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In the Fun Lane Home Tour

A sprinkle of pink, a hint of whimsy and a heavy dose of pure pretty is what you can expect the moment you walk through Holly’s doors. Earlier today, we went behind the blog with In the Fun Lane, and now we’re back to not-so-subtly stalk her gorgeous digs. With photos from Jacqueline Elizabeth, you’re going to want to read on. Oh, and you can totally find more over here!

From Holly… We are definitely ‘fireplace people’. We have long cold winters up here in Alberta and we use our fireplace all Winter long so we wanted it to be the focal point, even though we also watch TV in here.

The kitchen is my favourite room in our whole house. We put so much time and effort into transforming it and truly enjoy spending time in here and entertaining with friends in here. To get the look we wanted we even hunted down our appliances on Kijiji, and ended up finding them for $3000 at a show home that was being sold. We love that our friends feel so at home in our kitchen that they know where to find anything and even help with the cooking when they come over!

When we renovated the kitchen two years ago and made the decision to give up the kitchen eating nook to make the cabinet layout flow better. This meant that we would be using our formal dining room as our eating area every day and we are so happy with that decision. I’m not sure it would get used much otherwise, and we love all the extra space in the kitchen!

The living room is the most formal room in the house, but we still wanted it to have a certain light hearted whimsy to it. Besides the sofa and bench on the wall all the furniture came from thrift stores and auctions and we just painted or slipcovered them to fit in better.

This area is still ‘under construction’ and like most renovators, my own home tends to come last on my to-do list. We have new railings and wood stairs being installed this Summer, but I was so impatient to get the old carpet out that I ripped it up before having a plan (roughly 3 years ago!).

Wren’s room is definitely the most colourful room in the house! I love that it has evolved with her since she was a baby and we just add and move things around as needed. Her room is entirely made up of garage sale and antique market finds.

Bench: Ikea | Sofa: Urban Barn | Bird Pillow: Anthropologie | ‘Hell Yeah’ framed tea towel: Rachel Castle | Rug: Ikea

Dining Table: thrifted and painted | Dining chairs:  Ikea | Buffet: HomeSense | Locker: Ikea | Cowhide rugs: Ikea | Lighting: we made it ourselves | Mirror: HomeSense

Cabinets: Martha Stewart through Home Depot | Range: Thermador | Hood vent: Elica | Fridge: SubZero | Stools: Target

Sofa:  Ikea | Rug: Urban Outfitters | Coffee table: was a dining room table we cut down and painted | Patterned Chair: HomeSense

Heart decals: Urban Walls

Photography: Jacqueline Elizabeth | Home: Holly Baker

Behind the Blog with In the Fun Lane

In the Fun Lane is well loved around these parts, and for very good reason. She’s sweet, she regularly chats all things home design, and she’s all sorts of adorable. I dare you to flip through her blog and not fall instantly in love. And today we’re counting our lucky stars as we get to learn a littttle bit more. With photos from Jacqueline Elizabeth there’s more lovely where this came from, and it’s all in the gallery.

SMP: Tell us a little about In the Fun Lane!
In the Fun Lane is my happy place! It is where I can talk endlessly about whatever I am passionate about. I would describe it as a blend between lifestyle blog and the diary of a crazy renovator lady.

SMP: What made you decide to start a blog?
My original intentions in started a blog were to document our new house, and my first post was the day we moved in six years ago! I had so many ideas floating around for the long renovation journey we were embarking on and I had no other outlet at the time, but over time it has grown to include much more than inspiration and more of my personal journey into a career in flipping everything from furniture in the early days to houses now.

SMP: What’s one thing you’ve learnt along the way?
I’ve learned that you cannot put a price on your readers! My readers have encouraged me to follow my dreams and I feel so grateful for the push they have given me time and again. I can promise you I would not have realized so many of my dreams (or even thought about pursuing them!) had it not been for my readers. That is the primary reason I made the conscious choice years ago to steer clear of things like sponsored posts and product reviews. My blog is not how I earn most of my income, but because of my blog I have found my calling and true career path.

