Indoor Wedding Inspirations

We are looking for fabulous indoor weddings to feature on SMP! So many of our brides don’t have the luxury of having an outdoor wedding, so we want to show them that inspiration and beauty isn’t limited to a stunning winery or a gorgeous beach. That there are so many really beautiful ways to transform an indoor space into that perfect wedding.

To give you an idea as to the types of weddings that we like to feature, I’ve pulled together a handful of my favorite indoor affairs. These are by no means the only weddings that I’ve fallen in love with, but rather a sampling of different styles that will help you understand the style of SMP.

* * *

1. Bohemian Luxury. I love the modern, laid back approach to this wedding. The throw pillows, the simple but completely gorgeous tables, the whimsy of the leaves adorning the loft’s support beams. It’s effortless and yet completely chic and inspiring.

indoor affair

photos by Lisa Lefkowitz

2. Simple elegance…the definition of this wedding. The details are utterly gorgeous and yet the entire affair was edited such that the only thing that mattered was beauty of the day, the celebration of a great meal with friends and family. It’s an incredibly attainable look for a bride on any budget.

indoor affair

3. Rustic Chic. We are huge fans of that rustic/chic vibe that is becoming so popular…our brides love the style for its Anthropologie-esque vibe. It’s a look where DIY projects fit in perfectly, flowers can really shine and brides get a chance to really “decorate” their wedding.

indoor affair

photographs by Leigh Miller, event design by Duet Weddings

4. Modern. Readers went nuts for this sleek, modern affair that we featured a few months back. The simplicity of the style, the incorporation of a great graphic element, the understated but forever elegant color palette…everything just worked for our brides.

indoor affair

photographs by Dorothee and Annabel at Belathee

5. Unabashed Style…I went crazy for this beautifully styled event that Alexandra Kolendrianos sent us‚Ķfilled with fun, unexpected details (like a Rolling Stone cover band) and a chic, edgy but sophisticated style. So chic, so fabulous.

indoor affair

photographs by Docuvitae

6. Chic, totally cohesive, unabashed style. This will forever be one of my all time favorite weddings…with the gorgeous design by Oh How Charming, the chic color palette, the fabulous details.This is a classic example of my favorite saying…”it’s all in the details.”

indoor affair

photographs by Cheri Pearl

7. Effortless Elegance. James Abel put together this stunning wedding for his brother and I have to say, it’s SO Style Me Pretty. The gorgeous but completely approachable flowers, design elements like the fabulous chairs, the iron table numbers, the utterly beautiful color palette.

indoor affair

These weddings should give you a good idea as to the style and quality of weddings that we love to feature on SMP. Those shown here are by no means the only looks we are going for, they just happen to be some of our favorites and the ones that we jumped at the chance to put up on the blog. Feel free to use your own creative judgement as to the weddings that you do send!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!