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A Blogger’s Rental Home full of steal-worthy DIY’s

Taking a peek at the home of Rita Crane is like looking at a collection of perfectly styled moments. There is color upon color and an impeccable mix of pattern, classic black and white details and a healthy dose of DIY for good measure. Things like painted marble, a stenciled wallpaper hallway and DIY built-ins. All in all, they make up one killer yet totally obtainable house. Our favorite kind!

Rita Crane is a dedicated style enthusiast who began blogging in order to share her unique perspectives on life, style and design. From musings about home decor to fresh takes on fashion, Crane Concept is the medium through which Rita connects with readers seeking to make all aspects of life beautiful. She is always ready to take on any DIY!

get the how-to for making those chic built-ins!

This pinch pleat curtain DIY is everything!

While sewing her very first apron at the age of seven, the joy of turning something useless into a functional work of art captured her heart. Her keen eye for aesthetics and appreciation for an international artistic palate later equipped her to become a manager at Nell Hills.

Learn how to build this chic banquette

Click here for Rita’s faux marble DIY!

Rita settled back into her home state of CA with her husband, Damien, and their two furry kitties. Her favorite pastime is sharing her concept of life and any way to make life beautiful.

Get Rita’s wallpaper look for less with this stenciled DIY tutorial!

Photography: Rita Crane | Design And Styling: Rita Crane Of Crane Concept

Spotted: The Dreamiest Patterned Tile Rooms We’ve Ever Seen

You guys, I have been wanting to tile everything in my home lately. Patterned tile to be exact. I’m blaming it on Instagram and all the crazy good tile inspiration I’ve been seeing as of late, including #ihavethisthingwithtiles. Anyone else with me? From bathroom floors to kitchen backsplashes to fireplaces, I (happily) rounded up some of my favorites below. Let the tiling adventures begin!

Patterned Tile Inspiration
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Patterned Tile Inspiration
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Peek inside our favorite homes!

Lance Bass’ Los Angeles Home Tour

Today’s home tour style embodies one of the most important aspects of designing your home—it tells a story. Lance and Michael have sprinkled their home with gems of meaning, from the colorful art pieces to wedding gifts that serve as decor, and we can’t get enough of their eclectic vibe! See the full tour here in The Vault.


We moved into this house a little over two years ago after a long time searching for the perfect home for us – we actually were considering the one across the street first! But this one won us over with its open layout and great views. We actually have plans to add a 2nd floor and library to the house sometime soon, when we’re not traveling back and forth from New York.

Michael: We love mixing classic design with modern design throughout, and love neutral colors, but the artist in me always wants to mix in punches of bright colors and exotic textures/metals. These lamps were a steal from HomeGoods, and we love the drama they add as soon as guests walk in the front door.

Lance: Our dog Dingo loves this rug – he was my first rescue dog here in LA, he’s almost 13 years old at this point. We always have tons of dogs running around because we foster them, and in the end can’t bear to give them up!


This room has tons of interesting pieces – starting with this amazing glass-top coffee table that was the first piece we bought for our home together. The bottom is a real 500 lb. boat propeller from an old ship that docked in New York – we both love the ocean so it was the perfect piece.

Michael: We love coffee table books and eclectic “tchotchkes.” As a pop artist, I really utilize art to make a room come to life (my pieces are very colorful and pop-culture influenced, so we always have tons of color.) I think properly arranging/designing what goes on a coffee table or bookshelf is so crucial in fully designing a room, so that was a focus for us here.

Lance: This gold impala head is one of our favorites. We fell in love with this animal when we visited South Africa a few years ago for a safari – they were everywhere! This piece really called to us because right when we got back from the trip, we were at HomeGoods and saw this staring at us and thought, this HAS to go in our house! It was a sign. HomeGoods is great at helping you find the accessories and accent pieces that help make a room personal. This crystal vase was also a wedding gift of ours from Kris Jenner, and it’s just too beautiful to not display. The black accent piece on our bar console is actually an award that I got from The Beastly Ball at the LA Zoo. I typically like to keep awards in my office, but this one looks more like a piece of art!


The open layout of the kitchen and living room make this space perfect for entertaining. We love hosting game nights here – our friends can be playing in the living room and we can still be involved in the action, even if we’re in the kitchen.

Lance: Cooking is one of my all-time passions. When we renovated this house before moving in, we purposely designed the kitchen to look like the set of a cooking show – it’s always been a dream of mine! We love testing new recipes and collecting different types of oil and vinegars – stored on these awesome floating shelves. My favorite gifting tip – instead of bringing a bottle of wine to the hostess when you’re heading to a friend’s for dinner, bring a nice bottle balsamic vinegar instead. They always love it and it lasts so much longer than a bottle of wine! This large bottle on the far left is from HomeGoods – they have an amazing gourmet food section.

Michael: We also were able to build in a little bar section into the corner of this room, since our guests love to hang out at the counter stools. These trays and ottomans can be moved around for temporary seating during game night, and these large champagne bottles were a gift from our wedding last year, which we love being able to display as a reminder of that day.


Lance: Adding small touches to even typically undecorated rooms like the bathroom was fun for us – Michael found these amazing decals that we hung on the otherwise boring walls in our guest bath, and I put an old MTV Moon Man award to good use!

Michael: Since we love having friends and family over, we try to always keep this guest bathroom looking presentable with faux florals and sleek accessories (these ones are from HomeGoods – so affordable but still look super luxe!)

Photography: Harry Van Gorkum For HomeGoods