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InkShuffle + A Giveaway!

With how often I change my mind when it comes to interior design + decor, I’m all about something that is super easy to put up and take down where I can continuously update and personalize my space. And that, my dears, is why I’m loving InkShuffle. Offering an extensive selection of murals for everything from the nursery to the living room, these fabulous design elements are quick and simple to use.

Unlike old-fashioned wallpaper, there is no messy paste to deal with, instead you just dip the InkShuffle paper into warm water, let it activate and you’re ready to go! During install, you can even move sheets around and re-position until you’ve got it perfect. And when you’re ready for a change? Simply grab a corner and peel away. Should you have a question about the product or the process, InkShuffle offers web chat customer support Monday-Friday from 9am until 5pm. Head over here to start browsing and dreaming up your next decor project! Oh, and there’s more…


What: One lucky reader will win a $400 voucher to be used toward any InkShuffle Easy Off Wallpaper product!

How: Comment on this post with your favorite mural and where in your home you’d love to put it up! A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Friday, April 3, 2015 in WIUP. Good luck!


A Golden 3rd Birthday

When your mom owns a luxury bridal store and knows all the best vendors in the biz, you best believe your third birthday is going to be stunning and awash in gold. From a golden party dress for the birthday girl to monogram invitations and gold details on that pretty cake too, this is a party that incorporates gorgeous girly details and beautiful film photography from Liz Banfield

When Amanda Kautt, owner of luxury bridal store l’atelier couture bridal in Minneapolis, conceived of a family party to celebrate her daughter’s 3rd birthday, she wanted it to feel youthful yet sophisticated, fitting of a little girl who loves tutus and bunnies. Also it being her “golden” birthday year, she incorporated bits of gold into the the design, including a gold foil treatment of Audrey’s monogram on the pale pink invitation.

Being a busy working mom, Amanda looked to her favorite wedding vendors to execute her vision. First up was a call to cake designer, Robin Martin from Gateaux Inc. who was given free reign to design a cake. Robin created a two-tier “tuxedo” cake of chocolate and vanilla layers separated by chocolate ganache with a fondant bunny, gold sugar pearls, and a sparkly gold “3″ on top. She also airbrush stenciled vanilla cutout bunny cookies in a variety of pink patterns for all the little children who would be in attendance. Patisserie 46 provided gown-up bites of mini bahn-mi sandwiches and savory cheese filled cream puffs for the adults.

To dress up the house top floral designer Munster Rose created a welcome wreath and garland of fresh greens (bay leaf and olive leaf) and a lush double-faced satin ribbon. Also fragrant arrangements of hydrangea, hyacinth, anemones, and ranunculus were sprinkled throughout the house. And to top it all off (literally!) a petite head wreath of individual hyacinth blooms made the birthday girl feel special.

Amanda also had a friend sew a fabric bunting swag in tones of ivory, pink, and pale green. The bits of fabric in different shapes added a festive texture to the wall, providing a focal point for the birthday cake positioned on her historic home’s built-in buffet. Amanda also painted a gold heart on linen stretched around a frame so that party guests could offer their wishes for Audrey on pink monogram paper that coordinated with the invitation which were then pinned to the linen.

Lastly, wanting pictures worthy of the event, Amanda called friend and photographer Liz Banfield to capture the event in lush film photography.

Photography: Liz Banfield | Catering: Patisserie 46 | "Three" Pillow: Oh Baby | Amanda's Dress: Chloe & Reese Custom From L'atelier Couture | Audrey's Dress: J Crew | Cake And Cookies: Gateaux, Inc. | Floral: Munster Rose | Invitation: Paperista

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Top 25 Favorite Easter DIY’s

With Easter right around the corner, we thought we’d share some of our absolute favorite, fabulously festive Easter DIY’s with you. From endless egg decorating inspiration, to delicious sweet treats you can’t stop eating, to stunning tablescapes that bring the natural beauty of spring to your dining table, this roundup is sure to inspire and make your Easter extra-beautiful.

