Welcome Gilt Readers! We hope that you love these little handpuppets as much as we do. They make for a pretty fun weekend craft to do with the kids if we do say so ourselves. Plus they make sort of adorable holiday gifts to parents with children. Below, you’ll find the templates that you need to get started. Happy crafting!

1. Sweet but Spunky Reindeer & Accessories

2. Silly Spotted Puppy & Accessories

3. Happy and Handsome Fox & Accessories

4. Cuddorable Brown Bear & Accessories

Click on the individual animals for the complete pattern. If sewing isn’t your game, try using wool felt and gluing pieces together with a hot glue gun. The kids can glue the front facial pieces on with a bit of fabric glue. They won’t be quite as timeless but they will still be adorable and a really fun project for kids!