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June 18th, 2014

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Classic Summer Country Club Wedding

This summer stunner from Hunter Photographic epitomizes classic style in every way possible. From the Bride arriving at the same church and in the same Rolls Royce as her mother in 1977, to the lace Pronivias dress, the pearls, the tux and everything in between. Ending with a serious bang of beautiful fireworks (a surprise for the Bride & Groom!) this...


Sunny Vizcaya Museum + Gardens Engagement Session

If you're looking for a love session recipe like no other, we've got you covered with this loveliness my dears. Mix one part Haring Photography, one part Vizcaya Museum And Gardens, two parts stylish bride & groom-to-be, top with sunshine and voila! A little shake here, a snap there and you've got a combo that will quench any love-craving.


Modern Miami Waterfront Wedding

When I'm in need of a good dose of vibrant florals, I can always count on Kitanim. Take this stunning Bride's coral + pink bouquet for instance… paired perfectly with the Miami palm trees and the ceremony petal pathway, how could you not feel instantly happy holding a colorful beauty like this? For even more, head to the gorgeous gallery from ...