Our Favorite Easter DIYs
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Our Favorite Easter DIYs
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DIY Homemade Peeps

If you have yet to try a homemade marshmallow, you have yet to have a real marshmallow. Infinitely softer and more pillowy than store-bought — and super simple to whip up, too — homemade marshmallows become impossibly cute when molded into everyone’s favorite Easter treat: Peeps! Try making them this Easter, using our handy guide below, and prepare to make store-bought Peeps a thing of the past. (Trust me: you won’t be missing them that much with a couple of these cuties on hand!)

MaterialsPeeps mold (1 or more, depending on how many you’d like to make)
Yellow sanding sugar
Black gel icing
Spray oil
3 envelopes unflavored gelatin
1 cup light corn syrup
1 ¼ cups granulated sugar
¼ cup powdered sugar
3 tsp vanilla extract
¼ tsp salt
wax paper


step-1Spray the peeps mold(s) with a light coat of spray oil. Pour the yellow sanding sugar into a small bowl (large enough for a peep) and set aside.

step-2Follow Sinclair & Moore’s recipe for vanilla marshmallows until ready to pour. This recipe makes a lot of marshmallows, so you may want to cut the recipe in half, or to use several peeps molds at once. Or you can do what we did, and make a tray of peeps and a tray of regular marshmallows with the remainder!

step-3Pour the marshmallow mix into the mold, going slowly and using a spatula to make sure the marshmallow sinks all the way to the bottom. We had some air bubbles in ours from the marshmallow not settling completely into the mold. Fill each mold ½-¾ of the way full.

step-4Let the marshmallows sit for 4 hours.

step-5Flip the marshmallows out of the mold onto a sheet of wax paper. Use a sharp kitchen knife to separate and trim each peep. You may need to rinse the knife in hot water every so often to remove sticky marshmallow.

step-6Roll each peep in the sanding sugar until each side is covered and set on a plate or tray.

step-7Make the eyes of each peep with dots of black gel icing. If you’re lucky and the marshmallow settled correctly, you should be able to see the dots from the mold for a guide on where the eyes should go!

Photography: Nicole Baas | Styling: SMP Living

DIY Strawberry Easter Eggs

These little cuties are the definition of sweet! Using not much more than egg dye, paper, a touch of glue and your own imagination, empty egg shells are transformed into summer’s favorite fruit. Use them to top gifts, tuck into your little one’s Easter basket, or create a beautiful tables cape that looks good enough to eat! Read on to see how in our simple guide below.

Materials White eggs
Paas egg dye
White vinegar
Black sharpie
Green tissue paper (light and dark)
Green, yellow, & white cardstock paper
Small sheet of foam core
Hot glue gun & sticks
Strawberry greens template


step-1Hard boil or blow out to prepare eggs for dyeing, whichever you prefer.

step-2Dye eggs red using Paas dye, vinegar, and water.

step-3While eggs are dyeing, make a drying rack with the foam core and pins.

step-4Place the dyed eggs on the drying rack and let dry.

step-5Dot the eggs with the black paint pen to make strawberry seeds.

step-6Print out the strawberry greens template and cut out each shape. Trace the star templates onto tissue paper and cut out. You’ll need 1 of each color for each egg. Save time by folding the tissue paper into as many layers as you need, then cut once!

step-7Trace the stem template onto green cardstock and the flower templates onto the white cardstock, then cut out. Cut out small dots from the yellow cardstock. Fold up the petals of the flowers and glue a yellow dot inside each flower. Glue the flowers onto the stem.

step-8Glue the tissue paper tops onto the rounded end of each egg. Roll a small piece of green cardstock paper to make the stem and glue onto the top of each egg.

step-9Group the eggs into a dish and tuck in the greens. You can also glue the egg tops to the greens for a more “authentic” look.

Photographer: Nicole Baas | Design & Styling: SMP Living