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17 Fun Party Themes for Any Ocassion

Parties are not the time for basic and boring. It’s a celebration that calls for a really good theme; the kind that will leave your friends and family in awe of your total awesomeness. These 17 themes fit the bill no matter the occasion. Sprinkles, neon, glamping… you name it, there’s probably a party in this collection just made for your next bash.

17 Fun Party Themes for Any Ocassion
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DIY Patterned Tray

When you stumble upon a DIY project that makes a major style statement without working up a sweat, it’s like striking gold. Well, you’ve hit the jackpot with this patterned tray DIY from The Lovely Drawer! Give your plain trays a glam makeover with a coat of gold paint and a pop of patterned paper to dazzling effect.

This incredibly easy and inexpensive project is the perfect way to instantly update your home. With endless combinations of colors and patterns to try, why not go for that bold accent and just as easily change it on a dime!


  • a plain tray
  • patterned paper of your choice
  • Mod Podge glue (the outdoor version may be more hardwearing)
  • gold metallic spray paint
  • foam brush
  • washi or masking tape
  • scissors
  • scrap paper


step-1Firstly cover the inside of your tray with scrap paper to fit. Tape down if necessary.

step-2Spray paint the tray ridge and under side and leave to dry.

step-3Then measure the inside of your tray and cut your patterned paper to fit.

step-4Tape around the inside part of the ridge to prevent glue from getting on the metallic areas.

step-5Using your mod lodge and sponge brush, cover the inner section with glue and then press the patterned paper into place carefully. Smooth out any air bubbles and then leave to dry under some heavy books to keep it flat. If you are worried about wrinkling you could spray mount your paper to a sheet of card the same size before glueing it to the inside of the tray.

step-6Once dry apply a coat of Mod Podge on top of the patterned paper and leave to dry.

step-7Then apply another 1-2 coats to properly seal the paper and make it water resistant. Leave to dry in between.

step-7Once totally dry you can peel away the protective tape and get piling stuff onto your new tray!

Design And Photography: The Lovely Drawer

How To: The Statement Plate Wall

Searching for an easy and affordable way to decorate an empty wall? Thanks to Emily A. Clark, we’re convinced a statement plate wall is everything we want and more. What makes plate walls such a great alternative to a piece of art or a mirror is that they are relatively inexpensive, can cover a large area and continue to grow as you collect more plates! Whether you choose to keep it simple and chic or mix and match to your wildest dreams, plate walls are the perfect way to serve up your sense of style.

Make the right statement with a few of Emily A. Clark‘s best pointers on hanging the plate wall of your dreams. Find out where to find inexpensive plates, how to make a big impact with your plate wall and five more helpful tips!

Statement Plate Wall
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