of my favourite fall-inspired recipes! From cinnamon almonds to individual chicken pot pies, here are 15 epic recipes that are certain to get you in the spirit.

15 Fall Recipes
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Preppy Rehearsal Dinner

Though most people get all giddy for the wedding, I happen to look forward to the rehearsal dinner most of all. It’s at this point that anticipation is at it’s highest, the bride and groom are typically beaming, and the excitement is virtually palpable. Plus? If you have Esla Events at the helm, it’s going to be just as gorgeous as the big day. With photos from Jessica Burke, there’s more right here! 


From Laurel… Warm and bright — that was the kind of welcome that Lisa and Ethan wanted to give their closest family and friends as they arrived at Bardessono for the wedding weekend. They incorporated bright pinks, tulips, and checkered linens into the event’s design, with the aim of creating a casual and welcoming environment. Both this couple and venue are beautifully chic and modern in style, but Lisa and Ethan’s top priority was to make sure everyone felt 100% at ease and comfortable. By pairing bright and youthful details with the sleekness of the setting, they achieved the perfect balance between casual and special.

In addition to making it a warm and festive dinner visually, Lisa and Ethan wanted the activities to follow suit. They decided to skip traditional toasts and instead asked each guest to share a short memory or story. Each guest brought a photo from home of Lisa and/or Ethan, and then shared the story behind it with the group. (These photos were then pinned up on a board and displayed together at the wedding the next day.) This story-plus-photo idea proved to be an amazing way to bring the entire group closer, with equal measures of happy tears and gut-wrenching laughter.

Photography: Jessica Burke | Florist: Leigh Okies | Event Planning + Design: Esla Events | Rehearsal Dinner Venue: Bardessono

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Jessica Burke Photography

Behind the Scenes with Winifred Paper Studio Tour

One of the most read and commented posts on Style Me Pretty actually took place on our Behind the Scenes blog, Backstage. It was a quick look at how I started a stationery business and the response that it garnered was crazy. So any chance I get to go behind the scenes with a stationer, I quickly jump on. Especially when said stationer is the lovely and talented Kelly Scarborough Watson of Winifred Paper. Read on to see how she built the beloved brand that she has today!

SMP: Tell us about Winifred Paper and how it came to be?

WP: Winifred Paper is a boutique design + letterpress studio based in Washington, D.C. We design and create timeless social stationery and paper for impeccable affairs. We are known for a love of unexpected details. It’s what we think sets us apart!

I have an unabashed obsession with paper, and have since childhood. Growing up, I would chat for hours with my grandfather about building a business, but never did I think I would marry the two. It all happened very organically. I learned letterpress in 2010 and was doing small jobs on the side for friends. Winifred Paper grew out of that. The most amazing thing about stationery is that it spreads like wildfire. One person finds you, and their 100 holiday cards or wedding invitations go out to their friends and family, and it just keeps going.

SMP: How many people do you have on staff and what are their primary roles?

WP: Until this year, it was a one-woman show– plus of course my dear husband, who has assisted from the beginning. I designed, printed, packaged, and managed both our wedding and business clients. Now our growing little team is just amazing. Currently there are three of us that work out of our design studio in Georgetown handling all design, managing our wedding invitation and business design projects, one remote, and our new pressman that’s starting in our tiny production studio just outside D.C.

SMP: What drew you to letterpress? Do you do your letterpress in house?

WP: I wanted to offer all brides the best stationery options possible. Our goal is to create letterpress that in and of itself was worth celebrating! It’s the tactile nature of letterpress that drew me in. That bite. The smell of ink. Swoon!

Our quality must be impeccable so we keep as much of our production in house as possible. We tend to mix letterpress with engraving and foil stamping and partner with some wonderful engravers and finishers. We couldn’t do it without them, too.

SMP: How do you use social media to support your brand? Favorite pinners? Favorite instagrammers?

WP: Social media is such an invaluable tool to reach across and connect with clients and our industry. When it came to designing our studio, we couldn’t have lived without Pinterest. And as we get to know our clients, we love to take a look-see at what inspires them!

I adore Instagram, it’s the big one for me at the moment. The brands that inspire me the most are those with positivity and realness to share. Sinclair and Moore, Emily Ley, Society Social do this well. They are a must follow!

SMP: What’s your greatest Achievement with WP?

WP: It’s right at this moment. We just moved in to this dreamy studio in Georgetown’s equally dreamy Book Hill neighborhood. We have more lily-gilding yet to do, but opening those doors in the mornings and chatting with the small businesses that line our street; it’s the bee’s knees.

SMP: What does your day to day look like?

WP: No two days are alike! I’ll tell you about a day we had last week. I started out early and headed over to press check a couple projects. As we are in the middle of producing our own collection and completing orders, I spend most mornings overseeing production. After giving feedback, I headed into our studio.

With a flurry of pantone chips and plenty of espresso within arms reach, mornings in our design studio are bustling and buzzing with activity! Much of my morning is spent catching up on emails, storyboarding and chatting with our custom wedding clients, sourcing, and keeping up on inventory. Our newest intern just started, so we went to lunch to get acquainted. Our design studio happens to be above Britt Ryan boutique, so after lunch, I took 10 minutes to pop down, chat over business and exciting holiday projects, and browse the new fall line. The afternoon is spent in a design meeting and packaging outgoing orders. A little later, I met with a local client picking up her darling Jewish New Year’s holiday cards. She came up with the most clever wording – “challah back, y’all!” – and it was wonderful to see her adore the finished product.

I finished up the last of my to-do lists, and headed home. I tend to get back to work around 9 for a couple hours at least. I’m a night owl through and through and I find the most inspiration in the wee hours. That’s when a lot of my creative and design work happens!

SMP: Biggest lesson learned in business?

WP: Listen to your gut.

SMP: One sentence (or a few words) that defines the kind of business owner you are or want to become?

WP: Do good and love what you do. Philippians 4:8.

Photography: Kimberly Chau | Chairs: Society Social | Custom Door Mat: The Painted Lilly | Studio: Winifred Paper