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DIY Felted Ball Mobile

Most everyone here at SMP headquarters is either on mat leave, has just returned from said leave, or has recently announced that they’re expecting. There are maybe two of us who joke that there’s something in the SMP water, and we’re crossing our fingers it’s not contagious (hashtag NotReady). But then we create a DIY the likes of this one, and I start to second guess myself. Because, you guys? It’s so cute!!

MaterialsWool roving in various colors
Embroidery thread in various colors
Clear fishing line
Dish soap
10” embroidery hoop
Sewing needle
Hot glue gun & glue sticks


step-1Fill a mixing bowl with hot water and mix in a bit of dish soap.

step-2Take a small tuft of wool roving and dip in the water and roll lightly between your palms for several minutes until a ball forms. Keep adding wool to the ball until the ball is an inch or so in diameter. Squeeze the ball of any excess water and place on a towel to dry.

step-3Repeat step 2 until you have about 40-45 felted balls. If the water cools as you go, refresh it with more hot water. Don’t stress about the size of the balls, it’s good to have a variety of sizes. Make sure you have several balls in each color of wool.

step-4While the balls are drying (1-2 hours), prepare the wooden hoop. Use the inner hoop of the embroidery hoop (without the metal bracket). Glue one end of a strand of embroidery thread to the inside of the hoop, and wrap the thread tightly around the hoop. Keep wrapping until several inches of the hoop are covered. To change colors as you wrap, just knot in a new color thread, trim the excess thread, and keep wrapping. When you reach the other end, glue the thread to the inside of the hoop. Repeat in 4 more sections around the hoop.

step-5Cut a 12” length of fishing line and knot one end. Thread the other end through the needle and string on a felted ball. Tie another knot several inches above the ball and thread on another ball. Repeat until there are 3 or 4 balls on the strand.

step-6Repeat step 5 until you have 13 strands of felted balls and set aside.

step-7Tie a strand of fishing line down the center of the hoop. Tie a second strand perpendicular to the first, to form a cross of fishing line in the center of the hoop. Put a dot of glue on each end of fishing line to keep the lines from shifting.

step-8Tie (4) 24” strands of fishing line to the embroidery hoop, spaced evenly apart. Hot glue in place. Gather the strands and tie to a hook in the ceiling above your crib, making sure the hoop hangs evenly.

step-9Tie on the strands of felted balls, starting with one strand in the center of the fishing line cross. Then tie one strand on each leg of the fishing line cross. Tie the remaining strands around the embroidery hoop, evenly spaced. Dot each strand with hot glue so the line doesn’t shift. Cut any excess fishing line, and enjoy your new mobile!

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: SMP Living

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Ruth Eileen Photography

Bedroom Design by the Novogratz + A GIVEAWAY

Hello, my name is Jacquelyn and I am a Novogratz junky! But can you blame me? What with their booming design business, line of awesome products and plethora of talented kiddos? These fine folks are kicking butt and taking names! They’re not afraid to think outside the box, and we’ve got a collection of awesome bedrooms to prove it (plus a giveaway below)!

10 Novogratz Bedrooms
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And in celebration of their new “bed in a bag” line of products, we’ve lined up quite the giveaway. Let’s take a quick moment to pore over the awesome bedding, shall we?

Amazing, yes? Well we’re giving away FOUR of them to four lucky SMPers! Simply enter below…

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Eclectic Farmhouse

Welcome to the world of the eclectic farmhouse! Where no corner is left undecorated, not tschotke left unthought of. Old and new, modern and quirky, an artists paradise, if you will. Each item has been carefully curated throughout the years, and the home is a seamless blend of fabulous, effectively creating the perfect family home. With photos from Aliza Rae, there’s more treasure to be seen right here. 

From Kristen: We live in a 1926 cream brick farmhouse, it was the second home to be built in our area. My husband and I love that it’s a perfect combination of old & new. I have been an artist in the fashion industry for 14 years. I believe fashion & decor inspire each other. I now, am happy to be a part of both! You could say I’ve always had it in me. Growing up I was always the one to rearrange the furniture in our house. I would put two feet on a wall and push!

This is our first home together, and it woke me up to my inner decorator (who came exploding out, never to be tamed again). The proof – I’m now taking interior decor classes & am obsessed. We wanted our home to be a calm refuge from our busy lives, so when we moved in, I began creating artwork for our home. I create calm, dreamy abstract paintings, & boho feather wall hangings. In our home, and in life, I tend to be drawn to cooler colors – I especially love any color found in the ocean & in nature. My style is eclectic mostly. I love mixing antique & modern, and believe that is the way to keep a home feeling current, yet livable. I love love using metallics in decor. It’s like adding jewelry to a room. I also believe it’s okay to mix different metals. I think it’s essential to layer in a room & add in lots of different texture – it’s interesting & keeps the eye moving.

I fill our home with treasures from our travels, and of course, things we love. The vase on our stairway is filled with shells I’ve collected all my life. The flower imprint I made in our family room is from our garden. I keep the bottle of wine we enjoyed when we got engaged on our bookshelves. I also love flea market finds!

From the photographer…Kristen has been a friend of mine for some time, and I have adored her home for years. She is super talented! I just had to share her style and art with the SMP crowd. She finds a way to keep her stylish home livable and I truly admire her. I just have to mention that Kristen’s wall hangings are for sale on Chairish, Etsy and One Kings Lane (for the holidays).

Photography: Aliza Rae Photography

FAMILY ROOM: Black painted windows: Benjamin Moore Black Satin | Walls: Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore | Beni Ourain shag rug: West Elm | Club chair: One Kings Lane | Grey accent chair: Antique | Pouf: Moroccan Prestige | Henry sofa: West Elm | Bench: West Elm | Coffee table: antique circa1800s from China

LIVING ROOM: Walls: Pure White Sherwin Williams | Bookcase color: Polo Blue Benjamin Moore | Textile on the sofa: vintage Indonesian | Sofa pillows: Robert Allen Ikat & Calypso St. Barths | X-bench: One Kings Lane | Coffee table: West Elm | Bone in-lay bench: vintage Indian | Lamps: Crate and Barrel | Poufs: Moroccan Prestige | Gemma accent bead table | Stool: Serena & Lily | Throw on ladder: Serena & Lily | Ladder: antique | Cane chair: antique | Rug: Calypso St. Barths | Stump table: made by me | Palm print: The Aestate | Windows – West Elm

FOUR SEASONS ROOM: Walls: Sherwin Williams Pure White | Trim: Black Satin Benjamin Moore (draws your eye outside) | Hand painted floor: me
| Antique settee | Throw pillows: Furbish | Butterfly chair: urban outfitters | Antique sewing machine: my grandma’s | African Juju hat: made by me | Antique bird cage: my mom’s

BEDROOM: Accent wall: moroccan stencil | Moroccan wedding blanket: vintage | Duvet: West Elm | Pillows: Furbish, Mint Interior Decor, Etsy (Shibori pillows) | Bed: West Elm | Bench: antique | Dresser: antique | End tables: West Elm | Tchotckes on shelves: One Kings Lane | Wall Antlers on side wall: Ballard Designs | Antlers above bed: a deer my dad hunted | Brass lion: antique | Lamps: Crate & Barrel

DINING ROOM: Walls: Mink Benjamin Moore | Bamboo Table: Crate & Barrel | White Lacquer Sideboard: Crate & Barrel | Mirror: Anthropologie | Sconces: Jonathan Adler | Chandelier: West Elm | Tchotckes: One Kings Lane, Z Gallerie, Anthropologie | Runner: Anthropologie | Emerald rug: Genevieve Gorder One Kings Lane