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Pregnant and Ready to Announce? Say it with Confetti!

Confetti is appropriate for most celebrations, but maybe most appropriate for telling your friends and family a new little babe is on the way. Announce your impending arrival with this insanely cute DIY egg from Leslie Musser of One Brass Fox and prepare to let the confetti fly.

My husband and I recently discovered we are expecting our first child in May 2017. As it’s the first grandchild on both sides of our family, we wanted to craft a significant, memorable announcement. This DIY Pregnancy Announcement Egg combined whimsy with a fun, interactive element that still allowed for a sentimental ending. For many reasons, it made the moments of sharing this news with our loved ones truly unforgettable.


Large toothpick/kabob skewer
Food coloring, water
Tissue paper in various colors
Glue stick
Strips of paper
Metallic Sharpie
Acrylic boxes


1. Carefully puncture the flatter end of the egg using a sharp object.

2. Insert the toothpick or kabob skewer to break the yolk and drain contents from the shell.

3. Rinse hollowed egg with water and soap.

4. Combine water and food coloring in medium bowl.

5. Submerge eggs in colored water and allow to sit for 30-60 seconds, absorbing color.

6. Allow eggs to dry completely.

7. Fill eggs with confetti.

8. Write chosen message (We chose a variety from “You’re going to be a grandfather” to “Baby Musser is on it’s way”) on strip of paper. Curl and insert into egg.

9. Cut a small piece of tissue paper (in the same color as the egg dye) and glue over the hole.

10. Write “Crack Me” using Metallic sharpie on the side of the egg.

11. Fill acrylic box with raffia. Gently place egg on top.

12. Wrap ribbon around box for the finishing touch.

And when you are ready to announce Team boy or Team girl, we have a little something for that too…

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Gender Reveal Ideas
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Styling + Photography: One Brass Fox

Winter Schminter…We’re Giving Our Next Brunch a Tropical Vibe

Donuts and palms are the stuff that brunch dreams are made of. And along with day drinking and delicious cheat food, this brunch is also bringing insanely gorgeous tropical vibes. Designed by Pure Luxe Bride with big, bright blooms by Coastal Creations, laser cut names on palms that we have a slight obsession with by LH Calligraphy and all captured by Aaron And Jillian Photography, if you’re hosting a breakfast get together soon, this vault is a must see.

From Drew Pond, the host of the brunch…For me, there are two things in life that are sure-fire ingredients to my happiness: I love entertaining and I love Sunday brunch. I mean come on, who doesn’t enjoy a little day drinking and cheat food from time to time, right? I first had the idea for a Dock House Digital-hosted friends brunch back in the early Summer. We collaborated with the incredibly talented ladies at Pure Luxe Bride to bring our vision to life and I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you guys!

Before even talking design, I knew from the start that we had to have this event take place at Cannon Green. The restaurant is incomparable to other downtown hot spots. The atmosphere is very modern and hip with a major Miami influence with its aesthetic. When building out the restaurant, the owners honored this 19th century beauty by creating an airy, garden-inspired dining experience. The brunch design began by selecting our dining space overlooking the courtyard. Being in the wedding industry, our brains are trained to always think of a rain contingency plan, so the covered balcony was the perfect spot. We wanted the floral design to play a major role in the overall impact of the design and Coastal Creations seriously went all out. The vibrant colors combined with the gold seating and palm leaves made for the perfect balance of style + elegance. Putting this together on my own during DHD’s busiest time of year would have been a nightmare, so it was more than a blessing to enlist Pure Luxe Bride to execute every little detail so perfectly. They are amazing.

Our guest list comprised of ten of our favorite people who also happen to be in the wedding industry. From photographers, florists, videographers, DJ’s and wedding planners, we had it covered with this crew! While some videographers love shooting B-roll, interviewing guests, speeches, so on and so forth, one of my favorite things to shoot on a wedding day are the details. It was this reason alone that I knew I had to pull out all the stops when it came to our invitation suite. We enlisted The Silver Starfish to create our invites and RSVP’s as well as our brunch menus and canapé cards. The design included elements that reflected the essence of the restaurant and we even hired an artist to sketch the venue’s storefront…so chic! Because this event was on detail-overload, which of course had me excited, I knew the perfect duo to photograph it all for us! We were so fortunate to have the insanely talented Aaron and Jillian Photography present to capture our event.

