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Get Ready for Game Day with these Home-Gating Essentials

Whether you’re a diehard football fan or just love an excuse to throw a great party, the Football Bettys and Victoria Canada are serving up easy + yummy ideas to add to your game day festivities.  From treats, to sips and accessories too, check out how to add some oomph to your home-gating. Plus the cutest idea for a football centric hostess gift captured by Annie Randall can be found in the VAULT.

The Grub

We love to set up snack stations for our “home gating” parties. Pretzels or popcorn in cute little paper cups allow your guests to snack without leaving the couch! Some other ideas to try…

Salted Beer Football Pretzels
Spicy Caramel Bacon Popcorn
3 Bite Pulled Pork & Biscuits
3 Bite Tacos w/ Avocado Cream
Mini 3 Layer Cakes


The Cheering Essentials

This NFL book of referee calls is a fun little addition to the football festivities. And a few more decorative ideas to include in your game watching…

DIY Newspaper Party Poms
Tassel Drink Stirrers
Rating Cards


Thirst Quenchers

Wash down all those delicious snacks with your favorite signature cocktail like the Shakedown Shandy. Grab the simple recipe below plus a few other options to sip…

Champagne Beer Jello Shots
Apricot Whiskey Smash
Boozy Lemonade
Classic Moscow Mule

Sack'Um Shandy
prep time
4 Minute/s
cook time
total time
4 Minute/s
Serves 2Ingredients
  • 4oz of Ginga Syrup
  • 1oz of Lemon Juice
  • 1 bottle of Ale Smith IPA (or your favorite IPA)
  1. Fill two pint glasses with ice
  2. Divide Ginga Syrup and Lemon Juice between glasses
  3. Top it off with the Ale Smith IPA
  4. Clink glasses and cheer!
50 Recipes for Game Day
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50 Recipes for Game Day
View Slideshow

Photography: Annie Randall Photography | Event Design: Football Bettys | Event Planning: Victoria Canada Weddings and Events | Make-Up: Linda Wagner | Hair: Salon Red Scottsdale | Artisan Cocktail Mixs: Iconic Cocktail Co. | Beer: Alesmith IPA | Football Shaped Bread: Eat The Ball | Graphic T-shirts: Live Love Gameday | Hostess Gift: Presently Plum | Location: The Royal Palms | Model Talent: Kyle Kriesel | Paper Products: Page And Mason | Resort and Spa: The Royal Palms | Soda Water: Fever-Tree Soda Water | Sparkling Wine: One Hope Wine | Tequila : Casa Migos Tequila

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The Field Guide for the Cleanest House on the Block + Must Have Tools

If you find yourself stressing over the less than clean state of your home and have no idea where to start; we’ve got your field guide. It works for everything from slightly unkempt to needs a good deep scrub STAT. And who better to partner with on this 411 than our favorite makers of cleaning tool essentials, OXO? Check out this guide of action items that will take the guess work out of cleaning and leave you with the most sparkling home on the block, plus all the genius OXO tools you need to get there.

Every Day

Make Bed | Clean Dirty Dishes | Sweep Kitchen Floor | Wipe down counters | Clean Bathroom Sinks

A quick 20 minutes doing a few daily essentials will really keep your home tidy and in control. This is a great maintenance schedule. Things like making the bed, doing the dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor do wonders for keep your cleaning game on point.

Upright Sweep Set

Designed for effortless efficiency, so you only have to sweep once and done. The dustpan locks in the open position for controlled pickup and disposal, and has a rubber lip for optimal contact with the floor. The dustpan teeth comb out dirt from the Broom’s soft, feathered bristles.

Microfiber Floor Duster with Slide-Out Scuff Eraser

For an easy + quick floor sweep, the Microfiber Floor Duster is a must. The large microfiber pad is perfect for easy dusting, while the Scuff Eraser is ideal for getting rid of scuffs and marks.

Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

Make those daily dishes a breeze with comfortable scrubbing and soap dispensing all in one. With a light push of the soft, non-slip button, the silicone valve shoots soap onto your dishes, then quickly seals to prevent drips and waste. Includes a scraper on back to remove baked-on food. Durable nylon bristles are safe for non-stick cookware and bakeware.



Every Week

Change bed linens| Wipe down kitchen appliances | Clear out expired food from refrigerator and pantry | Scrub bathroom surfaces | Clean mirrors | Dust furniture and shelving | Vacuum carpets, rugs and upholstery | Mop floors | Do laundry

Once a week,  your home requires a little more heavy lifting. Think scrubbing and cleaning those heavy trafficked areas like your kitchen and bathroom and giving the vacuum a good whirl around the old abode.

Microfiber Spray Mop with Slide Out Scrubber

Clean all the messes, from tough spots to humongo spills with this mopping all-star. If you come across a tough spot, simply step on the pedal to release the scrubber for easy spot-cleaning. Then glide the scrubber right back in and continue cleaning with the pivoting microfiber head. And the cherry on top? It’s safe on hardwood floors.

Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber

Cleaning your bath doesn’t have to be a full body workout. Get that tub sparkling without a kneel, crouch or climb. The Extendable Tub & Tile Brush extends from 26” to 42” with a quick twist. The bristled head pivots for cleaning at different angles, making it perfect for for tubs, tiles, glass, floors and narrow spaces around the toilet.

FurLifter Furniture Brush

Say bye bye to furry remnants from pets, as well as hair and other fuzzy bits on your cozy furniture with this must-have tool. Its microbristles effectively trap fur, dust and lint, and the self-cleaning base means that there’s no waste or need to buy refills.


Every Month

Dust blinds | Dust and clean light fixtures | Clean inside microwave and oven |Clean washer, dishwasher and coffee machine | Wipe down switchplates and door knobs | Wipe and vacuum baseboards | Disinfect trash can

You know those hard to reach places that you rarely think about? Like that pretty light fixture or inside the dishwasher? Now is the time to roll up those sleeves and get to work dusting and cleaning those often forgotten areas.

Microfiber Extendible Duster

Never let vertically challenged interrupt your cleaning plans again. With the extendible wand, you’ll own even hard to reach spots. The Microfiber Extendable Duster extends to 54″ with a quick twist. The Duster head rotates 270° and locks at multiple angles. Lock in a vertical position to clean ceiling vents and light fixtures or at a 90° angle to dust the tops of bookshelves and cabinets.

Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set

Overworked coffee machines and impossibly small appliance crannies have nothing on this cleaning wonder team. This versatile set includes two brushes with four heads: A loop brush, an angled brush, a chisel scraper, and a flat scraper. The set snaps together on a handy clip, and the two pieces feature long handles to keep hands away from blades and crevies.

Electronics Cleaning Brush

Don’t let always dusty electronics get you down. This dust annihilator is here to save the day. The slim silicone wiper fits into little nooks around keyboard keys and screen edges, and the brush is soft enough for camera lenses and other sensitive areas.


Every Season

Clean inside of fridge  | Clean out freezer | Wash pillows and comforters | Wash windows | Clean under and behind furniture | Air out rooms | Clean drapes | Clean fireplace | Sort through closets and drawers

At the beginning of a new season, it’s time to breathe a little air into your home and kickstart that organizing bug. Sort through closets and pantries, organize drawers and give your drapes, pillows and comforters a good washing.

Deep Clean Brush Set

The ultimate duo, these brushes are perfect for kicking out all that stubborn grime. Includes a large brush for scrubbing shower door tracks, stovetops and more, and a small brush for fixtures, thin grout lines and other tight spaces. Small brush has a built-in wiper blade to remove dirt from drains and crevices.

Angled Measuring Bucket

Eliminate the guesswork of water to detergent ratios and leave the math to this smarty pants bucket. The patented top-view angled surface lets you see just how much is being added while looking straight down. Built-in measurements on the bottom provide added convenience when measuring smaller amounts of detergent.

