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Emily A Clark’s Home Tour

Remember when I told you that Emily A. Clark was one of the most talented bloggers I know? I’m about to prove to you exactly what I mean. With the help of Caroline Lima, sweet Emily has recently let us into her incredible home and the results? Well, you’re just going to have to see for yourself. Oh, and if you know us at all by now you know that there’s oh so much more where this came from in the gallery! 

From Emily… Soon after moving in, we converted a dining room we knew we’d rarely use into my home office. I wanted it to have a library feel, so we had a wall of custom bookcases built. Instead of a desk, I went with a large farmhouse table that works great as a workspace but can double as a dining table if we ever need to pull out some extra chairs when we have company.

I knew I wanted our living room to have a lighter, brighter feel than our last house, so I went with neutrals and whites, adding color through accessories and artwork. The jute rug is a great option with kids and gives the room a lot of texture. I created a gallery wall around the TV from artwork I’ve found on Etsy, Ebay and at flea markets.

Since we have a pretty open floor plan, I separated our entryway from the rest of the house by painting bold stripes. We also maximized the space by putting our piano here. I had a lot of wall space to work with, so I framed pages from a botanical book for inexpensive artwork.

This is the first time we’ve had a white master bedroom, and I love the way it feels. I added color in fabrics and with a large painted piece of furniture. My favorite part of the room is the big gallery wall of our family pictures. It makes me happy to wake up and see that every morning.

The powder room was very traditional when we bought the house, covered in damask wallpaper. It was a labor of love, but I stripped the paper and painted it a dark color for a dramatic effect and added a bar cart for unexpected storage.

Photography: Caroline Lima Photography | Blogger: Emily A Clark

Wall color: Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams | Wood sunburst mirror: Ballard Designs | White slipcovered chairs: Pottery Barn | Pharmacy lamp: HomeGoods | Striped pillows: IKEA | Jute Rug: Pottery Barn  | Sofa: Craigslist | Coffee Table: Thrift Store | China Cabinet: Thrift Store | Wood Antlers: HomeGoods | Brass antlers on coffee table: Marshall’s | Wall lamps: Home Decorator’s Collection | Artwork: Etsy, Ebay, DIY, etc. | Console table: Thrift Store | Glass Lamp: Thrift Store | Ceramic garden stool: Big Lots (DIY Sharpie project) | Black & white sofa pillows: House of Pemberley on Etsy Leopard pillows: custom

Wall color: Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams | Mirror: flea market | Asian silk artwork: Thrift Store | Small abstract art: Hillary Butler Fine Art | Bar Cart: Target (found at Goodwill)

Wall color: Shoji White by Sherwin Williams | Bed: Zocalo Furniture (Madison bed) | Nightstands: IKEA (with gold DIY trim) | Desk: Thrift Store (DIY makeover) | Bedding: duvet, IKEA; Euro shams, Crane & Canopy; Chiang Mai Dragon floral pillows, Ebay; Leopard pillows, custom | Bench: Walmart.com (DIY recovered) | Bedside Lamps: Marshall’s | Desk lamp: Goodwill | Wicker desk chair: Thrift Store | Blue and white pillow: C. Wonder | Stone bust: Joss & Main | Gallery wall frames: IKEA (painted some gold) | Sisal rug: custom | Cowhide rug: Lulu & Georgia

Wall color: Shoji White and Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams | Door color: Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams | Piano: Craigslist | Lamps: Marshall’s | Birds: Estate sale | Skirted ottomans: Walmart leather cubes that I recovered (DIY) | Brass trunk: Thrift Store | Sunburst Mirror: Thrift Store | Botanical art: pages from the book Wildflowers of America | Frames: Michael’s (I sprayed them gold and ordered custom mats from Ebay.) | Chandelier: Thrift Store

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Caroline Lima Photography

Behind the Blog: Emily A Clark

Her incredible design sense reels us in, and her intoxicating personality keeps us coming back for more. Not only does Emily A. Clark run one of the most popular design blogs around, she also makes you feel as if she’s your very best friend. And we love her all the more for it! We recently caught up with this incredibly talented woman, and thanks to Caroline Lima we have the stunning photos to prove it!

