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What It Looks Like to Wed at an Austrian Castle

I’ve traveled through my fair share of Europe, but there’s not a single place that’s captured my heart like Austria. It’s a country that feels a bit like a fairytale, so it’s no surprise Katie and Markus chose it as the backdrop for their wedding day. They brought along Tracy Enoch to document their exchange of vows at a 13th century castle that every hopeless romantic will adore.


From Tracy EnochDeciding to wed in Markus’s home country of Austria, Katie and Markus began their week-long wedding celebration with a culinary tour for friends and family.

The tour began at the home of Markus’s parents, with notable stops including the Zotter Chocolate Factory, Vulcano Cured Meats, the Thaller Winery, and ending at Buschenshank Posch with a casual dinner. The festivities began in earnest the following evening, when wedding guests arrived to the welcome party at Moarpeter Schielleiten wearing traditional lederhosen and dirndl and were treated to authentic Austrian cuisine while being entertained by a local 4 piece accordion and horn band.

The weekend concluded with a beautiful ceremony and 4-course dinner and dancing reception at the stunning Gartenschloss Herberstein; a 13th-century castle tucked in the Austrian hillside. As parting gifts, guests left with miniature bottled Schnapps, courtesy of the Schloffer Distillery, owned by family members of the groom.

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Photography: Tracy Enoch Photography | Floral Design: Blumen Kubat Anger | Wedding Dress: Yaki Ravid | Cake: Konditorei Ebner | Catering: genusshandwerk | Groom's Attire: Hugo Boss Red Label | Venue: Gartenschloss Herberstein | Bridal Boutique: Bridal Reflections | Bridal Salon: Stardust Celebrations | Welcome Dinner: Moarpeter Schielleiten

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159 Photos That’ll Have you Saying YES in Vienna

Ask me and I’ll tell you that Vienna is at the tippy top of my dream destination list, and this inspo from Melanie Nedelko Photography? To simply state that it has increased my wanderlust by tenfold would be putting it lightly. So if anyone asks, I’ve got High Emotion Weddings to thank for my overnight booking of a plane ticket to said destination. Complete with A Very Beloved Wedding Rentals Collection cutlery, we’ve got the entire day set to inspire your celebration in The Vault!


From High Emotion WeddingsI am thrilled to present an extremely romantic story in the heart of Vienna, Austria. A thoroughly planned project involving 22 “creme-de-la-creme” of Austria’s wedding industry, aiming to present a small part of the imperial flair of this charming European city. The love story of Olivia and Philip is immortalized right in the famous Sacher Hotel and continues on top of the Albertina Museum with an amazing view over Vienna State Opera.

In our set of photos and the lovely 3 minutes’ video, brides and grooms-to-be can start dreaming about their perfect day in the imperial city of music, with old little streets, opulent castles, art events, delicious cuisine and charming coffee houses.

Our motto: Vienna, Vienna you alone/ will always be the city of my dreams/ there, where I am happy and delirious/ is Vienna, is Vienna, my Vienna (Rudolf Sieczynski).

Next to the breathtaking wedding gowns by Eva Poleschinski, we incorporated some lovely symbols of Vienna thanks to vendors with a long tradition on the Austrian market. For example, our groom has accessories of the FREYWILLE Klimt collection, they dine with porcelain from Augarten and glassware from Lobmeyr. Their initials where carefully embroidered on their napkins by Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau, and the cake bar is accessorized with laser cut ferry wheels by Die Macherei.

After a highly emotional free ceremony conducted by Herzensworte (English “words from the heart, for the heart”), Olivia Catherine Rosewood and Philip Alexander Carlton dined in the gourmet restaurant Anna Sacher, and enjoyed the oh-so-sweet apple strudels and Guglhupfs – so carefully prepared by Dagmar from KUCHENmitSTIL to round out the Viennese charm. Our couple danced the night away in the marble room of the Sacher Hotel, with waltzer sounds by our very talented quartet Art4Strings.

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Event Planning, Concept, Coordination + Design: High Emotion Weddings | Photography: Melanie Nedelko | Cinematography: Visual Elegance | Cake: Kuchen Mit Stil | Stationery:Herz&Co | Bride’s Shoes: Brautsalon Flossmann | Jewelry: Juwelier Wagner | Hair + Makeup: Gilbird | Calligraphy: Tintenfuchs | Groom: Marino Kriftner | Groom’s Attire: Brautsalon Flossmann | Officiant:Herzensworte | String Quartet: Art4Strings | Bow Tie + Handkerchief: STRAUB Vienna | Carina Timmel: Tempo Models | Cutlery: A Very Beloved Wedding Rentals Collection | Floral Design + Styling: PONK Rentals | Glassware: J.&L. Lobmeyr | Groom’s Accessories: FREYWILLE | Hair Accessories: Edita Rosenrot | Linen Rentals: Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau| Location: Hotel Sacher | Location: Vienna State Opera | Porcelain: Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten | Signage: Die Macherei | Wedding Dresses, Cape + Hair Accessories: Eva Poleschinski

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A Romantic Morning Stroll in Vienna Engagement Session

Is there anything more romantic than a morning walk through the picturesque streets of Vienna hand in hand with your new fiancé? This stunning photoshoot from Peter & Veronika is all our dreams come true and has us wishing we were packing our bags for the next flight to Austria. See more of this stylish couple’s destination engagement session in The Vault!

From The Groom…We planned a trip to southern England to location called seven sisters which is a very beautiful cliff area. To set a good mood I played her video of our memories with romantic music. She cried after that so things were going well that morning. When she is feeling cold I put her hand in the pocket of my jacket. This time ring was suppose to be there. That was the plan. But better opportunity arrived. We just walked up the cliff for the view. Couples left some stones on the ground that they were using to write their love notes. I immediately got an idea and made a sign of ring and our initials…

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Photography: Peter & Veronika | Floral Design: Ponk Rentals | Location: Vienna Austria

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