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Traditional Meets Cozy Home Tour in Long Island

Beyond being styled to perfection, a home should feel curated and collected; where cozy furniture intermingles with favorite pieces ripe with memories and family photographs are lovingly folded into the mix. Jennifer Markowitz was spot on with making this space feel warm, inviting and polished all rolled into one and through the lens of Cynthia Chung, it really springs to life. See the full tour right here!

Photographer: Cynthia Chung | Interior Designer: Jennifer Markowitz

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10 Soups to Add to Your Cold Weather Line-up

I am a soup girl through and through. From chowdah, as they say in Boston, to stew and simple classics, these one pot meals are in constant rotation at home. So to ring in the season of soup, we’ve rounded up some tasty, heart recipes to get you through the cold winter months with a full belly and a happy heart.

Soup, Stew and Chili Oh My
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DIY Foraged Garland

Winter is quickly approaching but the upside is holidays spent round the fire are too and what better way to bring the outdoors in then with foraged evergreen decor to spruce things up? This month we’re bringing you a rustic fireplace mantle display that is super easy to construct, requires minimal supplies, and can be done with just about any thing you can find in your backyard.

Evergreens are an easy-to-find and hardy option for indoor floral arrangements and can last quite a while without being submerged in water. The evergreens served as our base structure to build upon on the mantle. We then weaved the other elements throughout the evergreens to lock everything into place. Using pillar candles or other props can help to secure your arrangement. To keep this arrangement fresh, spritz with water on a daily basis. xoxo The Petal Girls

Photography: Hello Love Photography | Floral Arrangement: Petal Floral

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