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10 Tips for Child Proofing Your Home Without Sacrificing Style

There’s nothing like big plastic door knobs and cabinet latches to put a total buzz kill on your interior design efforts. I speak from experience all. But instead of lamenting over all the ugly it takes to keep your kiddos safe,  take these 10 tips into consideration from the Queen of making child proof look chic. Amanda Barnes Interiors knows a thing or two and her latest nursery? Bananas. See even more captured by Alyssa Rosenheck Photography plus the full home tour here.

Whether you are painting the walls white, taupe or a dark hue, putting paint with an eggshell finish on the wall is the most durable option in areas where little hands can reach. With a damp sponge, you can usually wipe off the remnants of your little artist’s work.

Often times kids furniture can be pricey and unsightly. Instead of spending a lot purchasing a short-term kids dining or art table, consider investing in an end table that matches the rest of your home. Paired with a few kids chairs, this end table can be a magical touch to your kitchen or playroom without letting all the pricey primary colored kids furniture take over. Once they outgrow the table, you can reuse it another room.

So much joy for families is shared in the kitchen. An innovative way to encourage your mini chefs to hone their culinary skills is to have a removable stool top built into your bottom kitchen drawer. When it’s removed, the drawer functions as a standard storage space. When secured into place, it makes for a fabulous stool in the heart of your kitchen (100 lb weight limit).

When upholstering areas that are frequented by littles, a smart textile option is an outdoor fabric or a pleather that stretches nicely and feels just like leather. Anything that can be thrown in the wash or wiped down with a wet cloth is pretty indestructible!

Moving your baby from a crib to a bed can be daunting and expensive. Most kids furniture is pricey so consider purchasing a full or queen sized bed that they can use for many years to come. You can still use kids linens on bigger beds and mattress protectors come in all sizes.

Have a kiddo who loves to run but you want to avoid those hideous door knob covers? This amazing invention from Safety Innovations slides quickly and seems to disappear completely out of sight. As a designer, I loathe all the unattractive safety contraptions we bring into our home. However, as a parent, I insist on them. Without the added easy grip wand, even adults may miss the latch and find themselves struggling to escape!

Couches are a big investment. For clients with kiddos (and clients who allow eating outside the kitchen), I encourage them to consider buying a couch made with a blend of fabrics. A blend wears better over time and handles stains (or crayons in my home) the best. I also encourage them to take the couch fabric sample home first to spill a few things on, toss it in the wash and see how it fares before we commit to buying anything.

A great way to show off your kid’s inner Renoir without the cost of custom matting and framing is this clever Ikea Hack. Using the curtain rod and coordinating hook, you can easily showcase their hard work. Even better, you can change it out regularly with almost no work involved. DIGNITET Curtain wire – IKEA RIKTIG Curtain hook with clip – IKEA

Renovating and want the look of marble without the fear of etching and staining? A sure bet is always Caeserstone which is an engineered quartz stone. This stone is resistant to scratches, cracks and stains. It’s also non-porous, doesn’t require any sealing and comes in a variety of gorgeous finishes.


Hands down, the best invention for a parent (and homeowner) ever is the good ‘ol dustbuster! In the time it takes you to pull out your vacuum, the dustbuster can handle crumbs, dirt, food scraps, fur baby hair and just about anything else you put in its way. In my home, we swear by this one and keep it handy in the kitchen. It’s an investment but worth every penny. WARNING: The addiction is real. Remanufactured Dyson DC34 Yellow Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Sophisticated Nurseries
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Sophisticated Nurseries
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Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography | Design : Amanda Barnes Interiors | Nursery Rug: Anthropologie | Nursery Floor Tile : Tabarka Studio | Nursery Crib: Oeuf

This 1-Year Old’s Notorious B.I.G. Baby Baybee Bash is Off The Chains

When you share a birthday with Notorious BIG and the big ONE is coming up, your theme is basically picked for you. Am I right? This 1st Birthday has won the hearts of 90’s rap lovers everywhere. Planned by photographer Mom and Big Poppa, no detail was left out. From cheeky signage, to a crib bar and loads of gold crowns, it’s a notoriously BIG 1st birthday for Baby Baybee and you’re invited!

I’m a photographer and I spend a lot of time at parties and celebrations. I love them. I love shooting them, throwing them, attending them, all of it. So when my daughter McCarty was born, the little seed was planted and I began to think about her first birthday party. 

bounced around with a lot of ideas and one day I stumbled upon the fact that she shares a birthday with Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious BIG. Party theme… Done and done!

But how do you throw a kid appropriate Biggie party? I had no clue. I did have an image that we’d shot at her 7 month session that always reminded me of the Ready To Die album cover. It’s not a very flattering photo of her, but always made me so happy. So, we had an invitation!

I started reading about him and really digging through his lyrics. He talks a lot about brunch food, so we had a menu… T-bone steak, cheese eggs, Welch’s Grape. I did a lot of research on the Welch’s. Were we talking the jelly? The juice? The soda? (Lil Cease confirmed, it’s the soda!) I jotted his lyrics down everywhere I could think. Gold chains, “jacuzzis”, a crib-turned-bar and lots of champagne.

 My mother made a cake in the shape of the crown he wore for that iconic photo. (I actually found the crown on Amazon, I just wish I could make that baby keep it on her head!) I ordered custom shirts from Mr Jones Apparel, I photoshopped her face on to a $100 bill, changed the numbers to her birthday and added “mo’ money mo’ carty” (that line was a friends idea and maybe my favorite part of the party!)

It was one of the most fun parties I’ve ever thrown and I’m so happy to share it! It was an absolute labor of love and I’m so happy with how it came out!

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Enviable Kids' Parties
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Photography: hazelnut photography | Crib Sign: GirlBye | Private Home: Our Home | Shirts: Mr. Jones Apparel

25 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Total Dream Space

We come from the camp that believes your bedroom should be an oasis. We’re talking a place so cozy that all the day’s stresses completely melt away. A good mattress is obviously key but so too are design details that you love and that really make your bedroom feel lux. From gold side tables to upholstered benches and no sew curtains, check out 25 ways to make your sleeping space pure magic.

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Best Ever Bedroom DIY's
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