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Rustic Swedish Summer Wedding

My absolute favorite part of weddings are the personal touches that really speak of the bride and groom, and this one is bursting with them, from the perfect venue to fit their distinct style to locking their vows in a wine box to keep for years to come. 2 Brides Photography captured the spirit of the whole celebration beautifully, and whenever I need a mood boost and a smile, this gallery is where I’ll come.


From The Groom… After getting engaged Johanna and I spent several months looking for a wedding venue that felt like us. We wanted to be somewhere relaxed where you could easily move around, we didn’t want the party just to be in one place considering we both got restless legs and so do our friends and family.  A year came and went and in the beginning of summer 2012 we went to Gotland for a motorcycle vacation with some friends. One day we went out looking for a place to eat lunch and found this lovely stone-oven-bakery and restaurant called Leva Kungslador. It didn’t look like much from the road but when we went inside it had this rustic, artistic feeling combined with the most amazing food and warm feeling to it. And then we went outside to the back and there lay this beautiful, relaxed garden with wild flowers, an apple-orchard, a green house where you could just sit down and take a cup of coffee. No need to say we fell in love with this place instantly (the charming employees and their awesome mudcake!) and decided that this was the place. From that moment begun an intense year with us juggling the planning of our destination wedding, with us moving, career changes, studies, you name it – we did it.

It was challenging sometimes but also fun and amazing at the same time. And god was it worth it. Looking back now we kind of miss sitting together at night discussing dessert choices and which font to use on the escort cards.

My favorite part of the wedding was our vows. It was a very sentimental and special moment. Even though we were standing amongst all of our friends and family it felt like we were the only ones there. The moment felt so natural and we said what we truly felt. I also love that we decided to put our vows in a locked wooden wine-box, for us to open and read if we ever would doubt our relationship. Another favorite part was seeing Johanna for the first time, walking down the aisle in her wedding dress. She was/is truly the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. 

From The Bride… After finally finding our wedding venue the rest of the pieces just fell in place along the way. Leva Kungslador is such an amazing place with lots of personal details on it’s own and we found out later the owner of Levas is the same person that started Granit. (Which has been my favorite decorating-store for the past few years, so it was a match made in heaven from the start). Tobias and I agreed from the start that our top priorities considering our personal interests were photography and music (food would have been included but we already knew Levas eco-friendly menu was a gastronomic fantasy). 2 Brides Photography was an obvious choice, their work is just stunning. And they really helped us in the planning process, giving advice and recommending different people. I remembered the day Isabelle answered my email and told me they were available, I was so happy I did a little a victory-dance. We struggled a bit with finding the right entertainment though, but then we remembered these talented, funny guys that were playing on an mc-event on Gotland the year before, and we are so happy they agreed to play. We worked with such wonderful people, Isabelle, Sabina, Susanne and everybody else.. We wouldn’t change a thing!

When the wedding weekend finally arrived we were mostly nervous about rain since it had been pouring down the days before and we were getting married under a bare sky. But come Friday morning the sun came in over Visby and stayed all weekend, providing us with beautiful sunsets and a warm summer feeling.

Our wedding contained a lot of DIY projects such as the invites, save the date, menus, lemonade-stands, photobooth, a cigar/whiskey bar, signs, a polaroid guestbook, backdrops, portrait-trees, tattoos, ceremony-fans etc. And I really enjoyed getting together with my bridesmaid creating these personal touches that made the wedding feel like “us.”

It’s really hard picking a favorite part of the wedding. It was all so wonderful, the music, the speeches, walking down the aisle with my father looking at my soon-to-be-husband, and to feel all the love around us. But I think one of the most memorable moments for me was when our friends surprised us during the dinner with a special appearance. The bridesmaid was holding their speech, and when they got to the end they said a quote from one of our favorite songs, and in the mean time in walks the artist who’s made it, playing our song in an acoustic version. It was a VERY sentimental moment (lots of ugly-crying), one I will keep in my heart forever.

