September 2008 … “Hurricane Hannah is headed directly to the Carolina’s … Hannah is now the fourth hurricane-strength storm of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season …  Hannah popped up just as Hurricane Gustav weakened … Tropical Storm Hannah seemed to be losing steam late yesterday, but is now being projected to gain hurricane strength again before reaching the Carolina’s … on Friday, September 5th.”

what to do … what to do…

Greta & Chaz were all set for their fabulous beach wedding in Wilmington when Hannah derailed their well-thought-out plans!

They had 48 hours to re-design their wedding in a tiny industrial art gallery in Charlotte, NC.

photography by Casey Cunningham Photography

Casey Cunningham  DIY Wedding September 2008

Theirs is a heart-warming celebration that proves that love truly does conquer all!

Casey Cunningham  DIY Wedding September 2008

With Hurricane Hannah looming in the background, Greta and her sisters re-designed the entire affair.

Sweet Treats Wedding Casey Cunningham North Carolina

The Sweet Table was a big hit!

Casey Cunningham Photography North Carolina

family … love … friends …

North Carolina Casey Cunningham Photography

… awesome food … lots of laughter … great blue-grass music …

Casey Cunningham  DIY Wedding September 2008

… home-made wine …

Casey Cunningham Photography North Carolina

… it just doesn’t get any better than this …

Seriously, who cares about the weather!

Our thanks to Drea and Casey Cunningham Photography for sharing Chaz & Greta’s heart-warming wedding story with us.

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Their website and their approach to weddings is so worth the visit!! Truly.