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December 10th, 2013

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Austrian Alps Wedding

This is the kind of wedding that makes you feel like you are on vacation from the comfort of your very own home.  The sort of celebration that you can sort of soak into; like you can almost taste that crisp, cool mountain air and smell the pine cones.  It's just that good, people.  And when you add in the planning expertise of Doreen Winking and an entire gallery of lovely captured by ...


Alabama Farm Wedding from Rob Ingram Weddings + Mariée Ami Wedding Planning Studio

On the beautiful scale, this wedding is a solid 10, and how could it not be with Mariee Ami Wedding Planning Studio behind the design? But try as I might, I couldn't squeeze all the beauty into this post, so I'm going to leave you with this. A link to the gallery from Rob Ingram Weddings. Where there are...


Paris Inspiration Session

Romance and Paris go hand in hand like chocolate and peanut butter, Bogey and Bacall and glitter and, well... anything.  So to say we got a little amped up to dive into this stunning shoot from Luxe Paris EventsLe Secret d'Audrey and One and Only Paris Photography is the understatement of 2013.