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Old Town Fillmore E-Session from LMarie Photography

A hidden little gem of a town always makes for the most amazing e-sessions... especially when that hidden little gem of a town boasts breathtaking citrus and avocado groves, antique trains and a Main Street straight from one seriously heartwarming movie.  And when you add in an adorable duo like these two cuties (seriously) and the talented LMarie Photography to snap up all of the pretty, it's the perfect way to jump start your Friday.


Ontario Wedding at Hacienda Sarria from Bloom Photography

Lesson of the day: if you happen to own an adorable dog named "Newton" and you also happen to know how to throw a crazy gorgeous wedding, I will desperately want to be your best friend.  And I mean desperately.  Because when I laid my eyes on these amazing images by Bloom Photography and read the bride's beautiful description, I instantly began dreaming of shopping trips and happy hours with my new besties.  Bride and groom crush?


Bonnet Island Wedding from Brookelyn Photography

I absolutely love hearing from a Bride that loved the wedding planning process. Someone who let themselves get wrapped up in all the lovely and truly enjoy the little moments spent dreaming up the perfect day to say I do to her new beau. It should be no surprise that this Bride, the talent behind Raquel Bianca Creative, was just that sort of girl. Her day unfolded into a masterpiece of prettiness, and thanks to ...