Little Black Book – Membership Perks & Application Instructions

Dear Very Important Vendor,

If you wish to be considered for an invitation to our elite Little Black Book, please send a completed application to our LBB Team: lbb {at} If you do not receive our confirmation email within 24 hours on weekdays, please email me directly to inquire:

We’re pleased to consider you! We charge a modest membership fee, which is a one-time up front payment for 12 months in our Little Black Book. Please contact us for our current rates (we are very reasonable!), and please indicate your category when inquiring. Thank you! We look forward to your application!

Your Little Black Book Membership Perks and Benefits include:

* Our Little Black Handbook, which is the ultimate guide to submission tips, Dashboard navigation, SMP staff bios and contact information, and other detailed Members-Only information.

* Our coveted Member’s Only Badge directly accessible in your Private Member Dashboard.

* Friendly and Professional Members-Only Support Team for any Customer Care and Submission Questions

* Your Regional Listing Showcase(s) (e.g. Boston MA) and/or a Specialized Listing (Destination, Virtual Services/Ships Everywhere, Eco Green), depending on your company’s expertise.

* A gorgeous Portfolio/Vanity Page which displays your album, social media, archived features, contact information and more!

* A dedicated Membership Coordinator who works closely with members regarding SMP’s submission process, using the private dashboard, portfolio enhancements etc.

* An exclusive Little Black Book Blog which showcases members’ features.

* Direct access to your Listing details and portfolio via your Private Member’s Only Dashboard.

* Filtered Submission System and Direct Submission via your Private Member’s Only Dashboard.

* Acknowledgment of your elite Membership Status and impressive display Link to your Portfolio per Featured Posts in which your company is credited. (Please note: Style Me Pretty does not guarantee publication to Little Black Book Members. All content is at the discretion and selection of the editorial team).

* Participation in our exclusive community of topnotch wedding professionals with potential for Content Calls from Abby Larson and her editorial team.

* Dashboard Support Team + Little Black Membership Coordination Team for Content Guidance

* Master Classes: Education per Social Media, SEO’s, Landing Pages etc conducted by Tait Larson

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In the title/subject line of your email:
NAME OF COMPANY Category (e.g. Planner) Geographical Area

In the body of your email, please complete the following:

1.    Number of years your company has been in business.
2.    To date, how many wedding events has your company serviced?
3.    Is this your full-time occupation? List any other current professions and website(s).
4.    Your studio address (or addresses if more than one). Even if you offer virtual services, we cannot consider you without a physical address for record-keeping purposes.
5.    Your website link (an active website is required) and any previous website address. [Website must be presented in English or have an English translation option on the website that is available on all browsers.]
6.    Little Black Book Members (if any) who can recommend your work…the more, the merrier:
7.    Link to positive reviews from clients via an independent source. Please note: If you have a client concern posted online, include a link to your gracious posted response and/or apology, and please explain how you have resolved the situation.
8.    Total # of company Employees + a description of your Professional Biographical Background. This is a chance for you to shine! Please take advantage of this opportunity for us to understand your company’s passion and commitment to your artistry and to your clients.
9.   Links to each of your Style Me Pretty Features (if any):
10. Other than your SMP feature links (which are very impressive, indeed), please tell us the single most impressive Press you have received thus far in your career. This can be a famous client you’ve provided services for, a highly regarded industry award etc.

Our members enjoy exclusive exposure with the most highly respected site in the wedding industry.

VENDOR SCREENING INTERVIEW: DO YOU HAVE AN A+++ PERSONALITY?!  Wanted: Friendly, warm, pleasant, enthusiastic, passionate, professional personalities! PLEASE NOTE: Upon application approval, we require a phone interview with you. This interview step is an essential part of our screening process! This screening interview is to determine whether we will be entirely confident in recommending you and your company to our readers. Our members are not a “number” in our book. They are fabulous, talented people whom we respect and adore because they do great work AND they have great personalities to match! We spend hours assessing each potential member to ensure a company is a perfect fit for our special community, and more importantly to ensure that a company will be a perfect fit for brides and grooms.

Your physical studio address: We do not guarantee availability in your regional preference, regardless of studio location. We require your studio address for record-keeping purposes. We provide regional availability information only upon application approval.

Our Little Black Book is a thoughtfully edited listing of top quality vendors. Because our style-savvy, sophisticated readers deserve a chic resource they can trust, our book is created with them in mind. Our Little Black Book is intended to be a worry-free browsing experience for our readers while our Very Important Vendors enjoy a showcase in keeping with our firm commitment to quality vs. quantity. More than simply enjoying elite advertising space, our members are a handpicked community of artistic experts. In an industry saturated with long lists of anybody & everybody, our book is the most thoughtfully edited resource on the planet: a refreshingly couture idea.

Our book is research based, and because we receive countless inquiries, we appreciate your patience with our response time. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to considering your company for inclusion in our special book.

Most sincerely,

Michelle Blandford, LBB Research Director