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"Shabby Apple"

Florida State Fair Engagement from Sarah & Ben

Carnival engagement sessions are sooo much fun.  The kind of fun that can only be had when you pair two adorable cuties with a ferris wheel, stuffed animals and a whole lot of cotton candy.  And when those two adorable cuties are as stylish as these two (tulle + denim = fabulous), it takes it to an entirely new level of lovely.  See every last fun-filled moment captured by Sarah & Ben in the...


Sacramento Wedding Trailer from Jensen Wedding Films

I'm in love with this idea. It's a wedding trailer (from the fabulous Jensen Wedding Films, no less) that features the groom's first peek at the bride's dress. And then they run around and play together - totally in love. It's enough to make your heart soar this Saturday morning!

Photography courtesy of Sarah Blair Photography.

[iframe http://player.vimeo.


Houston Wedding at Crystal Springs from Brooke Schultz Photography

Hello yellow! Try, just try, not to get a little giddy after spending some quality time with this little number by Brooke Schultz Photography. It's impossible for it not to brighten your day at least a bit, and when you spot the oh-so in love duo at the center of all the pretty, you'll be just as head over heels in love with this sweet fête as I am. It's vibrant and filled with beautiful blooms, and there is more sitting...