Stainless Steel Squeegee

Clean windows like a pro with this tool that also plays nicely with tiled surfaces, shower doors and mirrors. The Squeegee has a flexible blade that can be used on rippled surfaces, while the soft handle nestles in the palm of your hand without slipping. The suction cup conveniently stores the Squeegee on the wall.


And there you have it. With the help of OXO’s awesome lineup of cleaning tools and this guide to cleaning quickly and thoroughly, you’ll be sitting pretty in a spotless home in no time.  It’s a simple, manageable approach which is music to busy ears. With OXO, your spotless home is only a spray mop, wiper blade squeegee and extendable duster away. Check out their lineup of essential tools and kickstart your roadmap to clean.

Five Entertaining Rules You Should Throw Out the Window

When you get a whole grip of event planners in one setting, you better believe that party is going to be a masterpiece. And masterpiece The Planners Affair is. Started as way to get together fellow wedding creatives,  Adriana Marie Events + Pop The Cork Designs, threw a gorgeous outdoor party for all their industry friends captured by Bonnie Sen and Adora Wedding Films. Plus, they’re breaking down the 5 rules you can totally ditch when it comes to throwing a beautiful get together.

Planned by Adriana Marie Events and Pop the Cork Designs, the heart of The Planners Affair stemmed from the simple fact that as wedding planners we constantly serve others and make visions come to life, and we wanted to create an occasion where the wedding planners were treated and a community to be grown. Life is better surrounded by those who support and uplift, and we wanted to start something memorable and meaningful for the hard working woman who constantly make dreams a reality. We styled the space with a long table that sat over 40 planners and a quaint cocktail space to create genuine conversation and a friendly atmosphere that was warm and inviting. Rouge Catering provided a spectacular three course meal while Austin Ellis serenaded the group of DMV planners under the bistro lights and stars at Historic London Town and Gardens.

“You must have a seat for every person”

Dinner parties can be so much more than structure, no matter what the occasion! The biggest wedding trend I have seen pop up more and more is a good cocktail reception. It is a bit unexpected, and creates for a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Out with the structure, in with the fun!

“You must assign a seat at each table so there is no confusion amongst your guests and wait staff.”

Assigning your guests to a specific table is a must in most occasions, but assigning a seat to a table can become restricting. We assign tables for organization, but want our guests to have conversation and fun am I right? Kick off the conversation by having your guests introduce each other as they select their seating!

“Never eat with your fingers.”

Finger foods can be super fun, especially when it comes to a social gathering. Consider a creative menu that will keep your guests talking during the event both to each other and about the food experience. For The Planners Affair, we used unique and interactive pieces to the appetizers including a goat cheese ball with a dropper filled with herb infused honey. It was a huge hit, and interactive for our guests!

“You must have a proper place setting with utensils for every course.”

I am all about making my guests feel relaxed and social, even when it comes to the place settings. Incorporate some different forms of dining by involving some ethnic foods or presentations that don’t necessarily require a proper place setting. Our first course we worked with Rouge to create a delicious and unique salad course in a fun martini glass presentation.

“Make all food ahead of time, and be prepared.”

Being prepared is good, yes. But, intentionally having some items NOT prepared as your guests arrive can make for an entertainment piece for the evening. Consider having the chef make a special table side dessert such as banana flambe as a “performance” when it is time for some sweets! Keep the event lively and something that your guests will remember.

Photography: Bonnie Sen | Videography: Adora Wedding Films | Event Planning: Pop The Cork Designs | Event Planning: Adriana Marie Events | Florist: Crimson and Clover Floral Design, Inc. | Cake: Fresh Bakes | Invitations: Allison Barnhill Designs | Reception Venue: Historic London Town And Gardens | Catering: Rouge Fine Catering | Calligraphy: Anchor Point Paper Co. | Music: Austin Ellis | Rentals: Party Plus Tent & Event Rentals