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Cake Crafting and Seasonal Flavors

T Bakes stands for Purveyors of Delicious Cake Finery. True story. They take cake crafting to another level and when they get in the kitchen with Sophia and André of Branco Prata, it becomes an art form. Today they are sharing with us the crafting of their 2015 menu and some seasonal flavors to try. Oh and up next? A recipe for Black Forest Chocolate Cake that will surely make your mouth shvitz.

From T Bakes For me baking always takes me back to my grandmother’s kitchen while growing up. Most of my childhood was spent in this historic manor between the luscious and ever-­so-­cared-for gardens and the main kitchen – I cannot smell vanilla without instantly going back to my grandmother’s kitchen with me sitting at the table while she lovingly stirs warm vanilla pudding on the stove. I also remember being mesmerized by her hand-­beating eggs into flour and the combination of the two always brings back that image!

Each year I take a couple of weeks to construct a new menu for the following seasons. This usually takes place in late October/ November when the hectic schedule of weddings allows for some time off when I devote myself entirely to the kitchen. During this time I play around with flavors, explore new textures and techniques always respecting the ingredient’s origin, both organic and emotional. 

­ Spring
Almond Cake
Raspberry Coulis & Rose Petal Cream

­ Summer
Lime Chiffon
Lime curd & Coconut Cream with Coconut Slivers

­ Fall
Pear Cake
Peach Preserves & Maple Whisky Buttercream

­ Winter
Black Forest
Chocolate Cake soaked in Kirsch, Sour Cherries with Madagascar Vanilla Cream & Belgian Dark Chocolate Cream

In today’s day and age it’s almost impossible to create something completely original, there is no cake without a past or a culture ­ and to me the memory is the most important element! Everyone has memories related to taste and smell and that’s my main source of inspiration while baking, because emotions are closely tied to major life events and all it takes is a known flavor to trigger the senses and the memories!

Photography: André Teixeira, Branco Prata | Styling: Sofia Ferreira, Branco Prata | Cake: T Bakes

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A Modern Preppy Baby Boy Nursery

Modern, preppy, baby boys named Calvin = All wonderful things and all wrapped up in this dreamy space crafted by Mandarina Studio for Elizabeth Clark’s cute-as-can-be son. The wallpaper alone is enough to make this a favorite nursery of all time but just wait until you spy the smart, navy trimmed drapery or the changing table that is a tush wiping thing of beauty. See even more right here.

I reached out to Amanda of Mandarina Studios, who had worked on the design of my photography studio, again once I found out I was pregnant with my son, Calvin. For his nursery, I asked for a clean and modern look with a touch of nautical and preppy accents. We decided on a palette of blue, gray, white, yellow and orange. There is no real consistent theme here, but I think the combinations of patterns and different animals are sweet and inviting. Calvin loves spending time in his room gazing at his elephant mobile and looking through his books. He sleeps in it pretty well too, which is pretty much all a parent really wants in the end for their child’s room! My favorite part of this nursery is what is on the walls: the nautical Olive Leaf Stencil, Sugarboo “Happy Hare” painting, my own DIY frames filled with creative papers from Paper Source, and the maternity photographs taken by Esther Mathieu. The Hobbes tiger stuffed animal is the most recent addition to honor Calvin’s namesake.

Photography: Elizabeth Clark Photography | Design: Mandarina Studio

A Sophisticated & Feminine Small Space in Brooklyn

If you live in New York City, you know that space is well… limited! When we found this gorgeous & bright Brooklyn apartment full of quirky details and unique furniture, we couldn’t wait to share. Of course, we weren’t surprised at all to learn that the occupant of this beautiful apartment was L. Brennan, the Director of International Store Ops for Kate Spade, which explains the modern, feminine design.

As you would expect from the director of international store operations for Kate Spade, Brennan has amazing taste, a penchant for color and a very busy schedule. We paired her with our designer Evan and the duo put their heads together and figured out where to focus the colors and patterns Brennan wanted in her Brooklyn one bedroom.

Brennan revived her existing dining table by painting it green herself (polyurethaned by Evan) and an ABC Home serape footstool is a game-changing living room addition. The design is sophisticated, modern, feminine and stunning!

The bedroom is full of bright, colorful accent pillows mixing patterns, stripes and everything in between!

From HomepolishHomepolish was founded to bring the interior design experience to a larger crowd. We aim to make the experience of design simple, fun and significantly more accessible. We charge a straightforward, hourly rate (and take the commissions, markups and hidden costs out of the equation), we help set you up with professionals who can transform your space regardless of budget. Feel free to take a peek at our 800+ projects, or read more over on Refinery29, Wall Street Journal, Design*Sponge, and DailyCandy.