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Romantic Destination Engagement Session in Ibiza

We can forget booking that wanderlust flight to Ibiza, because this sweet engagement? Well, it’s about to be our pretty lil’ passport. Layered with pastel sunsets and sweeter than sweet soulmates, Ana Lui Photography was behind the lens capturing every moment, and it’s all in THE VAULT!

From Ana Lui PhotographyI absolutely love this couple. We had a great time! We shot this super fun and creative engagement session with Linda and Jiancui around Ibiza´s salt flats called Salinas back in August.

I shot entire session on film, medium format, with Contax 645.When I spoke with Linda over email and Skype she created moodboard for the shoot which was very fashiony, still and showing the colours, mood and textures of the island.

See rings, engagements + proposals galore!

Photography: Ana Lui Photography | Makeup: Diva Borrelli | Venue: Salinas Ibiza

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Romantic Spanish Sunset Engagement Session in Ibiza

You already knew we can’t get enough golden hour photography over here at SMP, but this stunning Spanish sunset engagement shoot from Ana Lui Photography might take the cake when it comes to easy, breezy romance — you can practically feel the passion coming out of you screen! Dive a little deeper into this desert island eseh in The Vault here!

From Ana Lui PhotographyNatassia and Joelle chosen Ibiza for the engagement shoot because it has so much meaning for them. The island has become their second home during the summer days.

“We got engaged here on the island, on a full moon night on top of a rock, making wishes to the Universe… it was magical!” says Natassia.

The peaceful side of the island has taken their breath away and has blessed the couple with the magical energy of the island.

“As soon as I saw Ana Lui’s photography I knew I wanted her to be part of our engagement shoot” says Natassia remembering the vibe and the feel that they were after “I wanted the shoot to capture the magical beauty of Ibiza, and the amazing soft and warm light you find just before the sunset”

Natassia wanted her engagement session to feel a little bohemian but at the same time to show the natural Ibizenco colors.
Pine trees, old Ibizenco fishing huts and beautiful sunset.

“We have chosen Sa Caleta as a location after going through the moodboard and choosing a place that would give us few different looks. Sa Caleta has it all! The fishing huts are super fun, with cool textures and colors, we also had sea right beside us and stunning pine forest overlooking the beach – picture perfect for the sunset!”- says Ana Lui

Ana Lui shot both film and digital and when she got her film scans back from the lab she was absolutely crazy about the images!

“The softness in Natassias and Joelle’s skin is increadible, you can almost see the wind playing with Natassia’s hair and feel the heat of the warm, orange sun through the photos. I am totally crazy about the film images!” says Ana Lui

Ibiza is the simply picture perfect. With 300 sunny days a year and stunning locations, the island provides amazing backdrop for engagement shoots or destination weddings.

Photography: Ana Lui Photography | Dress: Free People | Hair And Makeup: Diva Borrelli | Venue: Sa Caleta | Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab

Ibiza Inspiration Shoot with a touch of Boho

These images from Ana Lui make my heart sing. I could honestly get lost in them all day, and really, I might do just that today. With beautiful design by Le Jour Du Oui, styling by Danielle and florals by Flowers Ibiza – this gallery is inspiration overload in the best possible way. See it all here.


From Ana Lui PhotographyI have been dreaming about shooting something less bridal and more rustic, fun and YOUNG for a long time. When I saw Bibi my heart skipped the beat. She is the most stunning person, inside and out, that I ever had a chance to photograph.

Bibi was raised in Ibiza. She is a flower child, she loves nature and if she had to plan her wedding day she will definitely incorporate Ibiza countryside, nature, fresh products from the island and lots and lots of animals into the picture.

We shot this session on Fuji 400H, film only, and Carmencita Film Lab developed the rolls and scanned all the images. I didn´t have to edit! Make up and hair was perfect – thanks to super talented Diva Borrelli. The location was a dream, with huge gardens, palm trees, gorgeous agave plants and crazy amazing corner where we set our table under the apricot tree.

We did some beauty close ups before Bibi put the wedding dress on and throughout the day when the sun was going down we changed her hair and put it up in a messy pony-tail. We chose sequin espadrilles for Bibi to wear. Espadrilles are from Ibiza and I feel like every bride should have a pair to wonder around the gardens or walk down to the beach for the sunset. Flowers were provided by one and only Kristin from and as always Kristin exeeded our expectations.

The whole shoot wouldn´t be possible without amazing Cristina Di Giovanna, wedding planner & designer event stylist from Le Jour du Oui and Danielle Hodgson-Lindley from Velvet Circus Ibiza who styled and sourced all the props and deco.

I love working with these girls! It´s such a creative, fun and open minded environment…Dream of every wedding photographer.

Photography: Ana Lui Photography | Event Design: Le Jour Du Oui | Styling: Danielle | Floral Design: Flowers Ibiza | Wedding Dress: Alessia Baldi | Stationary: Cut&Paste Lab | Hair And Make Up : Diva Borrelli | Venue: Private Villa | Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab

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