A seaside wedding never grows old. It’s that whole carefree, toes in the sand, sun on the shoulders atmosphere that people adore. And Florida is one of the reigning Queens of beach weddings. Why? Because there’s sunshine in the Fall and miles and miles of oceanfront land to fete on. Just have a look at this blue infused day planned by Savoir-Faire Weddings with photography by Anna K + a full gallery for proof.


Rosemary Beach has always held a special place in Chris and Ashley’s heart so when the time came for their wedding they knew where it needed to be! These two have been dating since Ashley was 14, Chris 15 and they’ve dreamed about this day for so long! They’ve waited patiently and prepared for their marriage in all of the best ways possible and in October the big day finally arrived. All of their friends and family made the trip from Atlanta, GA to Florida to celebrate! Everything about the weather was perfect that day and everyone radiated happiness!

Rosemary Beach is a gorgeous little gem located on the Gulf of Florida. The cobblestone streets are lined with Colonial Caribbean style condos, shops and homes creating a truly unique wedding backdrop. Wooden paths connect all of the areas to the town center and these two have so many fun memories here together. Fisher, their lab, was included in all parts of the day and he loved it! It’s amazing how well behaved some dogs are and this guy thought he was one of the groomsmen! Ashley has an impeccable eye for detail, but the thing that stood out most about their day was the pure joy that filled every moment.

Photography: Anna Shackleford | Wedding Planner: Savoir Faire Weddings | Florist: Celestines Special Occasions | Wedding Dress: Casablanca | Invitations: La Vita Allegra | Ceremony: Rosemary Beach Eastern Green | Reception: Rosemary Beach Eastern Green | Bridesmaids Dresses: J.Crew | Catering: Celestines Special Occasions | Band: Gulf Talent Services | Cake Artist: Cakes by Kim | Hair Artist: Make Me Blush