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French Riviera Garden Wedding

If there's one lesson we can take away from this wedding, it's that marrying in the French Riviera is ALWAYS a good idea. From the quiet ceremony nestled in an olive grove to the al fresco reception where good food and wine flowed a'plenty, it's basically every bride's dream brought to life, and Katy Lunsford captured every moment to utter perfection.


Templeton, California Wedding from Sarah Kathleen Photography

On the opposite side of a traditional ballroom affair lies a little gem we like to call California classic. It's a type of wedding that utilizes the clear blue skies as its backdrop, where the sunshine runs a plentith and a layer of casual elegance is woven into each and every detail. This Templeton wedding indeed checks every one of those boxes along with photographs by Sarah Kathleen that capture maybe the best detail of all; the...