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DIY Copper-Dipped Candles

Copper dipped anything is my jam; especially if it’s a DIY that costs mere dollars. This ikea hack spotted on Lark & Linen and crafted by Sugar And Bash can easily be turned into a hostess gift or twinkling home decor; you’re pick! I say dip all the things in copper. Who’s with me?


Candles in Glass Jars (I got mine from Ikea)
Copper Spray Paint
Chalkboard Spray Paint (for a super matte finish)
Cream Colored Spray Paint
Gold Liquid Gilding
Dotting Tool
Painter’s Tape


step-1 First off, I LOVED these candles for this DIY project, so if you can get your hands on them it’s a good idea. If you wiggle the candle around, the entire thing will pop out! I was able to remove the candles from the glass jars prior to painting, which simplified the process. If yours don’t come out as easily, just cover the wax in painter’s tape to protect it from the spray paint.

step-2 Using the cream spray paint, slowly rotate your candle and evenly spray every side in thin even coats. Repeat the process a few times so no glass peeks through.

step-3 Once the base coat has dried, use the painter’s tape to cover the top half of the candle (this portion will of course stay as your base color once complete)

step-4 Flip your candle over and spray paint the bottom half with the copper. This should only take one, maybe two coats.

step-5Once dry, remove the painter’s tape and use the dotting tool and gold liquid gilding to make your snowflakes! Simply dip the tool in the gold and dot away.

step-6 Repeat with remaining colors, playing with chalkboard paint, dipping the bottom portion in the gold gilding… the works!

Photography: Sugar And Bash | Design And Styling: Sugar And Bash | Source: Lark & Linen

Cozy Cottage Retreat in the City

Cottages aren’t just for sprawling country landscapes my friends. Homepolish designer, Bonnie Gonsior, proved that you can create a little oasis right smack dab in the middle of an urban jungle. With rich colors and textures and a kitchen so pretty and classic, this apartment was totally transformed into a sea of cozy. Find the full tour captured by Dustin Halleck in the VAULT.

From HomepolishSometimes we can’t help ourselves. We start on a small project, let’s say changing the knobs on our kitchen drawers. But then this becomes refinishing the cabinets. And then we realize that we need to redesign the kitchen. And then, well, there goes the apartment. That’s what happened in the case of Kathy and her Homepolish designer Bonnie Gonsior. Recalling their initial consult, Bonnie says, “Kathy knew she wanted to update the kitchen, especially finding a way to maximize her space so that she could entertain dinner guests.”

But when they began to finish the complete overhaul of the kitchen, the aesthetic started to fill the rest of the apartment. Kathy had a pretty clear vision of a small urban retreat, and soon paint colors were chosen, chairs were reupholstered, and lighting was switched out.

Bonnie’s favorite piece is the custom credenza. “We completely customized this piece from scratch. The contractor we worked with had a great carpenter, so the quality is superb. The left side has a hidden laptop tray, filing system, and workstation so that it can double as a home office by day, and extra large credenza/media stand by night. I love the color, which works great with the brass hardware.” Sounds like more than just a credenza.

For even more cozy inspiration, check out Homepolish

Photography: Dustin Halleck | Design: Bonnie Gonsior For Homepolish

Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving Leftovers with these Yummy Recipes

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving? The leftovers. Whether you make a gourmet turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce or stuffing waffles with cranberry sauce and gravy (this is not a drill), leftovers are an essential part of the Thanksgiving experience, and these recipes guarantee you make the most of it!

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes
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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes
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