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DIY Strawberry Easter Eggs

These little cuties are the definition of sweet! Using not much more than egg dye, paper, a touch of glue and your own imagination, empty egg shells are transformed into summer’s favorite fruit. Use them to top gifts, tuck into your little one’s Easter basket, or create a beautiful tables cape that looks good enough to eat! Read on to see how in our simple guide below.

Materials White eggs Paas egg dye White vinegar Black sharpie Green tissue paper (light and dark) Green, yellow, & white cardstock paper Small sheet of foam core Pins Scissors Pencil Hot glue gun & sticks Strawberry greens template instructions step-1Hard boil or blow out to prepare eggs for dyeing, whichever you prefer. step-2Dye eggs red using Paas dye, vinegar, and water. step-3While eggs are dyeing, make a drying rack with the foam core and pins. step-4Place the dyed eggs on the drying rack and let dry. step-5Dot the eggs with the black paint pen to make strawberry seeds. step-6Print out the strawberry greens template and cut out each shape. Trace the star templates onto tissue paper and cut out. You’ll need 1 of each color for each egg. Save time by folding the tissue paper into as many layers as you need, then cut once! step-7Trace the stem template onto green cardstock and the flower templates onto the white cardstock, then cut out. Cut out small dots from the yellow cardstock. Fold up the petals of the flowers and glue a yellow dot inside each flower. Glue the flowers onto the stem. step-8Glue the tissue paper tops onto the rounded end of each egg. Roll a small piece of green cardstock paper to make the stem and glue onto the top of each egg. step-9Group the eggs into a dish and tuck in the greens. You can also glue the egg tops to the greens for a more “authentic” look.

Photographer: Nicole Baas | Design & Styling: SMP Living

DIY Mini Bunny Bag

This mini bunny bag is just perfect for little hands who can’t quite get a grip on big, bulky Easter baskets, but are still eager to get in on the Easter treat fun. Sweet, soft, and oh-so-easy to customize to your heart’s content, we promise your little bunny will be just as smitten with these as we are! Read on for our simple how-to and more adorable pics!

MaterialsMini canvas totes
Canvas fabric
Pale pink fabric
Fabric glue
White cardstock
Ear template
Black fabric paint
Pink fabric paint
Pink crinkle shred


step-1Print out the ear template and cut out the two ear shapes.

step-2Trace the larger ear on the canvas fabric and the smaller ear on the pink fabric. You will need two of each size per bag.

step-3Fabric glue the pink small ears on the canvas larger ears.

step-4Pinch the bottom of each ear by folding the fabric in half so that the pink fabric is inside. Glue in place.

step-5Fold the bottom of the ear in half again- fold it in opposite ways for each ear. Glue in place, then fluff out the top of the ear.

step-6Tuck the bottom of an ear inside the bag on one side, between the seam of the bag and the front of the bag. Glue in place and repeat on the other side.

step-7Draw eyes and a mouth in black puffy paint on the front of the bag. Draw a nose in pink puffy paint. Let dry 30 mins.

step-8Fill the bag with crinkle paper shred and add in small easter eggs or other easter treats!

Photography: Nicole Baas | Design & Styling: SMP Living

Surprise 30th Birthday Dinner on a Vineyard

When a birthday girl wishes for a vineyard celebration under the stars and has an amazing husband and group of friends, that is precisely what the birthday girl gets. This surprise al fresco dinner to ring in 30 years of awesomeness was crafted by Cooking with ClaudineMacKensey Reed Creative and so many others. Get inspired to throw your own wine infused birthday bash with the images from Melanie Duerkopp.

Can you imagine a more beautiful night than dinner with loved ones al fresco on a vineyard? We didn’t think so. A few special details from the night included a 6 course wine pairing and seasonal menu, on a long table lined with crystal votives, wild flowers and hand calligraphy menu and place cards.

Sarah Jenks always dreamt of celebrating her 30th birthday on a vineyard so as her birthday approached, Sarah’s husband asked their friend and chef, Claudine Dagit to create the night as a SURPRISE on a private vineyard in Alexander Valley, California.

The style for the evening was inspired by Sarah’s love for pretty, feminine details and accents. Claudine described the design for the evening as, “Vintage French Romantic in Wine Country”. For example, appetizers were passed on antique silver trays that were lined with grape leaves from the property, and vintage lace tablecloths draped over the dessert tables.