Photography: 2 Brides Photography | Ceremony Venue: ST Karin's Church Ruin | Reception Venue: LEVA Kungslador | Favors: Kränku Tea And Coffee | Groom's Attire: J Lindeberg | Film Lab: UK Film Lab | Guest Transportation: Visby Hyrcykel

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Stockholm Wedding from Alicia Swedenborg Photography

This is sort of the end-all, be-all of weddings.  A crazy beautiful day that gets prettier by the minute featuring soft pastel hues, an eternally happy bride and groom and all kinds of amazing images (and I mean amazing) captured by the always-wonderful Alicia Swedenborg.  In other words, it’s the literal definition of lovely… and you can bask in every last ounce of goodness right here in the full gallery.


From the Bride… Tom is a design engineer and I am doing my PhD in Psychology, we first met in London when working together and it was love at first sight (at least for me!). I ran home to tell my brother that there was a really hot guy at work, I put down some moves and he finally asked me out! At the time Tom rode a motorcycle and had a shaved head, I was still doing my undergraduate degree We moved in together after a month and got engaged 2 years later in Stockholm where I am originally from and my parents still live. Life happened around us, Tom changed jobs, I continued studying, we moved 5 times and it took us just under 3 years to plan the wedding.

We always knew we wanted to get married in Stockholm, I was born there, we love it there and most of my family live there. Its an absolutely stunning city and since we visit so often we thought it would be nice for all of friends and family from London to be able to finally see what we keep raving about.

When it came to planning the wedding we knew we wanted it to be intimate and personal. We wanted to be surrounded by the very closest family and friends to celebrate our special day. We chose Fjerholmarnas Krog because we not only loved the island, it had sentimental importance to both of us and my parents as it was where Tom asked my them for my hand in marriage just 3 years ago. We chose our church because we knew we wanted to ceremony and our vows to be in English, we did however have a reading in Polish as my grandparents dont speak English. Our reverend could not be more accomodating, kind, warm and funny.

The first thing we did when we got engaged was look for a photographer, I always knew I wanted stunning wedding photographs as I felt it was the one thing that really allowed you to remember the day as it happened. I found Alicia and it was like love at first sight – her photos were and are always stunning without fail. The second thing we did was secure the venue and make sure that all the dates lined up – we were pretty flexible with our dates, however, we knew we wanted to get married in June because it is the month of love and marriage. The June birthstone is pearl which I chose to wear as my only piece of jewelry in the form of earrings.

We wanted our wedding to encompass all of our nationalities and traditions, I myself am Swedish, Greek and Polish and Tom is English and Irish. It was fun trying to incorporate all of the different aspects as well as languages. We did so by personalising each persons menu to their native language and our speeches were filled with different languages. It was amazing to hear some of our English speaking guests tell us the foreign speeches made them cry even harder than the English ones!

Once we had finally set the date we began looking for stationery, we came across Cardlab who do gorgeous personalised invitations that are timeless. We wanted to convey the feel of the day in our invites so they had a touch of colour (navy blue ribbon), they were romantic, delicate and personal. Cardlab also helped us with our order of the day which was really important to me as it included all our different nationality traditions in it. We also included translations of cheers in every language and selected customs we chose to incorporate into the day.

We didnt start planning with a theme in mind, rather we just had key words we kept telling everyone we met with which were intimate, delicate, fresh, natural, summery and classic. We conveyed that through the really fresh and clean look of our venue, the table settings and our flowers. We wanted pops of colour throughout and for our flowers to look like we had picked them ourselves.

The girls wore navy and each of them got to pick any dress they wanted. We really wanted our bridal party to feel comfortable and natural so we didnt want to put any restrictions on them. The guys wore black suits and we bought them each their own individual ties from Duchamp and Union Jack socks to have a little bit of England with us on the day.

Tom wore a gorgeous navy Jacquard Duchamp tuxedo with bridal white lining, custom shirt with his initials and a black jacquard bow tie. I bought my dress at Mirror Mirror Bridal in London, I always knew I wanted a cap sleeve lace gown. Of all people I could have taken dress shopping I knew the one person I could really trust was Tom so he was there from the first appointment to my final fitting. He really was the one thing and person that was able to ground me and stop me from becoming bridezilla!

