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DIY Map Stick Figure Silhouettes

Gallery walls come in all shapes and sizes and often look best with mixed media – a round-up of family photographs, paintings and prints. Try this DIY for map stick figure silhouettes from Honey & Fitz and Ruth Eileen Photography. It’s the perfect way to add some pizazz to your walls and can be customized to the spot on the map that you call home. For the house tour with this beauty tucked inside, click here!

frame or frames depending on what you’re doing
road atlas (you can find them on amazon)
template for the stick figures
white card stock paper


step-1 Print stick figures using the template above and trace them onto the atlas. It looks better when the city name or identifying characteristics are centered on the body so you can clearly identify the location when you look at the figure.

step-2 After you cut your figures out, you can just glue them down and frame. That’s it. Seriously, couldn’t be easier and the result is cute and totally personal.

Photography: Ruth Eileen | Interior Designer: Honey & Fitz

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DIY Gold Striped Fridge

After seeing this gold striped fridge, I am thoroughly convinced that all refrigerators need a good duct taping. It’s simple, andddd a great DIY for renters so it gets bonus points.  Dina of Honey & Fitz came up with this genius DIY along with photography (and fridge owner) Ruth Eileen. Grab the what and how below and for more imagery from Ruth’s cool space click here.

3 rolls of gold duct tape
dry erase marker


step-1 Measure the width of your duct tape.

step-2 Once you have your measurement begin marking small guideline marks with your dry erase marker on your fridge. I would suggest starting at the top first then make your way down the fridge. Make sure to leave space between each mark. I would suggest that space being the same width of your duct tape.

step-3 Begin adding the duct tape in long horizontal lines to your fridge. Again, make sure you are leaving space between each strip of duct tape.

step-4Once finished, begin erasing your guideline marks. It comes off really easy since you used a dry erase marker.

step-5 Step back and enjoy your new and improved gold striped fridge!

*The gold duct tape leaves no sticky residue when taken off. This is a great option for all you renters out there who want to jazz up your kitchen!

Photography: Ruth Eileen | Interior Design: Honey & Fitz

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DIY Custom Lucite Frame

Ruth Eileen is one of our favorite photographers in all the land and she has a super fun live/work space. Check it out here if you missed it. And now we are going to dive into three DIY’s that call this space home. Crafted by Dina of Honey & Fitz, meet the lucite frame. It’s a beauty so versatile, we’ve already thought of a million ways to use it but this scarf displaying number might just be our fave.

vintage scarf
0.080″ clear acrylic sheets
picture hanging wire
Wexel impressively strong magnets
#4-40 brass hex nuts
#4-40 3/8″ round slotted brass screw
#6 -S brass flat washer


step-1 Have Lowe’s cut you 2 pieces of acrylic about 2″ larger overall than your scarf. Ex: a scarf that is a 20″ square I would have them cut two 22″x22″ pieces.

step-2Measure where you’ll be piercing the acrylic to attach the hanging hardware. The acrylic comes with a protective sheet on both sides so you’re fine to mark it up with a pen or sharpie.

step-3 Slowly and carefully drill 2 small holes where you marked on the acrylic.

step-4 Once you’ve pierced the acrylic, place a washer over the hole and use a screwdriver to work your screw through the washer and the hole(s) you created. Add the nut onto the back, leaving enough of a gap to wind your picture wire into the space.

step-5 Remove the protective film from the back side of the acrylic and lay your piece on top.

step-6 Then secure your piece to the acrylic with the magnets. The magnets are very strong and best of all, have a really pretty pearly finish so they look great in this kind of application. You will need at least 6 magnets – a pair at each corner and one in the top and bottom center.

step-7 You’re finished and ready to add your frame to a gallery wall!

Photography: Ruth Eileen | Interior Designer: Honey & Fitz

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