SMP: Tell us a little about Emily A. Clark!
Emily: I like to describe my blog as unintimidating, attainable inspiration for even the busiest girl (or guy). I want readers to feel like they can make their home a more beautiful place even if they don’t have the strongest DIY skills or biggest budget. Sometimes, the smallest changes can make the biggest impact!

SMP: What’s one change you made that really made your blog thrive?
Emily: From early on, I decided to be really real with my readers. I try to write like I’m talking to a good friend. You always hear how important authenticity is, and I think it’s 100% true. I hope that if a reader meets me in real life that they feel like they’re talking to the same exact person they read every day.

SMP: What piece of advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
Emily: Think about what what you feel you uniquely have to offer readers and go from there. It’s great to study how other bloggers do things, but you have to find your own voice, your own style and be confident in it. I think it’s a combination of timing and luck that makes a blog “take off” or not. So, blog because you love it and blog as often as possible at first. And, write like you would talk. (The word “adorbs” has never come out of my mouth, so it won’t be on my blog. Ha!)

SMP: If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would
your message be?
Emily: Be real! And, relax. Nothing is as it seems in the crazy, seemingly perfect, online world of blogs, Facebook and Pinterest that bombards us—especially women—on a daily basis. I would hate for any reader to leave my blog feeling less-than or overwhelmed by what they see.

SMP: If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?
Emily: I would’ve bought my domain name early on and started with WordPress so that I didn’t have such a big learning curve while I was incredibly busy with blogging.

SMP: Your most favorite item in your home?
Emily: I love the farmhouse table I use as my desk. I found it on Craigslist (right down the road from me!) and just love the character it gives to the space. I think it’s one of those pieces that I’ll keep forever and use in lots of different ways.

SMP: Three things every style savvy homeowner should have?
1. Great lighting. I think it can make or break a room.
2. Art that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the right artwork can liven up a space.
3. An open mind. Don’t shop for a certain item to go in a certain spot. It can all look too arranged. Look for pieces that naturally catch your eye and buy what you really love instead of what you think you need.

SMP: What’s your best tip for balancing work and personal life?
Emily: Don’t sleep! Just kidding—although I do live by that plan for the most part. I’m trying to get better at it myself, but I think it’s important to completely step away from the computer once the kids get home from school, until they go to bed. It’s a tough one when the phone and computer are always so accessible. I’m working on it!

SMP: The best job you ever had?
Emily: This one, by far! I know it’s a unique opportunity to get to write about what I love from the comfort of my home, while still getting to be with my kids. I see it as a blessing and don’t take it for granted.

SMP: What advice would you give to your younger self?
Emily: Get over yourself! No one is looking at you or what you’re doing nearly as much as you think they are. Have fun, be silly, value time with friends over a boy and STOP getting spiral perms.

SMP: What’s your secret to success?
Emily: I’m not sure I have a secret. I work really hard and rarely sit still.

SMP: Why do you think Emily A. Clark has done so well?
Emily: I think part of it was due to the timing of it all. I started my blog just before Pinterest came on the scene and before design blogs really took off. I also like to think my blog has done well because I try to be real and considerate of my readers. If I won’t put a $200/yard fabric in my house, then it’s not something I’m going to share on my blog. I just want it to feel like you’re talking about your big (and small) decorating ideas with a friend over coffee.

Photography: Caroline Lima Photography | Blogger: Emily A. Clark

Caroline Lima Photography is a member of our Little Black Book. Find out how members are chosen by visiting our FAQ page.
Caroline Lima Photography

DIY Pretty & Polished Thumb Tacks

The kids may be heading back to school, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get in on the organizational fun! I live for school supplies, organized work spaces, and tiny items that bring in pops of color. Hello, pretty & “polished” thumb tacks! These babies brighten up any inspiration board and take mere seconds to make! Xo The Proper Pinwheel

MaterialsSilver or gold thumb tacks
Assorted nail polish

instructionsIt’s almost to easy to make these. Simply hold the thumb tack between your thumb and index finger, and paint away. I painted a base layer on each thumb tack and then embellished with gold and glitter polishes. Wait a few minutes for the polish to dry, and then use the tacks to hang all kinds of things!

Photography: Lexy Ward | The Proper Pinwheel | Styling: Lexy Ward | The Proper Pinwheel

Lexy Ward | The Proper Pinwheel

DIY, Lifestyle