We wanted to make every guest feel special and welcome at our wedding as we knew how many of them were travelling to Stockholm especially for us. Each guest received a welcome tote bag when they arrived at their hotel filled with our favorite Swedish treats, drinks and some other gifts.

We spent a lot of time deciding what we wanted as our wedding favours. We chose DIY White Peanut M&Ms in jars instead of the more traditional (less tasty) White Sugared Almonds as our wedding favours (koufeta) as they are traditional in Greece. They symbolise health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity. The white symbolizes purity and the shape symbolizes never-ending love.

They are traditionally given in odd numbers because they are indivisible, this symbolizes that the newlyweds will share everything and remain undivided. The bittersweet peanut taste is symbolic of life itself and the sugar coating is the hope that life will be blessed with more sweetness than bitterness.

We tied a Traditional Greek charm in the form of a small eye (mati) to the jar in order to protect the wedding celebrants from bad luck. We told guests to keep their evil eye after the wedding and put it in their home or on a necklace/bracelet to ward off any evil eyes!

Tom designed the tags on the favours and cut them himself on a laser cutter. We spent a whole night tying each individual eye onto each jar and then the tags. It was a labour of love and each guest took their jars home and we have since seen many creative ways of keeping their evil eyes! As an extra favour we didnt want any of our guests getting cold so we provided each guest with a navy pashmina and white fleece blankets. They really came in handy for the midnight BBQ when it got a bit chilly outside!

Can’t forget about the children! Each child got their own lego toy that they were able to assemble during dinner and each baby got their own rattle as well as a dummy (red lips for baby girls and moustaches for the boys!) which made for some great photo ops.

The morning of the wedding I got dressed at my parents home and Tom was staying at the Diplomat hotel where we spent our wedding night. The boys were surprised with Segways as their means to get to the church and explored Stockholm for an hour before they arrived. We chose to have our wedding photos done before the ceremony as we wanted to really allow ourselves to be with our guests after the ceremony. It was probably the best choice we made as it really started the day off well and we were able to mingle, chat and laugh with our families before the guests arrived.

One of my favourite parts of the day was when I walked out with my dad and I saw all of our closest friends and family standing there just for us. I only looked at Tom about half way down and tears started running down my face. I dont think I had ever been happier to see him, it really symbolised the beginning of our new chapter together.

After the ceremony we walked over to our boat which took us to Fjderholmarna (the Island), the boat ride itself was wonderful as we got to see the national parks of Stockholm and really show our guests how breathtaking Sweden is. We were so lucky with the weather and the sun shined all day long – I think I had obsessively been checking the weather forecast since early April!

It’s so hard to pick one favourite part of the day, but if we had to choose it was probably the dinner at the reception as it not only included lots of incredibly delicious food and amazing company of our guests but it also was when the speeches happened! My dad who is Greek did his whole speech in English and I was just so proud of him – he was so nervous but managed to make everyone laugh and cry all at the same time. Each and every one of the speeches brought the room and us to tears, it was so incredible to hear all of them and to share our personal stories with everyone that was there.

Tears probably ended up being the theme of the day as we cried before, during and after the church and continued well into dinner! There was just so much happiness and joy throughout the day, everyone was so in love with Stockholm and us which was the most amazing part. We really felt like we celebrated us and our new life as Mr and Mrs.

Advice for other couples planning: Dont start planning too early, try and make it a focused amount of time because weve had to change our plans 3-4 times resulting in about 3/4 different weddings! Try to remember that the day is about the two of you and celebrating your love so do what makes you happy.

Try and find a guestbook that you feel you will really be able to enjoy for the rest of your lives. We chose our guestbook tree so that we could put it up in our house and be able to remember that day forever and it really does make us well up inside to think of each and every fingerprint on it and how much it meant to us that each person was there to share the most amazing day with us.

