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Iowa Charm by Jeremy Lawson, IV

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Jeremy Lawson for sharing some of the happiest, prettiest, all together awesome-est photos I’ve ever seen. We actually have another wedding from Jeremy coming up later in the week that is equally as great!

And, to the bride and groom…you guys are SO stinking cute and your wedding was enough to make me jump for joy! Here’s to many, many years that are just as lovely.

jeremy lawson

Iowa Charm by Jeremy Lawson, III

Jeremy Lawson is a genius behind the lens, bottom line. But even better…he is one lucky photographer. Not only did he score the most amazingly gorgeous bride and groom, he got to fly out to Iowa to document the entire, brilliantly charming wedding. I am actually a little jealous of him right now!

jeremy lawson

So, like I mentioned earlier, the bride and her mother did all of the flowers themselves. They even fashioned a BOOT-onniere for the groom to wear! How cute is THAT??

After the wedding, the pair headed to the actual field of dreams to take some pictures. They had their first dance in the fields and spent some time being cuter than I ever thought was humanly possible!

jeremy lawson

More to come from Jeremy!

Iowa Charm by Jeremy Lawson, II

I know that I talk and talk and TALK about details. I love perfect wedding details with all of my heart. It’s the details that make me excited to come and write about weddings everyday, so really…I can’t say it enough.  BUT. Every now and then, it’s so awesome to see a wedding that is completely and totally about the love. Completely and totally about the couple, the family and the celebration.

And, that’s not to say that this bride didn’t infuse the affair with some pretty awesome touches…it’s just that the passion seems to be the main event. Just as it should be.

jeremy lawson

Jeremy Lawson snapped these absolutely incredible photographs and really, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jeremy’s talents. I know that he was loving shooting this wedding too, as there is personality tucked into every image.

Oh and a few more details about the affair…the bride wore a J. Crew dress and had her make-up done by Nika Vaughan in Chicago. The reception was held at Yummy Gourmet Cakes. LOTS more on the way!