You can’t possibly look at this wedding and not be filled with happiness. The kind of happiness that starts at your toes and goes through every last strand of hair. This is the kind of wedding that brings you back to SMP over and over again. Because it’s full of everything that makes weddings wonderful – heart, soul, gorgeous images from Momoko Photography – and it’s all sitting pretty right here.


From MomokoI wanted the description come from me, because this wedding meant a lot to me which sounds silly, but I’ll explain. Meredith and Pat were my first wedding of the season and they started me off right. They couldn’t have been more laid back and more kind to me and I feel like a stressful day can really bring out a lot of emotions in a person, but these two were glowing and happy and phenomenally cool. Initially, Meredith and Pat wanted to be low key and do a quick beach nuptial in Thailand. The bride’s mother could not imagine her first child getting married way over in Thailand, so Meredith and Pat started planning their wedding in Chicago. They wanted a place that represented their easy going nature and fondness of beer so they chose Revolution Brewing, which you can have brew tours in the basement during cocktail hour.

Meredith is a crafter and loves to create projects and so she made all the table decorations herself, as well as the decor with the exception of the flowers around the event space. She also searched out a film photographer and that’s where I came into the scene. I shot this wedding exclusively in film per her request and in addition she asked that I bring no lights so that I would not be intrusive to the guests. They really love their friends and family and thought a lot about them when they thought of the wedding.

We did not do an engagement session and when a bride that I work with does not opt for the engagement session then I like to go out for drinks or visit the couple in their home to get to know them better and that’s how I learned a key element that I knew I had to capture for the wedding. The bride’s father, several years earlier, had a stroke and has since had a harder time walking and using his legs. Upon knowing that his daughter was to be married, he began practicing walking on his treadmill so that he could walk his daughter down the aisle properly. I had to try hard to bite back the tears while she told me this, but those are the details that make a wedding so special and is why I photograph.

I left this wedding feeling like I did what I love and was a part of something genuinely beautiful. Meredith and Pat truly are better together.

Wedding Photography: Momoko Photography | Wedding Venue: Revolution Brewing | Floral Design: Forget Me Knodt | Table + Reception Decor: DIY by Bride | Book: Created by Bride, Meredith | Wedding Dress: Ann Taylor | Hair + Makeup: Pin Me Up | Couple Photos: Garfield Park Conservatory