Photography: Alicia Swedenborg | Floral Design: Blombyrn Nyfiken Grn | Wedding Dress: Intuzuri | Cake: Fjderholmarnas Krog | Stationery: Cardlab | Ceremony Venue: Engelska Kyrkan Stockholm | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Boat: Strmma Kanalbolaget | Bridesmaids Gifts: Kate Spade | Dress Store: Mirror Mirror London | Groomsmen Gifts: Duchamp | Guest Book: Bleu De Toi | Segways: Upp & Ner Upplevelser | Tuxedo: Duchamp | Veil: Pronovias | Wedding Rings: Tiffany & Co. | Wedding Venue: Fjaderholmarnas Krog

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Modern Swedish Beach Wedding from Annevi Petersson

This is the kind of wedding you just can’t help but fall in love with; a wedding where modern details mix and mingle with a laid back meets elegant vibe and mojitos are served in place of cake.  It’s the kind of day where every last person is having the time of their life, and celebrating love is the most magical thing you’ll do all week.  I adore weddings like this… and the gallery?  Sooo pretty.  Join me there for every beautiful moment captured by Annevi Petersson.  It’s as amazing as you think.


From Annevi Petersson… Louise and Joakim met in Oslo, Norway seven years ago, when they were neighbors. This summer, they got married on the beach outside Louise parents’ summerhouse in Yngsjo, in southern Sweden.

Louise said they were so happy they got married at the beach, as a church wedding wasn’t for them. Appetizers and champagne were served at the summerhouse after the ceremony. They were very lucky with the weather. The rain started to pour down just as everyone was leaving to go to the reception venue.

Louise is a designer working with fashion and she did all the design of the venue, all the stylish stationery and the flower decorations. She also designed her beautiful wedding dress, as well as the pink bridesmaids dresses.

All the guests had travelled from far away and the couple was especially happy to have many American and British friends at the wedding. The bride has lived in Los Angeles and she was so grateful to have her American “sisters” there. Louise got ready with her (Swedish) best friends and Louise said it was just like back in the days.

The reception was held in the nearby village Ahus, hometown of Absolut Vodka. No cake was served at the reception; the cake was instead replaced by Mojitos. Of course! There were also a fair bit of the Scandinavian drinking songs (Snapsvisa).

Louise said it was extra special to have a day that was just for Joakim and her. They have a darling boy who is 1 1/2 years old. Louise said “I’m really happy we stayed in a wedding suite at Angshyddan the night before the wedding. We got a good night sleep and time together. It also worked out to be a perfect venue for the girls and me to get ready in.”

I asked the groom of his special moment from the day he answered without any hesitation. “The moment Louise and her dad came over the corner and walked down the aisle.”

Louise and Joakim went to Taormina, Sicily for a week on their honeymoon.

From the Bride… Joakim opened the door when my friend and I were returning some things to his roommate. Later that night, Joakim and his friend knocked on my door and asked if we wanted to come up for a drink. We exchanged numbers that night, and I gave him a call the weekend after to see of he wanted to meet up for a drink. After that we have spent every night and day together.

Joakim proposed to me in 2001 when we were in Aspen on a family skiing trip. Joakim had asked my father earlier on the trip, and on one of the last days Joakim had planned to ask me in the lift on the way up the mountain. For some reason, we ended up in different lifts, and kept missing each other in the slope.

We decided to race down the mountain on our way to the restaurant for lunch. Somehow we managed to crash into each other and I ended up in the hospital. So instead of proposing, Joakim was in the hospital with me, holding my hand, with the ring in his pocket. It was just a sprained ankle, though and he proposed the following day in the hot tub by the cabin. Just as romantic, and we have a good story!

My brothers, who were the toastmasters, made the dinner into the crazy party we really wanted. They are such amazing entertainers.  We really just wanted a fun and relaxed party and we hoped everyone would enjoy himself or herself the whole time. We didn’t want any boring or slow parts. We didn’t want people to have to worry about any transfers, so we had rented buses to take everyone back and forth to the ceremony. We chose a reception venue that also had a hotel, so the guests could stay the night there.

Photographer: Annevi Petersson | Flowers: Dennis Flowers | Reception Venue: Ahus Gastgivaregard | Shoes: Aldo | Makeup artist: Fredrik, Skagg & Lockar | Hair Stylist: Emma and Fredrik, Skagg & Lockar | Groom's Suit: Hugo Boss | Grooms Shoes: Filippa K | Bride's Bracelet: Bjorg | Bride's Getting Ready Venue: Angshyddan | Wedding Rings: CB design sharp