The goal for the evening was to incorporate sentimental pastimes from Sarah’s life that made it even MORE special. As everyone took their seats, they were met with an antique crystal votive and a box of matches that read “Happy Birthday Sarah! Make a wish”. At the same time everyone lit a candle for Sarah, a memory she’ll never forget. Everyone took their seat where their placecard was handwritten in calligraphy and tied with lace ribbon around rosemary. In addition to the place cards, Sweet & Crafty wrote the appetizer and dessert labels and menus.

The event stylist and natural chef, Claudine created the the 6 course dinner menu to be paired with the Kelly and Young Wines from the vineyard. In addition to being paired with the wines, the menu also incorporated all seasonal and local produce from the region. 

Many special vintage touches were added to the event by Tin Roof Farmhouse. A gold frame and chalkboard read “describe a special memory with Sarah” where people wrote memories on cards for Sarah and placed into A vintage French Hat box. Sarah also had the privilege of dining in a vintage chair with a custom flower crown.

In addition to the beautiful flower crown that Sarah wore, MacKensey Reed Creative designed the 25 bouquets of wildflowers in 5 different floral arrangements that were placed down the table and among the appetizer and dessert tables. Sarah’s dear friend Melanie of Head Over Heels added her creative eye to the night’s design and style along with helping Sarah and other guests choose their perfect outfit and accessories for the party. The underlying theme of rosemary from the vineyard garden continued to pop up in several ways. From being tied around the name tags to being added to warm marcona almonds for appetizers, it was always the final touch.

The celebration lasted 5 hours and went from passed appetizers to a dessert table with 3 Macaroon options: Raw Cocoa, Salted Caramel and Coconut and Raspberry French Macaroons. If that wasn’t enough we also ended the evening with a party favor of Rosemary Cashews that read “Merci”.

Photography: Melanie Duerkopp | Floral Design: MacKensey Reed Creative | Birthday Girl: Sarah Jenks | Calligrapher & Paper Goods: Sweet + Crafty | Event Styling, Chef and Catering:: Cooking with Claudine | Location: Kelly And Young Wines | Personal Stylist: Head Over Heels with Melanie | Vintage Rentals: Tin Roof Farmhouse

Chic Design Tricks for Tiny Spaces

Face it, we don’t all have as much space at home as we might like. I know I’m always looking for functional and chic ways to make my tiny New York apartment appear and feel bigger. Luckily, with some creative thinking and good tips, you trick any space into looking like the palace that you’ve dreamed of (well, almost). Get inspired by these small-space ideas below!

Design Tricks for Tiny Spaces
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Design Tricks for Tiny Spaces
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DIY Bunny Cake

This sweet, sleepy bunny cake is super cute, and just as easy to make! Using big, frosted sugar cookies for ears, your favorite cake and buttercream frosting instantly become an adorable Easter treat, that’s totally worthy of centerpiece status. Read on for our simple how-to just in time for Easter!

MaterialsYour favorite cake recipe
Your favorite buttercream recipe (we like this one)
Your favorite sugar cookie recipe (we like this one)
Pink icing color
Black gel icing
Disposable piping bag
Small round frosting tip
6” round cake pans
Bunny ear template
White cardstock
Wooden skewers

step-1Print out the bunny ear template onto cardstock and cut out.

step-2Make sugar cookie dough according to your recipe. You don’t need much so we suggest making half the recipe, but if you’d like some bonus cookies you can make the full recipe!

step-3Roll dough out into a thin, even layer on a prepared baking sheet. Lay the bunny ear template on top and trace two ears with a kitchen knife. Bake the ears according to the recipe instructions and let cool. *You want the cookies to be lightweight but still strong enough to stay together, so don’t make them too thick.

step-4While the cookies are baking, put together your cake mixture according to your recipe. Bake cake mixture in 6” round pans.

step-5While the cake is baking, mix up some buttercream frosting. Take out a large spoonful or two and put in a small bowl to make the pink frosting- leave the rest white. Mix in a tiny amount of pink icing color until you reach a nice pale pink.

step-6Use a piping bag with a small round tip to frost an outline on the bunny ears. Then thin the pink frosting with a bit of milk and fill in the outlines on each ear. Set the ears on a flat surface to dry.

step-7Once the cake layers have cooled, level the top of each layer with a knife. Assemble the cake and frost into a smooth, white cake. Not sure how to get it even? Check out our video on how to frost the perfect cake.

step-8Use the black gel icing to draw bunny eyes, nose, and mouth on the front of the cake.

step-9Use a knife to cut two small slits into the top of the cake. Insert the bunny ear cookies into the slits. If the cookies are having trouble staying up, use wooden skewers behind to prop them up. *If you are traveling, wait until you arrive at your destination before inserting the ears!

Photography: Nicole Baas | Design & Styling: SMP Living