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PopUp Dinner in Brooklyn

A friend of mine attended an all white PopUp dinner party last summer, and I swear I spent the entirety of that evening stalking her Instagram account. It’s pretty much the coolest concept ever, and such a wonderful way to bring like-minded people together. This particular beauty was pulled together by Hand Made Events, and with Sorella Muse behind the lens you’re going to want to spend some time in the gallery. 


From Hand Made Events… The PopUp Dinner Brooklyn was an elegant, graceful “pop-up” flash dinner picnic that was held in a secret location in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. The location was disclosed to ticket holders three hours before the event began at 5pm. Dinner promptly started at 7pm. The night gathered over four thousand guests dressed elegantly in white as they decorated and designed lavish table decor, and brought their own inspired cuisines with their favorite beverages of choice to enjoy an unforgettable summer evening with friends in Brooklyn. There was an array of wandering musicians during dinner followed by a performance by Ben Folds and later Dj OP for dancing.

PopUp Dinners are spreading across the country! From San Francisco, to LA, to Miami, to Charleston, these events are becoming popular with people everywhere.

Founded in 2011 in San Francisco, Garrett Sathre and Nicole Benjamin, partners at Hand Made Events, are continually inspired and thrilled to create new events that bring people together to celebrate the simple things that connect us all; wonderful food, great wine, and dining with those we love. 

Photography: Sorella Muse | Lighting: Stortz Lighting | DJ: Dj OP | Event Planning & Design: Hand Made Events | Special Performance: Ben Folds | Sponsor: Acura

Back to School in Style

So I’ve been out of university for a solid 8 years (omg!), but that doesn’t change the fact that back to school season still excites me to no end. And though my dorm room days are over, I vividly remember the cold, sterile environment we were all faced with come September. But have no fear! With a few accessories (that won’t break the bank), that dorm room, and those classes, are about to become a whole lot more bearable.

Back to School in Style
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DIY Mid Century Modern Sculpture

If you are a fan of Mid Century Modern, then this DIY is for you! You can make your very own classic midcentury piece for your home. No thrifting or antiqueing required! I love how this piece turned out and the vibe this adorable hand-made gem adds to the space! Happy DIYing! XO Lidy



1/8″ Brass Stock
Thin hardwood stock (any of your choosing)
Burl or any other base (could be flat)
Scroll Saw
Belt Sander
Fine Sand Paper
Natural Minwax


step-1Choose what you would like to display on your sculpture. We opted for a pair of fish, but you can do whatever you want! Sketch out your shape and use the scroll saw to cut your shape out.


Use the belt sander to define the shape and smooth out the edges. Use the fine sandpaper for finishing until your shape is smooth to touch.


Drill an 1/8″ hole on the bottom of your fish and the top of your base. This is where the brass stock will be placed. If the stock is too long, simply cut to the length you prefer using a hack saw.

step-4Brush on the minwax wiping stain to seal each piece of wood. Let it set in a few minutes then wipe and polish each piece with a clean cloth, removing all excess stain.

step-5Assemble your sculpture by placing the brass stock in your shape and base. Arrange as you would like and enjoy!

*If power tools make you a bit nervous, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance!

Photography: Hello Lidy | DIY: Hello Lidy

Lidy Dipert

DIY, Lifestyle