As our guests arrived they were greeted with the most delicious mimosas–we definitely gave our server a work out from all of the refills! We began by having a short cocktail gathering in the venue’s courtyard where we got a chance to catch up with one another and nibble on some scrumptious canapés that were worthy of writing home about. Some of these bountiful bites included Classic Tomato Bruschetta, Fried Green Tomatoes with Pimento Cheese, Lobster & Black Truffle Salad, Yellowfin Tuna Tartare with Avocado & Sesame and Chicken and Ginger Dumplings with Salsa Verde. YUM.

For our main entrées we had family-style courses of eggs benedict over asparagus and chicken and waffles. Our yummy sides were Cannon Green’s house-made sesame tater tots and crispy bacon. Is your mouth watering yet? The food was amazing and I think every one of us said how we are excited to come back to try out their dinner menu in the very near future. Cannon Green is a great option for your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. I highly recommend!

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Best Brunch Cocktails
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Photography: Aaron And Jillian Photography | Coordination: Pure Luxe Bride | Event Design: Pure Luxe Bride | Floral Design: Coastal Creations | Brunch & Donut Tower:: Cannon Green | Invitation Suite: The Silver Starfish | Rentals: Eventworks | Restaurant: Cannon Green | Wood Laser Cut Gold Place Cards:: LH Calligraphy

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Create The Perfect Girl’s Oasis with Three Simple Tricks

I could wax poetic about Kendall Simmons all live long day if you let me and it has a lot to do with her gorgeous interiors, print mixing abilities and enviable kids spaces. But you know what else I love about Kendall? She gives killer advice. Case in point, this wallpapered gem that comes bearing 3 simple tricks to crafting the ultimate girl’s oasis.

This sweet blue and white girl’s room belongs to Lila. She’s 8 years old, and was in need of an upgrade from her previous little girl space. Lila’s mom reached out to me to help create a retreat fit for a big girl, with the goal of longevity in mind. We set out to design a room that feels perfectly comfortable for an 8 year old, but can easily transition for an 18 year old with only a few tweaks.

The following are three easy methods to create the perfect space for any little girl, no matter the age.

1. Make one big statement

Choose an item to splurge on. You only need one, but make it a good one! For Lila’s room, we decided to go all out with a wall of Rebecca Atwood wallpaper behind the bed. The watercolor floral pattern is whimsical enough for a child, but at the same time it’s sophisticated enough for a young adult. Actually, now that I’m typing that sentence, I think it’s perfect even for a not so young adult!

2. Mix and match your textiles

Add layers and interesting combinations of fabrics. So often, children’s rooms fall into the trap of everything being perfectly matched. Avoid that urge! Don’t buy the bed-in-a-bag kit! The mixture of fun, unexpected bedding and fabrics add visual interest and help a room feel like it’s been collected over time. For example, in this room I mixed completely different fabrics for sheets, coverlet, quilt, shams, and accent pillows. I also added textured drapery with fun tassels, and a big mixture of unmatched pillows on Lila’s window seat.

3. Create contemplative space

In 2017, everyone is inundated with screens and technology. For children, be sure to carve out a little bit of space just for reading, drawing, thinking and relaxing. For Lila, the beautiful window seat with new cushions and pillows is her contemplative space.

Photography: Catherine Truman | Interior Design: Kendall Simmons | Bedside Tables: Wisteria | Bedside Lamps: Wisteria | Bench: Ballard Designs | Drapery Panels: Anthropologie | Quilt: Anthropologie | Floral Quilt: Pottery Barn Teen | Throw Pillow: Urban Outfitters | Throw Pillow: Urban Outfitters | Throw Pillow: Urban Outfitters | Throw Pillow: Urban Outfitters | Throw: Urban Outfitters | Accent Lamp: Urban Outfitters | Artwork: Urban Outfitters | Artwork: Urban Outfitters | Wallpaper: Rebecca Atwood | Rug: Dash and Albert