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Candy Land Birthday by The Birthday Party Project

Birthday parties are seriously the best. The candy, the games, the cake … did I mention candy? But this Candy Land Themed afternoon is more than just your usual celebration. The Birthday Party Project is a non-profit that gives the gift of birthdays to homeless children in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Together with Todd Fiscus of TODD Events, they planned this magical afternoon captured by Thisbe Grace. Find even more of the happy, happy details right here.

More on The Birthday Party ProjectOur mission is to bring joy to homeless children through the magic of birthdays. We will host over 120 birthday parties in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area in 2014. The monthly themed parties are complete with activities and crafts, decorations, games, cupcakes, party favors, and awesome volunteers. A special cake and birthday gift is given to the children celebrating a birthday that month.

While we like to say it’s easy to see our impact on the smiling faces of the children we celebrate, we are also thrilled to say we have:
celebrated over 500 birthdays with 4,000 kids
with 2,300 birthday enthusiasts
eaten 4,000 cupcakes
sang “Happy Birthday” over 500 times
painted hundreds of faces (kids and volunteers)
seen countless smiles

If you would like to be a part of the Birthday Party Project, please check out the website to volunteer or donate.

Photographer: Thisbe Grace Photography | Event Design: Todd Events | Planning: The Birthday Party Project

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Social Hour

It’s always fun to re-visit our most loved posts and this collection of images is just that; an adoring stamp of approval from you, our most beloved readers. We’ve combed our Pinterest and Instagram accounts for the images that made you gush, had you tapping twice and re-pinning your hearts out. Have a look at this week’s social hour stars…

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How to Decorate an Ugly Sofa

We all have one. Whether it was a $99 craigslist find, a parental hand me down or an adopted gem from a roommate past – the ugly sofa is one item that I’m betting nearly every home in America has. So today, we’re working with what we’ve got and showing you just how easy it is to decorate around that sofa that simply needs a little love. And you can find more How-To’s right here!

1. If given the option, always start with a neutral color. Mainly because neutrals are far easier to jazz up. That said, these tips will work with ANY sofa of any color.

2. Fold a simple, lightweight throw blanket (scarves and heavy weight sheets also work) down the center. Think in opposites here – for a patterend fabric sofa, a solid throw works the best. For a solid color sofa, you can play around with prints on your throw blanket.

3. Find the one color that you love in the sofa and elevate it. On our sofa, a neutral beige became a starting point for gold. Muted pinks peaches could become richer hues in the same spectrum, grays can become metallics.

4. Layer on the throw pillows using your elevated color as the starting place. Keep your pillows like minded but mismatched. Generally speaking, five pillows fit beautifully across a small to mid sized sofa. I like to keep all of my pillows roughly the same size.

5. Add accessories to your room, keeping your efforts on 1-2 major focal points. A large scale coffee table filled with fun, colorful odds and ends OR a dramatic large scale painting above the sofa both do wonders for drawing the eye away from the blah and towards the beautiful.