We love proposals around these parts, that’s a given. But when they are planned to perfection by Visions Event Studio and captured by the uber talented Evan Hunt we drop everything we are doing to swoon the day away. And this gallery? It’s totally worthy of a good old fashioned swoon fest.

From Visions Event StudioWe are so excited to share with you a Chicago proposal like no other. Rama and Silpa were engaged on the terrace at Public Hotel in the gold coast area of Chicago.

As if the location was not picture perfect Rama knew he wanted to create an experience that Silpa would not forget. As we began planning we found out that Silpa was a romantic at heart and loved watching the classics like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. We worked with Rama to add a few touches of their relationship and infusing their story into the proposal by adding in the “Prescription for Love” box that led her to the proposal site.

When Rama told me their story of how they first met in Texas and then both separately moved to Chicago for business, it pulled on our heart strings of how this couple was a match made in heaven. They found themselves exploring Chicago together with the sites and all the awesome restaurants that this great city has to offer. But it was the intimate time that the two of them spent together that Silpa treasured the most.

When she would be under the weather it would make her heart well up when Rama would prescribe some medicine to take care of his soon to be fiance. We wanted to incorporate this into the proposal by getting custom medicine bottles that would tell Silpa that she would soon find Rama on bended knee.

The proposal was very smooth as Rama was not nervous at all, we chatted briefly as the florist set up the proposal site. Silpa arrived to the terrace bringing with her the “Prescription for Love” box that Visions had delivered earlier instructing her to get ready in her best dress and meet Rama at 7:00 pm. As she walked in you could hear “Moon River” playing in the background, as Rama professed his love to Silpa. After the two of them had a mini engagement shoot they headed over to the famous RPM for dinner to celebrate this wonderful evening.

As Silpa describes, it was amazing, nothing that she could have ever imaged. That is what makes our job so wonderful, we don’t create standard proposals, we reach deep inside the couples relationship to put together an event that reflects the love they share.

Photography: Evan Hunt | Florist: Vintage Chic Floral & Event Rental | Hotel: Public Hotel | Proposal Planner: Visions Event Studio | Restaurant: RPM Italian