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Purple Easter Decor

Happy Easter SMP-ers! We hope that if you celebrate this fun holiday, you’re knee deep in chocolate bunnies and all things family. If not, we thought we’d share a bit of pretty to set the mood. While Easter is usually all about pastels, we sort of fell in love with this purple hued brunch – designed by Emmanuelle at Poise Boston – and think that it would translate beautifully for even non holiday celebrations.

From Emmanuelle….My guests were all adults so I went with a minimalistic theme when it came to décor. I wanted to create an elegant yet comfortable environment that complimented the existing color palette in my home, while adding a bit of Easter personality {subtly}.

I have a mantel in my living room which is a focal point in the room as well as my largest wall so I wanted to utilize it to help set my space. I worked with Sarah at Spruce floral on the flower designs and as you can see, she did an incredible job. We landed on candlesticks set at different heights holding easter egg shells and flowers.

For the table I brought in the purple tones with varying muted silvery/purple/lavender table linens. I designed the table around my vintage champagne saucers which are made of a rare purple glass from the 1940′s. Each guest’s place was set with a wrapped box of teuscher champagne truffles which were labeled with zinc tags.

For the desserts I worked with Jocelyn at Mayflour Cake & Confections who is an amazingly talented cake and confection chef. We had lavender honey cupcakes, chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and macaroons with chocolate interior.

It really was a lovely way to celebrate Easter and welcome spring.


Photography: Todd Lee Photography | Flowers: Spruce Floral | Cake, Cupcakes & Macarons: Mayflour Cake & Confections | Event Styling & Menu: POISE. Events & PR

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Spruce Floral

Deep Dish Quiche with Savory Crust

I think my favorite thing about Easter Brunch is that you can pretty much bank on a really good quiche. The kind that is both fluffy and creamy, with a hint of something sinful and a crust for days. And this one that Sinclair & Moore crafted is nothing if not the perfect combination of everything I love. Times 2 because it’s deep dish. And if you missed the brunch that this masterpiece was crafted for – with photos by Matthew Landclick right here!

Photography: Matthew Land Studios | Event Design: Sinclair And Moore | Calligraphy: La Happy

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

I think that I’m officially being swayed from my go-to roll recipe. Because the cute duo at Sinclair & Moore has left me vowing to my kids that barring my impending labor, I am 100% making these this weekend for Easter Sunday. I might even make them the night before and bake them the morning of. I know, I’m a rebel like that. Click here to see more photos of the brunch that inspired these beauties from Matthew Land.

Photography: Matthew Land Studios | Event Design: Sinclair And Moore Events | Calligraphy: La Happy