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A Sophisticated & Feminine Small Space in Brooklyn

If you live in New York City, you know that space is well… limited! When we found this gorgeous & bright Brooklyn apartment full of quirky details and unique furniture, we couldn’t wait to share. Of course, we weren’t surprised at all to learn that the occupant of this beautiful apartment was L. Brennan, the Director of International Store Ops for Kate Spade, which explains the modern, feminine design.

As you would expect from the director of international store operations for Kate Spade, Brennan has amazing taste, a penchant for color and a very busy schedule. We paired her with our designer Evan and the duo put their heads together and figured out where to focus the colors and patterns Brennan wanted in her Brooklyn one bedroom.

Brennan revived her existing dining table by painting it green herself (polyurethaned by Evan) and an ABC Home serape footstool is a game-changing living room addition. The design is sophisticated, modern, feminine and stunning!

The bedroom is full of bright, colorful accent pillows mixing patterns, stripes and everything in between!

From HomepolishHomepolish was founded to bring the interior design experience to a larger crowd. We aim to make the experience of design simple, fun and significantly more accessible. We charge a straightforward, hourly rate (and take the commissions, markups and hidden costs out of the equation), we help set you up with professionals who can transform your space regardless of budget. Feel free to take a peek at our 800+ projects, or read more over on Refinery29, Wall Street Journal, Design*Sponge, and DailyCandy.

45 Reasons Pink is the New Black

If Style Me Pretty Living had a signature color, it would most certainly be pink. It fuels our engines and this round-up of 45 pink infused rooms and vignettes includes blush-hued details even your guy will love. Ok, maybe love is a strong word. Let’s go with tolerate. And it’s everything from small, edited objects on a shelf to a whole wall of the rosy stuff. Meet 45 pink details we are currently coveting

Pink Decor We Adore
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Pink Decor We Adore
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Dining Room Re-Do for Less than $50

When we purchased our home last summer, I knew it would be a lot of work. It was not the Colonial or Cape Cod I had hoped for, but a 70’s Tudor. We fell in love with the neighborhood & were relocating from out of town, so we quickly purchased it. Rather than resenting the home or completing gutting it, I have been working to update it little by little, minimizing features that I don’t care for & maximizing those that I do. xo Julie of Coordinately Yours

The dining room is far from complete, but it has transformed from a room that I loathed to a room that I loved with just a few simple updates. Paint, of course is always a great way to make a significant impact, but the biggest transformation came when I moved furniture that I loved into it. I inherited my dining room set from my mother. When we had it moved into our home last week, it immediately gave the room meaning, which made me overlook all of those to do’s.

I balanced the dark wood of the original set with linen slipcovered dining chairs we purchased a few years ago. They make the room feel comfortable & inviting. I’ve kept the décor simple, drawing from things I already have, like my grandmother’s china & oversized vases. I treat the dining room just as I do the living room, by adding pillows for added comfort & warmth. My vintage bar cart adds a lot of function & a hint of color to the room. It’s a convenient way to serve guests or allow them to serve themselves.

I softened harsh lines of the 70’s recessed window by adding a recessed curtain rod all the way to the “ceiling” and flush to the sides of the windows. It makes the room feel intimate & up-to-date. We look forward to adding hardwoods & heavy moldings soon, but have successfully made the space our own for less than $50!

Julie Blanner

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