SMP: If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?
I honestly would not choose to do anything differently on my blog. I respect my readers and the connection we have and that means I share what I can, when I can. The only I wish I have is that I had more time to dedicate to my blog, with a young child and my own business it can be a tough juggling act. But my readers are amazing in that they would rather see one or two posts a week with interesting content than have me pump out a post a day with shopping guides or other various filler posts. I prefer to be genuine and only post things I am actually doing, seeing, buying.

SMP: One piece of advice you’d give to a blogger just starting out?
Be yourself, find your own voice and don’t feel pressure to compare your blog or content to any of the most established blogs. Trying to keep up with blogs that have full teams of contributors will not only wear you out but it won’t show your true personality. Readers want a connection, not more content!

SMP: Your most embarrassing blog moment?
Jumping on the link party bandwagon back in the day. It just wasn’t me and when I kept forgetting to post on the right day I had to give in and let it go. I am not one to quit easily so it was embarrassing to go back and tell my readers that the weekly link up was over.

SMP: What was the tipping point in your business that made you feel your blog was going to thrive?
When I started having people tell me that they looked forward to my posts or missed when I didn’t post I felt like I was doing something right. I never really looked at my blog as my job, but as my outlet for what I was pursuing at the time and to hear from readers that I encouraged them to pursue something in their life was more than I could have ever hoped to achieve with my blog.

SMP: What color do you think will stand the test of time?
White. I know it is so ‘in’ right now, but as someone who sees a LOT of houses both old and new I can tell you that it is pretty much the only colour that doesn’t immediately date a house. It is a blank canvas to whatever personality you want to inject in a space, or the fact that it is a blank canvas can be your look. I love how freeing and unlimited the possibilities are.

SMP: One thing you simply can’t live with out?
My camera. I didn’t even know I like photography until my husband bought me a DSLR about 6 years ago and I’ve had so much fun learning how to take good photographs and capturing special moments or even just daily life in a creative way.

SMP: Three things every stylish homeowner should have?
One or two nice candles, a piece of original art that speaks to who they are, and at least one plant or fresh flowers in a room.

SMP: Your favourite online design resource?
I love reading blogs for my inspiration! As much as I love magazines and books, I prefer to see home from regular people who are trying to make their space stylish on a real budget. It is incredible what you can accomplish with a smaller budget and some creativity!

Photography: Jacqueline Elizabeth | Home: Holly Baker

S’mores Push-Up Pops

Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine certainly is! S’mores push-up pops - they’re now a thing. A beautiful, wonderful, delicious thing. Because if there were ever a way to get a sticky, ooey gooey, chocolate-y treat into your mouth in a mater of seconds, the push pop is it. Instant deliciousness! Serve em’ at a birthday party, around a campfire, or for breakfast on Thursday morning (we don’t judge!)

Smores Push-Up Pops
prep time
1 Hour/s
cook time
total time
1 Hour/s
Serves 8Ingredients
  • Push up pop containers (we found ours on Amazon)
  • 1 pint Ben & Jerry’s s’mores ice cream
  • 1 cup graham cracker crumbs
  • 4 tbs butter
  • Hershey’s chocolate bar
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Marshmallow fluff
  • Circle cookie cutters
  • 2 cooling racks
  • Kitchen blowtorch
  1. Use a large kitchen knife to slice the carton of ice cream into 1” thick layers. Lay each layer on a cutting board. Using a circle cookie cutter that fits inside the push pop container, cut out circles of ice cream from each layer (you’ll need 2 per push pop). If the ice cream starts melting as you work, just pop the cutting board in the freezer for 15 mins until it hardens up. Set ice cream circles in the freezer until push pop assembly.
  2. Melt butter in a small bowl and mix in graham cracker crumbs.
  3. Spread a layer of mini marshmallows on a metal baking tray and use the blowtorch to brown the tops (or you can brown them under the broiler).
  4. Stack cooling racks on top of each other and place push pop containers in the top one so that they stay upright as you fill them.
  5. Fill each push pop container with a spoonful of graham cracker mixture (pressing into an even layer), then an ice cream circle. Use a wet paper towel to wipe the sides of the container to remove any ice cream trails. Then fill with a spoonful of marshmallow fluff (pressing into an even layer), then a layer of graham cracker, and another ice cream circle. Top with 2 squares of Hershey’s chocolate and a layer of browned marshmallows. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes, then enjoy!

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography

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Ruth Eileen Photography